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Changing and creating new characters?

Ive already started the game and i wanna add more guys to the house.
also, how do i change the traits of someone ive already created?


Seraphiimn answered:

Under the menu you can select "Edit Town," then create the sims you want to add. Select them and attempt to move them into the lot your current sims are. You'll be given the option to merge the households! Tadaaa.

As for the traits of your sims, there's a Lifetime Reward called "Mid-Life Crisis" available for 20,000 points. This will let you change any or all of your traits.
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haley1234 answered:

If you don't want to spend 20,000 life points, type "testingcheatsenabled true" (without " ") in the cheat box
(ctrl + shift + c), then shift-click on the Sim you want to change the traits, and select from the menu: Modify Traits for Active Sim.

To add new Sims, you can either
- select "Ask to Move In" from the Friendly.../Romantic... (can't remember which) when you have a high enough relationship with the Sim, and you can get anyone from their family to move in with you,
- get married, then you can add anyone from their family,
- or go to the Town Map, click on a household, then click the "Merge Family With..." button at the bottom of the menu that pops up. Then you can merge the family with any other family in town!

Hope this helped!
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