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What use are the Gems/Metals/Space Rocks?

I have many gems and metals and I've cut so enough gems to get the the 4th option of cuting gems, and I can only smelt the metals. But other than selling them what can these objects be used for?

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Neonivek answered:

They also make decorative knick-knacks (Not a joke)
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rossmallo answered:

They are very nice for decoration, and if a Repo Man comes for you, he can often take one of those rather than other stuff.
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jbdarjuan answered:

Making a volt were you keep your Gems can be nice (but cut them and smelt them)
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VALENTT answered:

well they are just fancy house decorative knick-knacks but if u cut more g more gems ull get better offers like at first u can only cut 1 gem later i fink up to 8 or 4
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