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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Alley Catfish?

I know they can be foudn in the store but I want to capture angelfish to capture deathfish, but alley catfish from the store are only "normal" which therefore makes all teh deathfish i catch about very nice quality.

Additional details - 5 years ago

If you read my details you'd know why I don't want store bought alley catfish.

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From: yi2712 5 years ago

There is a waterfall at the left edge of the map, right beside the military base. It has alley catfish there all the time. The other place is Sunnyside Strand. It's the cresent shaped piece of beach at the top right and it's by the Wolfe mansion. The alley catfish only appears there at night.

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Umm... you know you can just buy one from the market?

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I would recommend reading the book on catfish from the book store and it will give you the details on what to use as bait to catch them,

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There should be a fishing spot at the upper left of the map, try fishing there. It also helps to have a higher skill level.

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