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Can My Sims Buy More Than One House ?

So I can buy in the beach side one and in the forest..
Then i can visit my house on the beach.. If i'm boring i can go to my house in the forest.
Okay.. It's not move in.. But have 2 house (or more)
If move in i must sell my furniture or package it..


dworriers answered:

No you can only have one house at a time
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pokemonlucas answered:

Split the household(it there are a lot of them)then move one sim to one house then move the other sim to the other.If you are only one in the household,make another family.
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Twilightmelody answered:

Well you should be able to buy other places
and have more then one house without moving.
For example I was Able to buy the graveyard
and other places that I can't really remember the
names of, but it costs a lot.
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hellokitty2001 answered:

It has to be a community lot. Make it a private community lot, then buy it. Then your sims can go back and forth, although you might need to bring food, 'cause you can't put a stove in a community lot without mods.
Old question, I know, but maybe someone has the same question now.
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