Question from wazzup2423

How do you see ghosts??

I keep in seeing in pictures


pdcm answered:

You want to see ghosts? Just look in graveyards, after, i think, 11 o'clock and before 6 (when it's dark basically)

otherways include having a grave at your house or moving into a 'haunted house' (random chance i think)
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JoeJJohnson2nd answered:

See one of the many "how do I kill people en mass" questions that are answered. I think theirs even a question about the best way to create a haunted house.

Basically when one of your sims die and death doesnt give them a second chance, they become a ghost. Depending on how how it dies determines what type of ghost you get.
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Hellocurlz13 answered:

If you want to see a ghost this is what I did:

Go to the graveyard around 9 o'clock, and wait there for a bit
you will hear some creepy, funky music and then the ghosts that
died will come up from the grave and yhatta yhatta.

You can interactive w/ each and every one of them like
any other living sim in the game :)
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IceWolf228 answered:

Go to graveyard when its dark. They will start showing up once you have walked around a bit. You can talk and have romantic interest with them also. They ONLY come out at night. Ghosts can get tired, hungry ect. Once they get very tired, hungry or really has to pee [lol] they will go to their grave and go away, Few minutes later they will come back..
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2addict_ed answered:

Go to the graveyard or kill a sim and put her grave into the graveyard
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