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Rich Sim?

When you select certain sims in the family tree or in the relationship pannel under miscellaneous it sometimes says rich. How much money does a sim need to be classed as rich and is the and other things that can appear othr than rich in the miscellaneous pannel?


crumble999 answered:

You have to have about $50,000 Simoleons and to learn if someone is rich you must get to know it through gossiping or chatting with the rich person.
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tubbsmcfat answered:

Becaude im rich on the game, it took me at least $600,000 to be classified as rich.
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ab9003 answered:

I think you have to have a house worth 50k or more.
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nicolebff answered:

I think it might be 50,000 simoleans, but I'm not 100% sure. It's easy to get rich, though. Just download a rich household off of the exchange, merge them with your active family (edit town mode), then kick them out (use the phone or computer to move, then move the household to the other side and kick them out) You get to keep ALL of the money only by kicking them out.
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