Question from PikachuGirl13

Can a fat sim get skinny?

If I were to make a fat sim in a family, would working out make it skinny like in past games? And can skinny sims become fat?


bluphoenix9 answered:

Yes they can or you can save up like 30,000 lifetime points and buy the body sculpter
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frustratedguy10 answered:

You can get the fat sim to turn skinny if you do cardio workouts (this includes jogging). However, the effects aren't permanent and you have to keep working out or risk turning fat again. Same thing with the body sculptor.
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flyingbiscuts answered:

Yea just go to the gym and run on the treadmill if you do ctrl-shift-c and ttype testingcheatsenabled true then shift-click the mailbox it shoud say make needs static you can never get fatigued and your needs wont go down.. Try it!
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hylm answered:

There are 2 ways to make them skinny. First is with cardio workout. the workout will make the sims skinny.
Second s with body sculptor. Either way, after they get skinny, you should balance their weight with not overeating and sometimes do some exercise.
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Bokochaos answered:

The easy way
Save up the points, buy Fast metabolism, and either have them eat and eat and eat (ice cream!) or else have them work out, with or without cheats. Overtime, they will get skinnier/fatter with their dietary excercize.
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kingvsprince answered:

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Triprox answered:

I have a question. if your skinny and go in the body sculpter and become fat and then go back in and be skinny again do you need to exercise to still stay skinny?
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Dimon101 answered:

yes to triprox's question. You will need to exercise to stay skinny, unless your sim has traits towards being naturally athletic.
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