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How do you build a house?

Hey there...

I just want to do you build a house? I been trying to build a house but I don't know how? How do you build a basement? Can you build that in here?

Thank you bwarq and frustratedguy for helping me on the "how to do you have twins?"


frustratedguy10 answered:

They're tutorials for sims 2, but not much has changed so you should still be able to use them.
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bwarg answered:

To build a new house - Whilst in the game click on the three dots on the bottom left hand of the screen. Select edit town. From here you have the option to build a new house on an existing plot or bulldoze a location to build your own house.

For a basement check this out! -
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KawaiiBrown answered:

You move to an empty lot [use motherlode, the stuff is expensive!] and get foundation [in build mode] and build away! or just go to floors and put it on the ground. :p
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