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The aliens and the telescope?

I didn't play sims 2 but i have played sims 1 and i dont know but did they take out the bull with the aliens and the telescope? in sim1 if you look through the telescope for like 5 (real) mins and alien picks you up and you never see that sim again. so is it the same in sims 3?

shadow4112 provided additional details:

Im glad no aliens i hate it when they frikkien abduct you and you never see them again =\

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Rayquaza_20 answered:

There's aliens with its abducting feature and its have-a-baby-alien feature in The Sims 2. But sadly aliens get removed at The Sims 3. You can, however, make a sim to look semi-alien-like in create-a-sim by using the green (Or blue or red) skin tone. But other than that, sorry, no alien.
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Neonivek answered:

No Aliens in The Sims 3... At least none of the abducting kind.
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pokemonlucas answered:

There are no aliens but you can make your sim look like one in create-a-sim mode.
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