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Asked: 5 years ago

Why Is my game suddenly running slow?

I was playing the game fine on windows 7 32bit, when i upgraded to 64bit, it lags in the faster speeds of 2 and 3. it never used to.

comp specs:
Cpu: 3.56GHZ Intel core 2 duo supports 64bit
Ram 4gb Ozc Heatpipecooling
HDD: 500Gb Seagate barracuda
Graphics card : 9800GTX+"

Additional details - 5 years ago

Btw, it isnt my program running i always have stuff running, but it's running fine now it just took time to adjust to 64bit from 32, but thanks for the input anyhow

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It can be an outside program. like Limewire , Utorrent and so on.
Make sure on when you start your computer you don't have another program that starts up hidden like Skype thats why I always check my bottom right of the screen of my desktop.

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Video cards with not enough power are always the first problem with lag and such.

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