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Asked: 4 years ago

Can you woohoo with your child?

Is it possible to woohoo with your own child if he/she is old enough. Is it possible to try for baby. So the parent would be parent and grandparent? Really wanna know?

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That'a called inbreeding for one thing... uh, babies and kids aren't mature enough to make babies so i doubt it

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Nope. I tried to do it with one of my sims, but they can't woohoo/try for baby with their children, even if they are adults. The only thing close to it is if the sim is flirty, but then they can only tell a dirty joke to their kid and that's it.

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No not even a pedophile sim can do that

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Who hasn't tried this? lol But The closest thing to do is have your alpha-sims son/daughter get married and have children. Then have your Alpha-sim try for baby with your son/daughters mate. DRAMA!

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It also will not allow you to woohoo or be romantic with step-children

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I don't know how, but in the Sims 2, my female sim was able to marry, kiss/make out, and woohoo/try for baby with her son... not sure about The Sims 3 though... sorry x

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Usually you can't woohoo, but one instance I had was when a child got taken away by the social worker, and as an adult, family ties were taken away and his sister could use romantic actions.

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The only way that i know of is to use the CORE for patch 1.19/2.14/3.10/4.7/5.5/6.2/7.0 - last updated 2011-03-11 by Baxim on Although i dont know if it actually works since it hasnt worked for me yet.

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Try this- find or create a family of 2 (make sure both parent and child are of the opposite gender than your household sim that you want to use). Make sure that the parent is a young adult and the child is a teen or it won't work. Then either switch households (if you're impaitent) and age up the teen with a birthday cake, or just wait for the teen to age up. Next, get to the point where you can try for baby with the teen-who-is-now-a-young-adulr. Then break up with them, and start a relationship with their parent (if your sim is flirty and hopeless romantic this will be easier.) Get married to the parent, and move the teen-who-is-now-a-young-adult in with you too. The teen-who-is-now-a-young-adult will now be your step-child, but remember, it is also the other parent of your baby, so you should now, if it worked, be both parent and grandparent to your child. If it works.

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I know a way you can! First, you have to have testing cheats, so hold down shift + control (ctrl) + c and type in "testingcheatsenabled true" without quotes. Hold down shift and click your child sim. Click "Edit in Create a Sim." Then, make your child a young adult or adult. Then get in bed, and click the WooHoo or Try for Baby option. But, before they go under, pause and hold down shift and click the sim that used to be a child, then click "Edit in Create a Sim." Make the sim back into a child. Continue your game. They should WooHoo or Try for Baby. After, your child sim will (if tried for baby and worked) experience morning sickness if female. Then, if female, change into maternity wear. But, the sim will still have to go to school. She will have the baby perfectly fine.

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