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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I change my sims skin color?

I adopted a child and I want to change her skin color to be a little lighter... any answers???

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Are one of the parrents darker?

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first t do this: press CTRL,SHIFT, and "c" together. then type in this in the blueish rectangle at the top: testingcheatsenabled on ... then choose the person you want to change skin tone on on the sim while pressing shift. then options will appear and just click : edit sim in create a sim. Then you can change their skin colour. :]

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I did this and it did not do anything is there any other way?????????

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ctrl shift c, type in testingCheatsenabled true, then choose the sim you want to change by holding shift and clicking on them, it will bring up four buttons click the one that says edit sim in create a sim.

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