Question from rini124

Asked: 5 years ago

Getting married?

I normally have no issue with this, but right now, I'm at a loss. My two sims ARE engaged and happy, but I'm not sure what to do to have the wedding...I had a Wedding Party, but it seems the wedding didn't happen and was missed. I tried looking for appropriate wedding items and nothing :/ And I'm not sure how to do a private wedding either so any help would be great...

Accepted Answer

From: Rob_E_Coyote 5 years ago

I've managed weddings fine. You actually have to do an interact with your intended, and they have to be in the right 'mood' for the option to show up. Just keep hitting your fiancee with romantic interactions until you see '<sims name> finds <your sims name> to be extremely irresistable. (Or something similar, can;t remember the exact's the next step up from alluring anyway). At that point, under the romantic submenu, there should be the option to marry them.

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