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Is there anyway to control the gender of your children?

Just wondering if you can effect the gender of your children.

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There are rumors that eating certain fruits and vegetables before she gives birth guarentees the gender, however I am unsure if those are nothing but rumor.

Girl = 3 Watermellons

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To me, I think it's predetermined. My Father-Sim is in the Medical career and he has an option to determine the gender of the baby inside the Mother-Sim. But that can only occur if the Sim is already a doctor in the Medical career (Level 6 and up). I determined the age of my Baby-Sim just seconds after the Mother-Sim moved into the Pregnancy phase.

It's either the rumors are false . . . or you have to eat specific fruits and vegetables while the Soon-To-Be-Mother-Sim is recently impregnated (Between after the Try for Baby and before she has signs of showing). To be double sure, I'll try that 3 Watermelon thing out.

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Apparently Watermelons for girls and apples for boys

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Sorry folks - no more eating Apples/Watermelons....

New Sims3 update just cancelled that and other things:

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The watermelons work if you want a girl, my sims always had boys so when the mother ate watermelons she had a girl. I don't know about the boy though.

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