Question from lil_hammy89

Asked: 5 years ago

How do you have twins?

Hi there

I just started play a few days ago, I want to have a twins, how do I do that? Is there something I have to do before trying for the baby?

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From: bwarg 5 years ago

There is a lifetime rewards call "Fertility Treatment" It game me twins on my first try. It is worth a shot, especially when both sims have it.

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Watching the kids channel and listening to kids music while pregnant also increases chance of a multiple birth.

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Eating apple or watermelon three times also gives you chance to have twins or triplets.

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Eating apple or watermelon effects the gender of the baby, it has no effect on the number of babies.

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Eating apples and watermelons only helps determine the sex of the child not increase chance of twins and such. that is determined randomly unless you get the fertility treatment as bwarg suggested. and watching kids channel and listening to kids music dont do anything besides having the pregnancy be a good one and not a bad one. hope i cleared up any holes the others left open cheers mate =)

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