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Moving Out a Child?

When having your child into his/her own house, do they become playable in their own house or controlled by the computer?

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I won't be able to play as both houses?

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The children cannot live by theirself. They need teenager or an adult to become their guardian. But as the matter of playable or not. it's depend which household will you play when they split/move.

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Nope, The sims 3 just let you play a household one time. But you can alter the household with edit town then change household. And the household just able to have a house.

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Only young adults and older can live by themselves. There's a chance teenagers can, but i've never tested it before. If you really want a child to live by him/herself, you can create a basement and furnish it with things your sims need. a toilet, a shower, a kitchen, a small dining area, some entertainment, and a bed. Then press shift+ctrl+c and the cheat console will pop up. type in "Moveobjects on" without quotes. Then grab your child's parents and put them in the basement. Customize the house you want for your child on the upper floors.. And you're done! It'll be like the parent sims aren't even there.

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