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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
How do I get my recipes to be sent to oppertunities? 2
How do I prepare a meal for Mr. Landgraab? 6
How do I solve "Excellence you can taste" opportunity? 10
How do I solve the "a tad bit batty" opportunity? (Bad Apples) 10
How do I use smooth recovery? 4
I'm kindof stuck trying to make Ambrosia? 3
My quetions for sims 3 (?) 4
Replace the pet Alligator ? 2
What Bait do you use to catch dragonfish? 3
While in France, you are asked to make a nectar of a certain quality, where do I find fruit to do so? 1
Anybody get into the boarded up mine? 1
Can children rank in chess and repair stuff? 2
Can someone help me w/the Logic Challenge? 2
Can Teenagers get Skill Opportunity? 1
Can you only force 1 birthday per sim? 1
Cooking Opportunities? 1
Genetics/twins/babies.. help?? 2
Ghost Question? 1
Having roof trouble? HELP! 4
Honour roll? 1
How do i become the grim reaper? 4
How do I get this chess ranked match opponent to come over? 1
How do I Have a Teen Graduate? 1
How do I hold meetings without losing my job performance? 3
How do I learn all the compositions for the guitar? 8
How do I stop my sims from aging? 4
How do I stop this 'glitch'? 9
How do I write stories/novels? 1
How do you identify an NPC's favorite food? 2
How do you join the Rock Band career? 2
How do you perform opportunities? 2
How exactly do i "create" the three monsters? 1
How long does it take for plants to grow? 2
How to kill easy and quick? 2
I accidently skipped a trait when aging up! Any way i can get it back ?? 3
Is there a way to Lock Doors? 4
Making Revived NPC Ghost Sims Active? 1
Where are the Graveyard Catacombs? 2
Where can I buy a guitar? 3
Why are there like mini games when i enter a lot? 4
Will the parent's skin color affect the babies skin color? 3

Item Location Help Answers
Angelfish? 1
Are there any career-spesific item in this game? 3
Buying Community Lots? 8
Camera 3rd person? like the older sims? 3
Can I add build and buy (mod) items to my store bought base game? 2
Cell Phone Interaction? 9
Collection Helper is not available in my inventory? 1
Does the food replicator work? 2
Electric guitar? 4
EPs and Stuff Packs? 1
Help with a fish? 3
Help with the complete down load of the Montalcino Fandango SE? 2
How can I get the lambrogini in the game? 2
How can i make Veggie burgers or spaghetti with veggie sauce? 3
How can i move these tombstones? 2
How do i add music to the custom music? 3
How do I bring my servings of Eggs Machiavellian to work for the oppurtunity? 3
How do I build steps to the front/back door? 6
How do I make the Baked Angel Food Cake? 3
How do you catch a bug or insect? 4
How do you cut a Gemstone into a Heart Shaped Gem? 3
How do you harvest the death flower bush? 7
How do you revive the fallen with Ambrosia? 3
How get omni seed? 1
How to Feed Ppl with food? 2
How to make stairs curve? 2
If I place a fruit on a display table, would it go bad? 2
Indoor pool? 7
Is there a cheat that can max the difficulty of the family ??? 4
Is there an item that can be used for burning stuff except stoves? 2
It won't let me fish...? 3
Lost gravestone? 1
Mistery of the baby? 2
PermaWood Stairs? 1
Platforms? Help! 1
Problem with sim using an item? 1
Rummaging? 1
Sims not using stairs properly? 1
the Collection Helper item???????? 2
Time machine? 2
Vampire? 1
Vertical Staircase?? 3
What is the Bait for Vampire Fish? 3
What is the last Unique Upgrade from handiness? 4
What is the most comfy chair? 1
What level of the Criminal career do I get the Money tree? 2
What things can you get from a chest that's burried on a bottom of lake/sea? 1
Where can I find a neighbor ashes? 3
Where can I find crocodile? 1
Where can i find Martial arts equipment? 2
where can I find omni plant in Riverview? 1
Where can I find Palladium? 2
Where can I find pinball machine? 2
Where can I find ranbow beatle? 3
Where can I find the hot tub? 2
Where can I find the moved out sims? 7
Where can I find the Mystery Gnome? 4
Where can I find the sims skin custom content in create a family mode? 3
Where can I find/get the curved pool tool? 2
Where to find a car or bike? 2
Where to find Simsocial shop? 1
Where'd the Hot Tub go? 6
why can't I cant fish with bait? 4
Why can't I make waffles or anything I need a skillet for? Is there a special oven? 7
Why do I keep getting coupons for books that aren't in the bookstore? 3
Ambrosa?Life Fruit? 1
Arch? 2
Are career perks and items gained through promotion etc. still active after leaving the career? 1
Are there elevators in the Sims 3? 3
Besides the Law Enforcement, What other careers give you objects? 9
Bubble Bath and Rubber Duckie? 1
Can old age (white) ghosts be ressurected through science center/Ambrosa? 1
Can somebody help me complete my gemstone and metal collections? 4
Can we buy clothes? if we can,WHERE? 2
Can you Dj in music career? 1
Can you get cars on this game? 2
Deathfish? 1
Deleting Items need help!? 3
Do foods made with life fruit retain anti-aging properties of life fruit? 2
Downloading off 2
Fertilizer? 2
File location? 2
Flowers of death!? 5
Hired help and locked doors? 1
How can I dispose of the shredded documents? 3
How can I get Ambrosia? 3
How can I grow a money treee? 2
How can i make cookies for the sims3? 2
How do I build a staircase? 2
How do I build the foundation pillars? 1
how do I get my clid to do their homework? 1
How do I get my Sim to drive his own car instead of being in a limo? 3
How do I obtain ALL of the plantable items in the game? 3
How do I plant seeds on community lots? 1
How do I re stock the fridge? 1
How do i remove cars from the street outside my house? 1
How do you "search" for seeds? 2
How do you add your own custom designs to the game? 1
How do you adopt children? 3
How do you harvest an Omni Plant? And what is it used for? 3
How do you make PERFECT parties? 3
How do you move multiple items around? 1
How do you sell furniture in this game? 1
How To Get Gems/Bugs/Rocks/Seeds? 1
How to use a car? 3
I can't see my roof? 2
I see costom content on the exchange. How can I...? 1
Is it possible for a kid to get a music skill? 3
Is the lack of initial items SERIOUSLY that bad? 1
is there a Cheat to max skills?? 1
Is there a list of everything that can be collected? 1
Is there a quick way to put alot of things in the fridge? 2
Is there any cheat to unlock all houses? 1
Kids wont age with cake? 9
My sim wont pick up the death flower? 2
Okay, so you can retexture ... But? 1
Pink Diamond? 2
Sims store help? 4
The aliens and the telescope? 3
The Legacy of the Crumplebottom? 1
Tombstone of Life and Death? 1
Weding Arch? 1
What does Overclocking a Computer do? 5
What is a simbot? 1
What is the Life fruit , And what is it for ? 1
What neighborhood are the Pleasants in? 1
What use are the Gems/Metals/Space Rocks? 4
When i can get job item for music career? 2
Where can I buy out other shareholders? 1
Where can I change my hair? 1
Where can I find (household iventory)? 2
Where can I find a deathfish? 2
Where can I find Alley Catfish? 4
Where can I find an Angel fish? 2
Where can I find athletic books? 3
Where can I find deathfish in riverview? 1
Where can I find fireplaces? 1
Where can I find job item? 2
Where can I find more hairstyles? 12
Where can I find omni plant? 1
Where can I find Omni Seed? 1
Where can I find teleporter? 3
Where can I find the clothing store in the original city? 1
Where can I find the flame fruit? 4
Where can I find the guitar as at the opening movie? 1
Where can I find the guitar case? 1
Where can I find the life fruit? 1
Where can I find the pregnancy books? 1
Where can you get pomegranates? 2
Where to download riverview town ? 1
Where to find life plant? 2
Which items and books raise toddler's skills? 3
Why can't I build a roof? 4
Why I can't get secret moodlet? 3
Why is some installed custom content not showing? 2
Wot to do with ? 1

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
COULD THIS BE TRUE IN MY LIFE SIR!! I won the lottery worth $775,000.00 with the lottery numbers you sent to me. Wow ? 0
Family transferred to another town/city? 0
I was re-united back with my wife with the help of LAMA LAMA spells? 0
My sim is stuck at the hospital???? 0
Sims get fat while wearing formal clothes? 0
Sims get fat while wearing formal clothes? 0
Can't get resetlifetimehappiness to work, help? 2
Deformed baby? 2
Gutair Glitch? 1
How to become a burglar? 3
If aging is off do sims stil graduate from school? 2
If I create a new game, will my old one be lost? 4
My household has been full with only 4 sims. Why is that happening?? 4
My sims won't go steady? 1
My teen sim disobeyed curfew, how do i get her back, since she disappeared from my household??? 2
Trouble asking sims out... Tried Everything! Is there something wrong with my game? 3
Where did the babies go? 1
Why are sims calling my toon to say they are leaving town? 2
Work Hours? 1
Can my baby become child when I disabled my aging?? 8
Can you set up a business? 2
Do Bella and Mortimer get married when they grow up? 2
Each family in a different.... um, world? 1
How can i learn gardening skills? 2
How do i marry a already Married sim? 3
How do u buy a house unfurnished? 1
How do you make a fire baby? 1
How do you stock fish in ponds? 2
How does the sims 3 end? 1
How To Make Basements in The Sims 3? 2
If you're wanting to play your game but it doesn't show your family on the main menu page what do you do? 1
Is it possible for a Sim couple to raise two kids at once if they were not twins? 1
Is there any reason why my sims are only having boys? 8
Please Answer A.S.A.P. On call from the Hospital? 1
Sim dies? 1
What is story progression? 2
Will a townsperson propose to the selected character being played? 3

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Is there a way to manipulate an unborn sim's supernatural status? 0
2 Families 1 House? 3
Aging confusion? 5
Can my sim go back a stage in life? 3
Can you get a sim pregnant if you move them out...? 1
Can you make perfect meals without the kelvin one refrigerator? 3
Can you only collect money from your 'partners' on mondays? 2
Can you woohoo with your child? 15
Changing and creating new characters? 2
Connecting two homes? 1
Do more sims move into the town after time? 1
Do my no longer under control sims carry on progressing? 1
Full Family? 3
Fun/Easy way to set a sim on fire please? 7
Getting engaged....then marriage? 3
How can I break up an NPC marriage? 1
How can I get to a floor? 1
How do I change my sims skin color? 8
how do I garden? 2
How do I get my sims to like the outside of their house more? 3
How do i get twins? 1
How do i keep my sims needs in green at all times? 1
How do I make a bouquet of flowers? 1
How do i make my sim younger? 1
How do I plant stuff and garden? 2
How do mods work??? 1
How do you build the deck onto your house? 1
How do you cook a deathfish? 2
How do you create a pool deck? 2
How easy is this to play compared to The Sims 2? 3
How long does it take to see the ghost of a loved one? 3
How to have for freights? 3
I want my sim to stay at a certain level of his career, how to do I do this? 4
If i move ...? 2
In build mode, how do I delete half tiles of something if I want to make it flat with the side of my house? 3
Is there a way for leveling floors? 1
Lifetime Happiness Points? 2
Moving a controlled NPC back to his old house? 1
New into town event? 1
Perfect Sunset Valley setup? 1
Previewing inside of a new house?/ 1
Problem regarding illegitemate babies? 2
Quadrouplets? 2
Question about getting arrested? 1
Secret Trait Not Working? 1
Simple Glitch To Prevent Certain Sims From Aging!!? Read! 2
Skin color? 1
Some cheats aren't working for me. help please? 3
Stuck on romantic interest? 1
What are all the ways I can kill the Sims? 11
What are the requirements for the "Oh My Ghost" opportunity to come? 6
What is the best strategy for building a mansion? 2
What is the best strategy for parties? 2
What is the best strategy for the Guitar Challenges? 2
When taking a trip, all my new items and cash were gone when I returned? 2
Why can't I enter Buy/Build mode, while a move is in process? 3
Why can't i like the sims 3? (details inside) 1
Why is my sim so miserable? 2
Why won't my sim die from electrocution? 7
"Become a Partner?" 2
Active Fish? 2
Age?? 4
Are there any secret traits? 2
Be a ghost? 3
Can a women propose? 3
Can i change the timescale? 3
Can my ex wife get back together with my male sim? 2
Can someone tell me all the hidden traits? 1
Can this game be uncensor? 1
Can you commit MURDER?! 3
Can you have more than one boyfriend at a time? 3
Can you who hoo with more then 1 sim? 6
Do community lots have interiors? 1
Eletrocution? 5
Gardening and Fish Stocking? 1
Ghost babies? 4
how and when do You steal from other people??? 1
How can I get my kids back from the social worker? 6
How do I become a hobo? 1
How do i become the grime reaper? 2
How do I create new lots? 1
How do I do the Heartbreaker Lifetime Wish? 1
How do I get my sim 2 move in w/ his gf? 3
How do I increase my research stat? 2
How do I keep a non-controllable ghost forever without it going back into its tombstonr in the day time? 1
How do I make a basement on Sims 3? 7
How do I make my own neighborhood? 6
How do I make my sim become a boyfriend/girlfriend? 4
How do I move? 1
How do I prevent my new sim from being old already? 3
How do you accomplish the Golddigger Lifetime Achievement? 2
How do you become a firefighter? 1
How do you edit relationships? 1
How do you figure out antoher sims traits? 2
How do you get another sim to move in with the sim your currently playing with? 1
How do you get engaged and get the sim to move in? 6
How do you move a sims from house to house? 2
How do you nget the Woohoo option in conversations? 1
How do you steal stuff from people? 4
How do you turn off Aging? 2
How to get sims to teach sims? 2
How to marry Sims? 2
How To Turn Off Aging? 1
I need help with writing a report? 1
Is it worth it to own the shops? It cost me 27,000 to buy the bookstore totally? 4
Is there a button which allows me to move all of the item in my inventory to the refrigerator all at once? 1
Is there a code to make sims stop aging? 1
Is There A Way To Deduct Funds? 1
Is there any way to make pregnant a teen sim on the sims 3? 4
Is there going to be vampires for ts3? 1
Midlife Crisis Reuseable? 3
Moving in? 2
Pregnancy ? 1
Question on the "testingcheatsenabled true" Cheat? 2
Saving more then one game? 3
Skills cheat? 2
Some Things About Ghosts? 2
Troublesome boyfriends? 1
Underdeveloped? 1
What are the different career branches? 2
What are the requirements to get promoted? 3
What are the ways to die of electrocution? 1
What is the best strategy for Guitar star? 3
What is the best strategy for killing my wife? 19
What is the best strategy for Mass Murder? 3
What is the best strategy for pregnancy without kissing/woohooing? 6
What is the best strategy for speeding pregnancy? 1
What is the best traits? 1
What Traits Are Good For Gardener/Angler/Cooking Sims? 1
When your single Sim marries an NPC Sim, do you get to take control of the NPC Sim? 4
Which Sims CANNOT Marry/Woohoo each other? 18

Technical Help Answers
A (maybe) very specific (integrated graphics card) Sims 3 performance problem...? 0
Can i recover expansions? 0
How do I get The Sims 3 to use more of my cpu? 0
How do I remove this bug from my Sims 3 base game? 0
Launcher not installing certain things ? 0
My plumbot's tombstone is gone! Is there a way to get it back or can I resurrect him without it? 0
Sims trying to mop up a puddle that isnt there?? 0
Anybody know a solution to a problem I am having starting up The Sims 3? 3
Anybody know about a problem I am having starting up The Sims 3? 1
anyone else having similar problem?O_O weird eyes 3
Associated Premium Cotent? 1
can i play in offline mode? so it does not require Internet network 2
Can i run it with my GEforce? 5
Can i use a xbox 360 or a third party controller to the game? 1
Can my pc run this game ? 3
Can't install correctly? 5
Cannot enter household? 1
Cheat Codes? 1
Confusion with system requirments? is it worth the try? 3
Control panel missing? 1
Create A Sim Problem/Error,Hair? 2
Custom TV shows like in sims 2? 1
Deleted a foal?? 1
Dispositive 0? Any graphic card found? 1
Does downloading from the sims3 store mess up your laptop? 3
Donwloads? 1
Empty Neighborhood ? 1
error during startup...see log... Whats the log and how to fix this ? 1
error says expansion (fast lane) not compatible to base game. Been playing it for months!! what happen???? 1
Fast forward works but not ultra fast forward. Why? 3
Fix Sims 3 Glitches? 1
Floating Head? 3
Game crashes on map screen, any ideas? 1
Game freezes during game play? 1
Game launcher showing boxes????? 1
Game not running when it should? 2
Graphical Error? 1
Having a problem downloading Riverview? 3
Help me please help.Can you? 1
Help with the uploader? 1
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!My sims game does not start.Why!!!? 1
How can I get EADM to patch my DVD of TS3?? 1
How can I remove the household limit of 8 sims as was done in Sims 2? 5
How come I can't get into the Criminal Warehouse (edited)? 2
How come I can't get into the Criminal Warehouse? 1
How come my game SHUTS DOWN my laptop after a few minutes of gameplay? 1
How come when I type in a cheat it won't pay attention to anything after the "space"? 2
How do I finish tutoring children? 2
How do i get into buy mode when it keeps saying its in move mode? 2
How do i get my game to run? 1
How do i make my sim move again? 1
How do I move lots? 1
How do I open Sims 3? 1
How do I run The Sims 3 in 1280x720? 1
How do I save? 1
How do I switch active households? 3
How do you bring up the Code Console on a mac? 2
How do you fix the black screen when you start the game? 1
How do you make cheats work? 3
How much memory should i have? 2
I am having starting up The Sims 3? 1
I don't want to waste my money? 2
I downloded new outfits but when i go to put them on my screen goes black and i have to turn off my computer. help? 2
I have a Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 440 @ 2.00GHz, what type of CPU do I need to play sims 3? 2
I moved my saved game file, and cannot point the sims to it? 1
I uninstalled the game and I can not get to work after reinstalling ? 1
If I Uninstall Origin, Will the Game Run? 1
Important: Can't figure out how to make stairs? :( 5
Installing is taking ages whys that? 3
Is anyone else experiencing problems where the clothes look dodgey / the bodies are lining up properly? 2
Is It Good Enough? 2
Is it possible to change or edit our Sims once they are saved? 8
Is it right that we can't see the inner building ? 2
Is my Sims 3 game broken? 2
Is there a way for Sims 3 to use a different browser? 3
Is there something wrong while I'm playing The Sims 3? 2
Is this PC OK to play this game? 1
It wont come off my computer? 2
It wont even start to download. What should i do? 1
Last hope, please help!? 3
Launch problem. Can you help? 1
Launcher won't start? 1
Main menu? 1
Manual? 1
Memory Dump? 3
My game cant load? 1
My game freezes on the EA logo. Help please?!! 1
My game is not letting me ctrl+shift+click on tomb objects? 1
My game is stuck? 1
My game keeps crashing in Create-a-Sim, how do I fix this? 1
My graphics card stops working properly? 1
My sim cant use the computer, tell me why? 1
My sim is stuck in the floor! How do I get her out? 1
My sim won't throw any party, and his son's b-day is tomarrow!!! Help!!!? 1
Never ending SHUTDOWN? 1
NON STOP shutdown? 2
Ok sims 3 and world adventures wont load black screen crash helpppp? 1
Options box won't stay open? 1
Origin updates? 1
Patches For Sims 3? 1
Playing in Widescreen (1280 x 720)? 2
Please someone help!? 1
Pool water looks like pond water? 1
Purple Screen after getting new RAM? 1
Quits game automatically after about 5/10 mins... help? 1
Randomly Appearing Taxi? 1
Read this please. I really need help? 2
Redeeming serial keys? 2
Relationship Bar? 1
Riverview (and other downloads) Not Working? 1
Riverview Problems? 1
Riverview? 1
Running problems? 1
Sim wont sleep...? 5
Sims 3 loading problem? 1
Sims 3 Store Help? 1
Sims 3; Disable Aging for certain Saved games? 1
Sims3 Character/Town gone? 2
Someone Please Help Me? 1
Speed problem, just me? 5
Stop slowing down? 1
Stuck doing animation? 1
Stuck on loading screen when entering neighborhood, anyone know how to correct this? 1
Sudden bad graphic issues ? 1
The cheat bar is not opening. Help? 3
The game launcher shows me a wierd box thingy?? 2
Underground Pool? 2
Used the Gabriel Alpha Mod... now my game color is messed up? 1
Weird freezing issue? 1
What is this DirectX 9.0c compatible? 1
When i load up my saved people the screen is blank with a zoom out button on it? 1
Where do my big items go? 1
Why can my sim not see the town map icons? 1
Why can't I change the size of a sim? 1
Why can't I download and uninstall content? 1
Why can't I feed the Omni plant? 3
Why can't I open my game? 1
Why can't I open up the options box? 1
Why cant I empty the recycle me bin? 1
Why do I have Duplicate sims? 1
Why do I keep getting a message at startup about antialiasing? 3
Why do I keep getting this message when I try to move? 1
Why do my sims always throw trash on the ground? 1
Why does EA Download manager make my PC crash? 1
Why does it tell me not responding? 1
Why does my game become pixelated? 3
Why does my game become really pixelated occasionally? 1
Why does my game stop working when i bring my third baby home? 1
Why does my pc keep shutting down while playing? 1
Why does that? 1
Why does the game do these assorted things? 1
Why does the game exits when I play it? 2
Why does the game keep crashing at a certain point? 1
Why does the game keep going dark randomly? 2
Why does the game keep quiting me out at the loading screen? 1
Why Does the Game Keep Telling Me (Disk Authorizhation Failed)? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (Full build packages error)? 4
Why does the game keep telling me installation failed? 1
Why does the game keep telling me my sims is using the counter but my sims is obiviously not? 1
Why does the game keep telling me you can not build/buy when moving is in progress? 1
Why does the game launcher in sims3 keep telling me like this.Can you help me? 1
Why has The Sims 3 deleted my neighborhood + game?! 1
Why i can't update my game ? 1
Why is my character stuck looking like hes showering? 1
Why is my computer restarting and/or turning completely off? 1
Why is my custom content not installing ? 1
Why is my game moving so fast? 2
Why is my game stopping about five minutes into live mode? 1
Why Is my game suddenly running slow? 2
Why is Saving taking SO long!? 1
Why won't my instuments work? 1
Why won't my saved game load? 3
Why won't the game save? 2
Why won't the suff I download from the store show up in my game? 1
Why wont it load past intro? 1
Wierd freezing problem? 2
Will a 2GHz processor play sims 3? 3
Will my laptop run it? 3
will my sims work under this conditions of my notebook. Dire need of help.? 1
Will Sims 3 run on a Vista 64 system in its natural state -- not under emulation? 1
Will teen sims sleep in the same bed together? 1
Will this laptop run sims 3? 2
Windows 7 help? 1
A Installation problem? 1
Accused of cheating glitch? 1
Bugs/glitches? 1
Can my Pc run sims 3 and if so on what settings?(Single core) 1
Can this game run on Windows 7 32-bit? 2
Can You Make More Than One Saved File? 2
CONSTANT shutdown? 1
Create a pattern isn't working. Can you help me? 1
Dexter the Bear - how do I use it? 1
Do all sims really age simultaneously? 3
Do I need to delete my sims 2 and expansion paks before loading sims 3? 8
Does the game require an internet connection to install and play? 1
Family Tree issue? 1
Game Update? 1
Help W/ the sims 3 sore !? 1
How do i check my computer 4 system requirements? 1
How do I fix the disable story progression bug? 1
How do i overcome the problem? 2
How do you find your Serial(Key) Code again? 1
How much MB does this game use? 1
How to move sim to new house? 1
I can't install content from the store? 1
I cannot get the cheats to work. Can someone help me? 3
I cant move or buy things? 1
I have 512MB of RAM, how much more do I need to have 1GB of RAM? 3
I need to get my computer fixed, but I don't wanna lose my save files. Any suggestions? 1
I tried taking my sim to the school for a class but it was unavailabe, is this a bug ? 2
Is there a problem on my cheats or on my game? 2
Is there any way to unlock a item in use? 1
Is this game CD-Rom Compatible? 2
Is this game really as badly ridden with bugs and glitches as the boards make it seem? 1
Major problem? 2
Mood super low? 1
Music doesn't play - why? 9
My save file is having problems. Can someone please help? 1
My sim died but the grim reaper never showed up so now she is just floating in the same spot!!! What do I do? 1
My Sim Won't Sit...? 1
My Sims Become Invisible, Any idea to recover it? 19
My sims keep disapearing? 1
Possible Glitch? Not sure what to do. Please help 1
Problem with Sim downloaded from Sim exchange? 1
Recommended System Requirements? 1
Run sim 3 in window mode? 1
Sim stuck in door / resetSim without pregnancy? 1
Soung lag? 1
Stuck mother and child? 2
System Specs:Will it do? 1
Talk To Much? 3
The game will not start? 1
There are no sounds in build and buy mode? 1
Too slow? 1
Too slow?? 2
What are The system requirements? 1
What does ski current activity (hot key 4) actually do? 2
When I download items/ etc from The Store there is an "Error" and i need to check the "Log" for more 1
Where is the shirt that I downloaded? 1
Which are the requeriments to run this game on PC? 8
Why are mods causing my game to crash? 2
Why can't go certain places? 1
Why can't I download from the Sims 3 store? 12
Why can't I get custom music to work? 1
Why can't I log in? 2
Why does error code 12 show when I try to save? 1
Why does my game crash when I throw a campaign fundraiser? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (what is the code)? 2
Why does the game keep telling me that i have to use the internet to reclaim ownership of the game? 1
Why does the game keep telling me that the dispositive 0 does not find any graphic card? 1
Why does the game shut down any restart my computer? 2
Why Don't My Downloads Install? 2
why I cant enter multi word cheats ? 2
Why is it that in create-a-sim, my sims always have this weird mask on their face? Please help!!!! 1
Will the game work on my laptop? 1
Will this game work on a new macbook? 2
Will this laptop run it? 2
Will this work with the sims 3? 3
Window Mode? 2

Other Help Answers
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Hey i have a question. All sims 3 masters please take a look? 0
Island Paradise vs. World Adventures? 0
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(Changing worlds?) 2
2 Questions i must know ? 6
A dissapearing man? 1
A possible bug with marriage? 2
account Collided with Another soitwantsmetoentercode ButiDont Haveit Code it GotDamgedSoWercagetFREEcontent LikeCloths? 1
All Sims are pitch black!?! 1
Baby gender date? 1
Baby that is not my sims' showed up in front of my sims' neighbour's house?? 2
Befriend Grim Reaper? 4
Big Bugs on The Sims 3? 2
Birthday Cakes and Aging? 3
Boundaries and Limits? 2
Bowl stuck on hand? 2
Can 1 family have 2 houses or more at the same time?? 2
Can a fat sim get skinny? 8
Can a ghost get pregnant? 1
Can a sim WooHoo with someone they hate? 2
Can a Sims game bought on steam get expansions through disk expansions? 1
Can Anyone Give me a link for a nude patch on TS3? 7
Can ghosts get married? 3
Can I add another sims to my household? 1
Can I build a wine cellar or wine rack? 1
Can I get rid of my sims muscles? 1
Can I make the Grinch? 1
Can I move to another town? 2
Can I rekindle a relationship? 1
Can i run rct3 soaked on my pc??? 1
Can I terminate a pregnacy somehow? 1
Can My Sims Buy More Than One House ? 4
Can my sims go out of town? 1
Can my sims stay young? 3
Can teenagers have jobs? 1
Can two players live in the same neighborhood? 1
Can ye create robots? 3
Can you adjust the clock speed? 1
Can you create robots in this game? 2
Can You Get Married In A Church? 2
Can you get your child back once taken?? 5
Can you make your teen who aged move out of their parents into another one by themselves? 2
Can you meet a sim that you already made but with another sim ?? 3
Can you move Sims between worlds? 1
Can you play more than 1 expansion pack at once? 1
Can you save more than one game on one computer? 1
Can you splash a beverage in a Sim's face? 1
Can you upload movies you've made to YouTube? 2
CANT get my simpoints? 1
Ceiling is to low? 2
Changing appearance? 3
Changing Lifetime Rewards? 1
Changing toddlers clothing/hair? 4
Chunks of my pool disappear? 1
Create-A-Sim improved? 1
Creating the mystery invention?? 1
Creation Problem???? 1
Custom Hair issue? 3
Custom painting? 2
Dead Sim babies? 1
Deleted sims ????? 2
Died by meteorite? 1
Different tombstones/urns? 1
Do computer controlled Sims buy and sell furniture on their own? 3
Do ghosts live forever? 4
Do I have to use the Online movie editor to make films? 1
Do Sims get Promotions at work when you are not playing them? 1
Do you have to play online and if so do you have to pay a monthly bill for it? 1
Do you know how to play as a family? 1
Does copying a house to the bin save all of it's tinker upgrades as well? 1
Does the fire plant have to be watered? 2
Does the game keep track of how many fish are in a pond? 1
Edit Face Problem? 2
Edit Relationships? 1
Error after moving in? 1
Expansion packs? Two Questions. 1
Faster way? 1
Foundation? 1
Freerealestate? 1
Friend is Stuck And Dont Move? 1
Frozen Sims help??? 1
Game disc? 1
Gender Change? 1
Get engaged and married? 2
Getting rid of pregnancy? 1
Getting The Sim Teen Pregnant On The Sims 3 for ps3? 4
Ghost babys? 1
Ghosts? 2
Gimme the Fish!!? 1
Going Steady? 1
Graphics problem? 4
Gravestones? 1
Having touble downloading items? 2
Hello! How is This game rated? what are the cautions on the back of the box? 2
Help I can't kill my sim, always getting resurrected? 2
Help I cant switch refridgerators??? 1
Help me Please? 1
Hidden Traits? 1
Home/Hospital birth choice of Sim? 3
How can i change the skin color of my adopted sim? 1
How can i control ghosts? 2
how can I download the Sims 3 offline? 1
How can I edit the world I am already living in? 1
How can I get jumping fishes in my pond (So I can have better luck catching fish)? 2
How can i get my sim to move and complete actions? 1
How can I get this opportunity? 1
How can I make other sims take a bath? 2
How can I turn a household into a sim? 1
HOW can import my own pictures for wall paper and can i change the music my sim plays on guitar or any instrument? 2
How come i cant download any thing to my game? 1
How could I update my TS3? 1
How do i cancel a birthday party? 1
How do I change active households that I created? 1
How do I create a diagonal floor for a 2nd story porch? 1
How do I create custom content? 2
how do I get an other town for my sims? 3
How do I get Exchange items to show in game? 2
How do i get my sim that was arrested back? 2
How do i get reports in sims 3? 2
How do I grow a money tree? 1
How do i keep my toddlers hygiene up? 1
How do I make families that I have made interact? 1
How do I move Sims out of my lot without them taking all of my money? 2
How Do I Send Back Repaired Items To Owner? 1
How do i solve this lifetime wish? 1
How do i transfer all de stuffs tat i've downloaded? 3
How do I turn a household into a sim? 1
How do I turn furniture??? 2
How do i turn off the timer? 1
How do I use my own screenshots when I upload to the exchange? 1
How do I use sims that I've downloaded? 2
How do I warp through pregnancy stage? 1
How do turn off the music? 2
How do u move the camera around? 2
How do you "visit another town"? 4
How do you age up? 3
How do you build a house? 3
How do you change a Sim's personality traits? 2
How do you cook your own fish in the sims 3? 3
How do you create a shopping center in Sims 3? 1
How do you decorate the park for a party? 1
How do you get engaged? 1
How do you get the ingredients for ambrosia and angel food cake? 4
How do you imply that another Sims mother is a Llama? 2
How do you make basements?? 3
How do you see ghosts?? 5
How do you steal things? 3
How do you tutor other sims? 4
How do you use your car? 2
How long does it take for a sim to give birth? 5
How long is the average sims lifespan? 3
How many careers branch? 3
How many days old are elders before they die of old age? 2
How many floors can you have? 2
How to age my Sim when the Enable Aging is turned off? 1
How to age toddler without aging the adult? 3
How to get my sim's daughter back? 1
How to make my sim nude ???? 2
How to prevent thiefs from getting into my house? 5
I can not propose,why? 1
I can't enter my cheat into the cheat box? 2
I can't install my downloads! Help? 1
I can't make the cheat console come up, What do I do? 3
I cannot save my game? 3
I just need help with my please like alot of help!? 1
I just wanted to know where are my saved pictures and video saved on the computer? 4
I pre-ordered my game a while ago and it STILL hasnt come...why? 2
I split my family and now cannot get back to the original family? 1
I think my game might be glitching? First time I've had this problem 1
I think my Sim is a prostitute!? 1
I want to ask...? 4
I want to change my sims name? 4
I was trying to deal with a robber and a problem started, why? 2
Ideas For A Family? 1
If i move in a family that i dont play with...? 1
If the government takes my neglected children away, can I get them back (to neglect them some more >D)? 2
Importing custom sims from sims 2? 1
In Sims 3? 1
In your opinion what is your favorite career? 2
Inventories all showing empty, but not actually empty? 1
Is a ghost a household? 1
Is it possible for fish to jump in your home pond? 2
Is it possible to create your own lots and edit the town? 1
Is it possible to make people a family member after you make your household? 2
Is it possible to play your own mp3 music on the radio? 2
Is it possible to walk around naked on sims3? 1
Is polygamy (being married to more than one person, or Sim) possible in the Sims 3? 2
Is the sims 3 on the Mac less glitchy then the pc version? 1
Is there a cheat to decrease a Sim's age? 4
Is there a cheat to easily raise your abilities? 1
Is there a code or cheat to prepare bar/club foods at home? 1
Is there a prgnancy delay? 2
Is there a way to collect garbage like a hobo? 1
Is there a way to create a pool above the first floor? 2
Is there a way to force special opportunities? 3
Is there a way to resurrect dead sim without join science career? 3
Is there a way to use your own videos on the screens in game? 2
Is there any cheat to unlock houses for buying? 1
Is there any way to take out the woohoo scene?? 3
Is there anyway to control the gender of your children? 5
Is there away of keeping the fire bar low while building your house? 2
It says a move is in progress? 1
Job for skills? 1
Kicking Sims Out? 1
Language? 2
LateNight Recipes? 1
Leftovers? 2
Location out of bounds? 1
Lot sizes/downloads!? 1
Maps? 1
Marry my baby-daddy? 2
Mod doesn't work? 1
Motive decay & Aspiration decay code will work? 2
Motives? 3
Move help? 1
Moving Out a Child? 3
Moving your sims to a new household? 1
Multiple Familes to play? 2
My cheats won't work? 1
My families got deleted? 1
My game keeps crashing, Help!? 1
My ghosts won't have a ghost baby? 4
My girlfriend and daughter just moved in. I'm unable to enter buy mode b/c it says moving is in progress, why is this? 3
My grandfather isn't haunting me? 3
My maid doesnt leave my house.. ? 2
My Sim Grew Up, But Missing A Trait...? 4
My sim is still aging? 2
My Sim won't do anything I tell her? 1
My Sims Only Have Mean Convo Starters? 1
My wife cant move in with me? 1
Never played? 1
Non existent baby? 1
Odd behavior? 1
Old Glitches? 2
Other sims asking for marriage or moving in possible? 1
Parents? 2
Peggy skin? 1
Plant Sims & Forbidden Fruit. Who can help? 1
Playable Ghosts in Sims 3? 3
Please Help Me In Running The Game? 1
Problem with story progress? 2
Progress bar disapeared?? 1
Pyromaniac??? 1
Question about Sims3Pack files? 1
Receiving Campaing donations? 1
Registeration help???? 2
Relationship help? 2
Rich Sim? 4
Riverveiw? 4
Same ghost, every night? 2
Should I get the sims 3? (There might be spoilers) 3
Sim is pregant and has been for 10 days in game? 2
Sims 3 (Island Paradise) RAR and PACKAGE files won't Show up/Download? 1
Sims 3 Ghosts question (NOT about Controlling them)? 2
Sims 3 thought bubbles? 1
Sims have extremely low mods all the time? 2
Social glitch? 1
Sounds creepy, but... ? 1
Stairs to the basement? 1
Stealing Things? 2
Stuck in a relationship as a romantic interest...? 3
The code motherload won't work? 3
The Grim Reaper won't take my sim? 2
Twins or triplets are always all boys or all girls. How do you make your sims have a boy and a girl? 3
Twins? 1
Update troubles? 1
Upgrading household items? 4
Video Card Help? 1
Video card problems? 1
Websites? 1
Weird Grave/Urn Problem...? 3
What are all of the ways I can make a lesbian couple pregnant? 1
What do I do for my sim? 1
What do I have to do to get the "Oh My Ghost" Opportunity? 1
What does RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings cheat do? 1
What exactly am I supposed to do with death fish and vampire fish? 3
What happens if you WooHoo with the Grim Reaper? 2
What is in riverview town??? 2
What is the max amount of sims that can live on one lot?? 1
What is the point of the catacombs? 1
What key game feature for Sims 3 that plays in each different platform? 1
What kind of special NPC's are there? 1
What moviemakercheats do? 1
What the hell are simpoints? 3
What was wrong with my last sim? 2
Whats with the pizza guy? 1
When should i my dead family members back as ghosts? 1
When you move out a married man to another lot? 2
Where can I find what folder I installed my Sims 3 to for the MAC? 1
Where can I put the mods in Sims 3? Can you help me? 1
Where did the ghost go? 1
Which expansion pack is better? Island Resort or World Adventures? 1
Which star signs (Leo, Virgo, Cancer etc.) are compatable with each other? 1
Who is Lolita Goth? 1
Who's the Science Geek? 1
Why can my sim make flame fruit? 1
Why Can't I control them? 1
Why can't I cook? 1
Why can't i move my sims 3 again to the lot they were living in? 1
Why do I have 4 files in the saves folder? 1
Why does my Custom Content don't install? 1
Why does my sim glow red ?? 2
Why does my sims not do what I want them to do when I click on it? 1
Why goes my sims 3 so slow? 1
Why have some of my Sims started running instead of walking everywhere? 2
Why is a best friend in sims 3 all of a sudden an old friend? 1
Why is my second child a step-child to my husband?? 1
Why my cheats aren't working? 1
Why won't my babies sleep or empty their bladder? 2
Why won't the firefighter leave my home? 1
Why wont it let me play the game i clicked on??? 1
Why wont my sim stay skinny? 3
Will it come out on PS3? 4
Will it run? 1
Will Sims 3 work with Windows 7? 3
Will the sims 3 come out for xbox 360? 6
Will the sims 3 work on a computer if the computer has viruses? 4
Will this laptop be able to run the game? 1
Will this laptop run the game? 1
Accessing Create a Sim from current game...? 1
Adoption? 2
Age Transition? 1
Aging and Neighborhoods? 1
Aging off is grayed out?! 1
Aging? 2
Alien Babies? 1
All of the Qualities to Food in The Sims 3? Come here to find out! 1
Another Question- Can you have twins? (Might have spoliers) 2
Any Different Benifits for TS3 and TS3 (CE)? 1
Any Family Ideas? 1
Any Glitches? 2
Any word on a sims 4? 1
Anyone know about the ghosts in sims3? 6
Are secret traits continuously passed down? / Do they stack? 3
Are the only sims that can sleep in the same bed are sims that are maried? 1
Are there cheats for this game??? 5
Are there LONG hair options for male characters? 1
Are they going to make Sims 3 for PS3? 2
Are they going to make sims3 for PSP ? 1
ARE u able to abandon toddler sims? 3
Autographs? 2
Babies? 7
Babysitter Stole My Child!?! 7
Best paying job at level 10? 5
Birthday Cake/Aging? 1
Butler? 1
Can anyone tell me what the secret traits are and how you get them? 1
Can I change my childrens clothes/hair? 1
Can I choose a job for a sim that I don't use? 2
Can I force my sims to have a baby girl? 1
Can I get a butler in TS3? 1
Can i get this game without use a disc? 2
Can I give a baby to adoption service? 1
Can I have 2 playable households in 1 town? 2
Can I move my family of Sims into another house? 1
Can men get pregnant in this game? 6
Can my sim wish a wish again that i cancelled? 1
Can other sims i made be in the same city? 1
Can Sims be put up for adoption? 1
Can teenagers get pregnant? 2
Can they become lesbians? 2
Can this game be installed on more than one PC? 5
Can you add relationship links to families? 1
Can you change your Sim's clothes after it has aged? How? 3
Can you create basements in sims 3? 8
Can you create robots in this game just like in theprevious game? 2
Can you have a ghost baby? Can you be a ghost with you controlling it? 3
Can you kill sims you don't control, and possible mod suggestions for it? 4
Can You Make Multilevel Basements?? 2
Can you make your sim curvy in someway? 2
Can You Own Two Properties At Once? 2
Can you place empty lot spaces? 5
Can you see Sims that are in the sim bin around town? 1
Can you send your game to another person for them to play? 2
Can you speed up your pregnacy and how? 2
Changing brightness? 1
Cheats who doenst work? 1
Collectors edition? 2
Community Lots?? 1
Creating Romantic Interest? 1
Death by birthday? 2
Death, Is there a point to a strong friendship? 1
Death? 3
Differences between Sims 2 and Sims 3? Is it worth it? 1
Do Sims swap jobs? 1
Does any one know if...? 2
Does it matter if you dont have sound on your computer for this game? 1
Does the Green Thumb trait allow you to revive barren plants? 1
Edit A Family? 1
Editing Sims outfit? 1
Expansion packs? 5
Family Inventory? 2
Firefighters? 1
For Adults Only? 5
Freewill purchases? 1
Gardening Opportunities? 1
Genie in create a sim ( expansion )? 1
Getting married? 1
Getting Pregnant? 1
Getting Proposed to? 1
Ghost baby wont go back in her grave?! 1
Ghost wont leave my house? 1
Glitch? 1
Gnomes? 3
Grim Reaper - how to meet him other than death? 8
Hairstyles? 2
Help me return my bookstore? 1
Help?? 1
How are the graphics in this game? 1
how can i built up my report meter in Law Enforcement career? 2
How can I enter Create-A-Sim if I'm already in the game? 1
How can I kill a sim who's a daredevil by fire? 1
How can i rotate an object in buy mode? 2
How can i see a ghost? 1
How come I cant get the code consol to come up? 3
How do I add my own music to the game? 3
How do i become a rockstar? 1
How do I build higher than six floors? Using castle parts 1
How do I buy an empty lot? 3
How do I delete a friend from my relationship tab? 1
How do i play my own personal songs? 2
How do I rename a Discovered Celestial Object? 1
How do I return / give back stuff to other sims? 1
How do i sell rocks? i mean i dont want to get them cut i just want to sell them for money $.$ 1
How do I start a new family? 1
How do you become a movie director or actor? 1
How do you create your own outfit for you sim? 2
How do you disable the testingcheatsenable true thing? please help! 1
How do you evict people?? 1
How do you get Married on TS3? 2
How do you get rid of Ghost? 2
How do you get Riverview? 2
How do you give a sim a masage? 2
How do you have twins? 5
How do you make a half sibling? 1
How do you move cars from one lot to another? 1
How do you see a dead person? 1
How do you start a garden? 5
How do you steal things from other sims? 3
How do you turn free-will off? 2
how get outstandingly rate Opportunities? 1
How many band members am I supposed to have? (Music Track) 1
How much memory does the Sims 3 take up? 1
How to buy a house? 1
How to buy a Lot, Build a house, sell the house furbished? 1
How to create a new village or town? 1
How to find out the bait for red herring? 1
How to get rid of unwanted skins? 1
How to increase your chances of having a boy/girl? 1
How to make a water puddle stop appearing? 2
How to make diagonal tiles? 1
How to make naruto characters and FF7? 1
How to solve a bug with my baby Sim? 2
I can't download the riverview town...Any help? 2
I created multiple households, and while I set up one, I checked on another and my single male sim had a kid! How? 3
I deleted my wife using a cheat anyway to get her back? 2
I need help with my children?! 4
I really don't understand this. Can you help me? 1
I want t know something. About hesims 3 before I buy it? 2
If a Sim dies when I'm not playing their lot, how do I find their urn/tombstone!? 3
If you run the game with an expansion pack, will the content from other expansion packs and the base game be available? 1
Installing items? 1
Is it possible to create just a house without having a family on the lot? 1
Is it possible to create or make Vampires on sims3? 1
Is it possible to have multiple relationships/partners? 1
Is testingcheats safe to use? (WARNING: Several Questions) 1
Is the only neighborhood Sunset Valley?! 1
Is there a cheat for changing your sims voice? 1
Is there a cheat for debug clothes? 3
Is there a cheat to stop the aging? 5
Is there a code or something to keep happiness/mood/needs from going down? 1
Is there a needs cheat? 1
Is there a way to add more sims to an already existing town? 4
Is there a way to change you ghost sims into a human sim again? 2
Is there a way to get a top view on sims 3? 1
Is there a way to get pets in the Sims 3? 3
Is there a way to have more than the maximum # of people living in a house at one time? 1
Is there a way to make another sim move out of thier home? 2
Is there a way to make the pond water red or another color? 2
Is there any cheat to get skills max? 1
Is there any rights on this game? 1
Is there anyway I can rename my sim? 1
Is there is an autosave feature? 5
It was night and my sims were all doing normal stuff,when this wierd sad kind of music started,what does it mean? 2
Law enforcment career? 2
Lifetime Happiness Cheat? 15
Lifetime Happiness? 1
Lifetime Rewards descriptions? 1
Limos? 4
Llamas? 3
Losing things while switching Sims? 2
Making more sims? 1
Modding this game? 1
Money Issues? 1
More ghosts? 1
More requirements? 1
More than 8 Sims? 1
Moving? 1
My game wont open the tab to enter the codes... what's wrong? 1
My sim has a guitar stuck to her body!! How do I get it off? 2
My sim has lived past 90 days, When will the sim die? 1
My sim keeps trying to skip work! Any help on it? 1
My Sim Wants To Be Worth 20, 000? 2
My sim won't eat anything!! How do I make him eat? 2
My Sim Won't Take The Fifth Trait!? 2
My Sims is Starving? 1
My Sims won't move!!? 1
Number of sims? 1
Online??? 1
Opening Credits/Movie? 1
Pc only? 3
Plants and moving house? 1
Playing at other lot? 1
Pyros? 2
Resistry? 1
Rotating Curves? 1
Save Data Size Question? 1
Saves file? 1
Science Geek? 2
Simpoints Code Generator - any for download? 1
Sims 2 cheats? 1
Sims 3 options? 1
Sims asking you to move in? 1
Sims3pack file? 3
Skills limit? 1
So how does this game work? 1
So like, if i go out and buy this i wanna know if can actually run it...? 3
Solving glitches? 1
System requirements? 3
This cheat won't work. WHY? 1
This game isn't worth getting until a bunch of expansion packs are out isn't it? 1
To mastered skills get saved with Sims? 1
Traits/Skills Required For Doctors? 2
Transferring Sims? 1
Turn off Death? 4
Two spouses? 2
Underground garage? 1
Updates? 1
Vampire in Sims 3? 1
Were can I find <<FRUIT OF LIFE>>? 1
What age? 1
What are the perks of beign a master thief? 1
What are the various qualities of foods/items and their ranking order? 1
What deos talking to plants do? 2
What do i do about someone bullying my kid at school? 4
What do I need? 1
what do you think of the graphics of TS3 to TS2? 1
What do you when you hack on your computer? 2
What does pyromaniac actually do? 1
What does the Magician do? 1
What happans when all adult sims die and there are some toddlor sims? 1
What happens if...? 1
What happens when one of my sims moves out? 1
What happens when you die? 1
What is the best downloadable items/sets? 1
What is the difference between the regular and collector's editions? 6
What makes the Sims 3 revolutionize the Sims universe of games? 3
When away from home? 2
When does the burglar will appear? 1
When i'll download this on my laptop how big is the file but how much the cd when i buy it? 1
When Your Pregnant Do You Stay Home Or Go To A Hospital? 2
Where are the patterns? 1
Where can I find my household's Networth? 2
Where did my sim go?!?! 1
Where's the stairs? 1
Who is Aiko? 1
Why am I missing the "edit world" button? 1
Why can't my sim sleep in my other sim's double bed? 1
Why did my Sim come home from work singed? 1
Why do some of my sims move out even if i don`t control them? 1
Why have I not gotten the "Oh My Ghost" opportunity? 1
Why is my sim unhappy? 1
Why is testingcheatsenabled true not working? 1
Why my vehicle exactly 'the beast' in relationship tab ? 1
Why TS3 is only for the pc? 1
will The Sims 3 be on the other consoles? 1
Will the sims 3 be realeased for the Wii? 3
Will The Sims 3 run ok on my laptop? 5
Will this game run on windows 7 64 bit? 1
Will this run on Windows XP 64bit Pro? 2

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