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1999,a full decade ago, Maxis and Will Wright brought the world a special new simulation that would change the way gamers think of free play. The world of the Sims was whatever you could make it, and with the proper creativity, expansion packs(and maybe some cheat codes) the possibilties were endless. However, some clunky gameplay and limited customization made this game feel a little incomplete.

That is, until 2004 rolled around. With this year some very hyped up Simfans had a new toy. The Sims 2 gave us goals to set with aspirations, brand new objects and a graphical update. Your Sim could what they want when they want with a new set of interactions and activities. They seemed more real, but still like dolls in a very detailed dollhouse. Expansion packs made us Simfans feel a little less incomplete, but the announcement of a brand new Sims game gave hope for a perfect harmony of Sim and Simfan.

And I was not disappointed. The Sims 3 is seamlessly woven together with invisible intangible threads of pure awesome. It makes for the greatest and most indepth experience available in a simulator. With new customization options and an endless combination of personalities you will never bore of the newest addition to the Sims family.

The latest and greatest version of create-a-sim looks similar to that of TS2. Basics, Hair, Looks, Clothes and Personality are our categories. Instead of a few preset skin color options, there is a slider allowing customization of shade. Another nifty feature are the green, blue, and red skin options. Also, instead of fat, trim or fit, you can adjust how fat or muscular your Sim is. In Hair, there are several choices of style, but the color is where the real customization comes in. Instead of 5 hair colors you now have the option to use a color wheel to change the color of you Sims roots, base, tips, and hilights. Faces can be morphed in a variety of ways; the only limit is you!

With the clothing options we come across another major feature of TS3: Custom Design. By clicking the palette you can choose any pattern and color scheme you want. Purple yellow and black Camo? OK! Orange and white pinstripes? Thats cool! Maroon snakeskin? Just fine! Nobody will stop you from making themost tacky or tasteful clothes you can.

Personaltiy has made TS3 the revolutionary Sims game. Instead of a point system, your Sims can have up to five traits which determine their social abilities, their physical activities, what job they want, and if they want a family or not. This system also replaces the system of aspiration. Your Sim feels more layered and more real. They have really turned into characters now. No more dolls in dollhouses.

Wishes are what have replaced aspiration in TS3. They are less of necessary goals and more like guidelines that offer you a nice bonus. For instance, a Sim with the Party Animal trait will often have the wish to meet new people or throw a great party. Fufilling a wish gives your sim Lifetime Happiness points, which can be used to buy special traits that make life a little easier for your Sims.

In addition to Lifetime Happiness, fufilling a wish gives you a positive Moodlet. The Moodlet adds to your sims overall points. These moodlets can occur when your sim takes a shower, brushes their teeth, falls in love or makes a new friend. Moodlets can be negative too, from losing a friend to a cold shower; these are just nice touches that make everything more real.

At work, a Sim can choose to work hard, hang with their coworkers, take it easy or do their own personal research. These all afffect your Sims mood and their job preformance. If a Sim works too hard they can easily get burned out and stressed. Also available from work (and other places) are opportunities. These special events can get you a promotion, skill point or even plain old cash upon completion

Now that we have our sim created, lets examine the new neighborhood. With TS3 has come the age of free roaming sims. They can leave their house to go anywhere they want within the neighborhood. It is all woven together. You watch your Sim travel to their destination via car, taxi, bike or a nice walk...with no load screen! This also means that while your Sim is at work you can scroll around town to check out the shenanigans of your neighbors and scope out friends for your Sim. You see, in TS3 time is the same for all lots. It no longer freezes when you leave a lot. This also means your neighbors live out their lives. Get promoted, fall in love, break up, have kids, learn a skill and even die.

All in all the experience is richer for everyone involved.I garuntee you'l never have the same results for your Sims,no matter how hard you try. Pick up this game if you love the Sims, or if this is your first venture into the sim franchise. Whoever you are, you will get enjoyment out of developing your little people into unique individuals. I assure you that you will actually feel for your Sims, you will be angry when they get jaded or rejected, sad when they cry and excited when they are happy.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 06/15/09

Game Release: The Sims 3 (US, 06/02/09)

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