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YangandYin's Titan Quest: The Immortal Throne FAQ
Guide Version 1.0 

(April 7, 2007): Version 1.0 Complete. 
Next Version: 
Expect full dream mastery skill descriptions
Expect partial recipe/artifact lists.

0.0- Intro					[STRT]

1.0-Main Quest-
     1.1-A Mysterious Message		[MQ1]
     1.2-Medea's Price				[MQ2]
     1.3-The Road to Hades			[MQ3]
     1.4-Judgement of the Living		[MQ4]
     1.5-The Battle for Elysium  		[MQ5]
     1.6-The Immortal Throne			[MQ6]

2.0-Sub Quests-
    2.1.1-A Crab Story				[RH1]
    2.1.2-An Impossible Task			[RH2]
    2.1.3-The Torch-Lighter's Gauntlet	[RH3]
    2.1.4-Outpost in the Woods		[RH4]

  2.2-Ixian Woods (Medea's Grove)-
    2.2.1-The Stolen Sigil			[IX1]
    2.2.2-Lampido's Potion			[IX2]
    2.2.3-The Wealth of Ancient Kings	[IX3]
    2.2.4-The Treasure Hunters   		[IX4]

    2.3.1-Among the Ruins			[EP1]
    2.3.2-The Enemy's Captain			[EP2]
    2.3.3-A Dangerous Mission		[EP3]

    2.4.1-The Stygian Lurker			[ST1]
    2.4.2-The One Who Would Lead		[ST2]
  2.5-The Plains of Judgement-
    2.5.1-Hade's Treasury			[PJ1]
    2.5.2-The Dust of a Titan			[PJ2]
    2.5.3-Eurydice and Orpheus		[PJ3]
    2.5.4-An Invitation				[PJ4]
    2.5.5-An Inside Source			[PJ5]
    2.5.6-The Necromanteion			[PJ6]
    2.5.7-Admetus Among the Dead		[PJ7]
    2.6.1-The Seige Striders			[EL1]
    2.6.2-Flight of the Messenger		[EL2]
    2.6.3-The Achaean Pass			[EL3]
    2.6.4-A Noisy Diversion			[EL4]

3.0 What's New in the Expansion		[NST]
   3.1 Enchanters				[CHT]
   3.2 Caravan					[CVN]
   3.3 Artifacts/Recipes			[AFR]
   3.4 Scrolls					[SLL]

8.0 Contacting me				[CNT]
9.0 Credits					[CRD]
10.0 Legal Stuff				[LGL]

0.0- Intro				[STRT]
This guide assumes the reader has already completed the original
Titan Quest and has already defeated Typhon. This guide also assumes
the reader knows about masteries and how they work. I will not tell you 
how to play the game. I will tell you the basic steps to go from the 
beginning of this excellent expansion to the end. I will not try and 
convince you what build is the best. This game was made so that almost 
all builds are viable, so it is up to you to choose whatever build you like. 
Have fun!

1.1	A Mysterious Message		[MQ1]
After defeating Typhon, you will arrive in Rhodes. Speak to the spectre 
you  see to begin the main quest. Follow the path, then talk to the guard. 
Leave the town and travel through  Costal Asomata to the Ixian woods. 
Fight your way through the woods to the north. 
Eventually you will come to a large gate with 2 guardians. Kill them both 
to gain access to Medea's Grove. Speak to Medea to finish the first (and 
shortest) leg of the main quest.

1.2	Medea's Price			[MQ2]
After speaking to Medea, go around and get all the quests. Then leave the 
town heading north. You will enter the Ixian Outlands, and will shortly 
find yourself in the Ampelion Caves. Fight your way south through the 
caves, and you will eventually emerge into the Soronis forest/swamp. This 
is a large area, so travel northeast until you reach the Tsakonian Ruins. 
Keep going northeast until you reach the dungeon Temple of the Grey. 
Inside you'll find three mages. Kill them, and take they Eye of the Grey 
Ones that drops. Return to Medea, who will summon a portal. Enter the 

1.3	The Road to Hades			[MQ3]
Enter Medea's portal to be teleported to Epirus. This is where the legs of 
the main quest begin to get long. Prepare for a long trek. From Epirus, 
head north to the abandoned city of Paseron. Fight your way northeast 
from the entrance, and eventually you will emerge into the Paseron 
Outskirts. Keep heading north until you reach the Pindos Mountains, and 
you will quickly discover the cave labeled the Passage of Souls. Head 
through the Passage. Congratulations! You're now in Hades.

This first area is named Hades~ The Dark Grove. As we so often do in this 
game, head north until you reach The River Styx. There should be a portal, 
a boat, and some spirits to talk to in this area. Get the quests from the 
spirits, then follow the river east. You will have to go over a temple-like 
area named the Shrine of the Golden Bough, and will emerge into The 
River Styx again. Head southeast for a wile, and you will come across a 
bridge. Cross the Unfinished Bridge area, and you will come across 
Charon, Titan and ferryman of the Styx. Slay him in his first form, and he 
will grow wings and fly around some. Kill him again. Once Charon is 
dead, you can finish crossing the bridge to the New Road, where you will 
see the spirit Tiresias waiting for you. Talk to him to finish this part of the 
main quest.

1.4	Judgement of the Living		[MQ4]
After talking to Tiresias, you need to walk another huge distance. This is 
by far the longest of the six parts of the main quest, so buckle down, grab 
some potions, and get ready for a long ride. Follow the New Road all the 
way to the Stygian Marshes, then  continue north to the City of Lost Souls. 
This area is slightly maze-like, so check your map often to see where 
you're going. You will enter the Upper City of Lost Souls, then the Lower 
City of Lost Souls. You will then quickly run across the last large city. 
Here you can obtain the Plains of Judgement portal, and get a bunch of 
new quests to play with. Once you've bought enough potions to last, speak 
to Phyleides to update the quest, then exit to the southeast.

You should then be in the Salt Flats. Head north to walk across another 
shrine-like structure named the Hecatean Agora, then re-emerge on the 
other side into the Flats again. Travel north until you reach the Lower 
Daemon Camps. Fight your way through here. You will enter the  
Prisoner's Camp, followd by the Upper Daemon Camps. Once you pass 
through the camps, it's pretty straightforward to the Vale of Mourning, 
followed by Eribus, and then through the Far Plains.

At the end of the Far Plains lies the Dread Halls. This dungeon is pretty 
linear. About halfway through, you will emerge onto the Dread Path, 
which has a ressurrection shrine. Enter the second half of the Dread Halls, 
after which you will enter a small area with the Tower of Judgement portal 
and a merchant. Head into the tower.

There are 5 floors in this dungeon. You start at the Fifth Domain and work 
towards the First Domain. At the bottom of the First Domain, you will do 
battle with the dog of Hell himself: Cerberus! Make this dog "lie down", 
then continue on to enter the Hall of Judgement. Speak to the middle 
judge, Minos, and he will open a portal to your left. Head through it to 
enter Elysium.

1.5	The Battle for Elysium		[MQ5]
Talk to Agamemnon, then head off the the Aetolion Polis. From here, 
fight your way through  all the baddies until you get to Aneslasia, 
followed by Delian Meadows. From here you will head northwest to get to 
the Elysium Acropolis. The Achean Pass is next. You can choose to travel 
northeast and fight through a dead-end dungeon, or travel west to continue 
our journey.

Heading west is Celestia. Keep going north and west, and you will climb 
the stairs to the Academy of Sophocles. This area is fairly short; soon you 
should arrive on the Fields of Diadochi.

The Fields is a huge area. You will start in a lush green area, but as you 
travel north, you will pass through a wall of purple energy, the other side 
of which is barren. This area is a war zone.
Stuff explodes as you walk by, as well as cool lighting effects. The area is 
a giant maze, so work your way northwest for quite a ways. You will find 
the exit to the Eronian Highlands in the most northwestern part of the 

Travel across the Eronian Highlands until you reach Argolis. On the far 
side of Argolis you can find Odysseus himself, leading a small band of 
troops outside the gate of Hade's Castle. Speak with him to end this part of 
the main quest.

1.6	The Immortal Throne			[MQ6]
***Note: For this part, I am combining the quests associated with this area
***into the walkthrough. Parts that involve the quests "The Shards of   
***Eberus" or "Hade's Generals" will be marked with a ###. If, for some 
***reason, you do not wish to do these quests, simply skip over the blocks 
***that have ### in front of them.

Odysseus will fire a cannon, opening the way into Hade's Palace. Talk to 
his troops if you want some quests to do inside the Palace. Walk through 
the entrance areas, and you will quickly come to a treasure room, guarded 
by none other than our old friend Typhon! Once you put this has-been 
titan to rest, grab his treasure and head north to reach a small  chamber, 
where you will see a woman chained to a couch.

Break her chains; she will reveal herself as Persephone and open the way 
into the Palace. Head off to the side room to unlock the last portal, than 
continue inside. The first area is the Dark Processional. This area is linear, 
you will quickly enter the Aidonean Propylon. On the first floor of this 
area, you can go down either set of stairs to get to the second floor. Follow 
the path until you reach the first of two caves.

###Enter the first cave and work your way to the end. Kill the monsters, 
then the Shard of Eberus. Pick up the crystal it drops, then backtrack to the 
main path.

Continue past the first cave until you reach the second one. Enter it to 
enter the Court of Kouloures. Fight your way through this linear area.

###In the center of the Court is another Shard of Eberus. Kill it and get its 

You will then enter the Winding Descent. Walk down the stairs until you 
get to the first cave.

###Enter the first cave to kill the first of Hade's three generals. Backtrack 
to the main path.
Pass the first cave, and continue on until you get to the far end. Enter the 
cave there to enter the Prison of Souls. After a short walk, you should 
come to a 4-way path.

###Take the northernmost path to reach a small prison area. Go through 
the door there to find the second general. Kill him and return to the room 
with 4 paths to choose from.

Take either the south or the western path; either will take you to the same 
place: A large room with some big monsters in cages.

### Head to the northwest corner of the map and enter the cave there. Kill 
the ### third general, then return to the large room with the cages.

Take the northeast or northwest path to reach the Polis Daemonal area. 
Follow the path until the Warden of Souls shows up on your radar. Kill the 
Warden and take his key. Now you can go back to the prison if you like, 
and open the cells to get to the treasure or monsters within.

###Enter the door the warden was guarding to kill the third Shard of 
Eberus. Get the crystal and return to the main path.

Head farther northwest down the path you were on, eventually reaching 
the Royal Chambers.

###Right inside the Royal Chambers door are the last to Shards of Eberus. 
You know what to do.

Head to the center of the Chamber to confront Hades. He has two forms, 
so expect to kill him twice. Once he is defeated, talk to the spirit and then 
enter her portal to finish Immortal Throne!


*********2.0 Sub-Quests******************

2.1.1-A Crab Story			[RH1]
Quest-Giver-> Arion: Rhodes
Stay north once you leave Rhodes to enter the Cave of Ortheon. Travel 
through the cave to Damatria. Speak to Proteas, then travel south to the 
beach. Kill the Gargantuan Kurkinos there. Return to Proteas to get  

2.1.2-An Impossible Task		[RH2]
Quest-Giver-> Maera: Rhodes
Travel to Medea's Grove; speak to Procne to get the Walking Stone. Go to 
the Tsakonian Ruins and place the stone on the Altar of Kallixenia. This 
will summon Kallixenia, who you must defeat. She will then give you the 
Tome of Kallixenia, which you should take to Procne, who will give you a 
curative elixir. Take the elixir back to Maera in Rhodes to get the rewards.

2.1.3-The Torch-Lighter's Gauntlet	[RH3]
Quest-Giver->Abderus: Coastal Asomata
Talk to Abderus to be given a torch-bearer. Travel east to Camirus Bluff, 
and make your way to the top. The torch-lighter will begin to light the 
torch, durin which time you will kill multiple waves of undead. Once they 
stop coming, return to Abderus for your reward.

2.1.4-Outpost in the Woods		[RH4]
Quest-Giver->Chrysis: Ixion Woods
After talking to Chrysis, travel west to find a camp under attack. Kill all 
the baddies here, then speak to Teisias. Travel northeast to the Den of 
Anteok, kill the Great Anteok, and return to Teisias to get your reward.

  2.2-Ixian Woods (Medea's Grove)-

2.2.1-The Stolen Sigil			[IX1]
Quest-Giver->Semek: Medea's Grove
 Leave the grove to the north, and enter the Ampelian Caves. In the 
southeastern portion of this cave you will find your prey. Kill her, pick up 
the sigil, and return to Semek. Easy as pie.

2.2.2-Lampido's Potion		[IX2]
Quest-Giver-> Lampido: Medea's Grove
 Travel to Soronia. Here you will find all the ingredients:
     Nightblossom Petal- near the entrance. Kill the plant, take the petal
     Cybe Mushroom- In the northwestern area. Fight through an enemy 
          touch the giant mushroom (it acts like a chest) to get the Cybe    
     Aestivis Root- In the northeastern area. Fight through another enemy 
          camp, touch the giant tree (just like the mushroom), and pick up the  
   Once you have all three ingredients, return to Lampido to get your   

2.2.3-The Wealth of Ancient Kings	[IX3]
Quest-Giver->Carme: Medea's Grove
Travel to Soronia. Find the Tomb of Tsakonian Queens. You will fight the 
Queen Alkiste, who will drop an ancient moon key. Travel to the 
Tsakonian Ruins, find the tomb for kings, kill King Aevis for the ancient 
sun key. Take both keys to the northeast portion of the ruins, and enter the 
tomb of Dorus. Find the first locked gate with a switch inside. There is a 
lock on the entrance which will use the sun key. Flip the switch, continue 
to the northern part of the tomb. There is another switch inside a gated 
room. This time the moon key will be used. Head northeast to confront 
Dorus. Kill him, and head into the treasure room to finish the quest.

2.2.4-The Treasure Hunters   		[IX4]
Quest-Giver->Herodion: Tsakonian Ruins
 Find the Great Tomb of Aegimius in the Tsakonian Ruins. Enter the tomb 
and head to the southernmost room. Kill all the enemies here, and Nysa 
will run out of the corner. Talk to her to finish the quest.


2.3.1-Among the Ruins		[EP1]
Quest-Giver->Epigenes: Epirus
Travel north from Epirus to the City of Paseron. Talk to Theogenes, then 
continue on into the city. Travel around to all the villagers on your radar, 
killing the enemies that are attacking them. Once all the baddies are gone, 
the villagers will run out of the city. Once all the groups are killed, return 
to Theogenes for your reward.

2.3.2-The Enemy's Captain		[EP2]
Quest-Giver->Pythes: Epirus
You can't miss this one. The enemy to kill is right at the exit of the City of 
Paseron, right before you go to the next area. Kill her and return to Epirus.

2.3.3-A Dangerous Mission		[EP3]
Quest-Giver->Pisistratus: Epirus
Go to the City of Paseron and find Admetus. Talk to him to get the 
Medical supplies. Return these to Pisistratus to finish this quest.


2.4.1-The Stygian Lurker		[ST1]
Quest-Giver->Corpreus: The River Styx
Travel to the far north part of the Stygian Marshes, Kill the Shade Feaster  
there. No need to return to Corpreus, the quest is automatically completed.

2.4.2-The One Who Would Lead		[ST2]
Quest-Giver->Antigenes: The River Styx
Travel to the second part of the River Styx. Travel southwest until you 
find a 
spirit in a cage. Kill the guard, and speak to the spirit Hipparchus. 
Continue to the Unfinished Bridge. Kill Charon and pick up his oar. 
Teleport back to The Styx Portal area, talk to Hipparchus to finish the 

  2.5-The Plains of Judgement-

2.5.1-Hade's Treasury		[PJ1]
<haven't completed this quest yet>

2.5.2-The Dust of a Titan		[PJ2]
Quest-Giver->Leda: Plains of Judgement
Travel to the Deep Caverns dungeon on the Far Plains. You will find a 
monster called the Urn Guardian. Kill it and take the ashes from the urn.  
Return to Leda.

2.5.3-Eurydice and Orpheus		[PJ3]
Quest-Giver->Eurydice: Plains of Judgement
Travel to the Cave of Whispers on the Upper Daemon Camps. Kill the 
spider boss in the cave to receive the Mirror of Psyche from the chest it 
guards. Return to Eurydice. Follow the path that opens up, and you will 
find Orpheus enprisoned by 2 cyclops. Kill them both, free Orpheus, and 
lead him back to Eurydice. Speak to either of them to finish the quest.

2.5.4-An Invitation			[PJ4]
Quest-Giver->Callicrates: Plains of Judgement.
    Go north from the Plains of Judgement. Destroy the three caravans, then 
return to Callicrates to finish the quest.

2.5.5-An Inside Source		[PJ5]
Quest-Giver->Callicrates, after completing "An Invitation"
<haven't completed this quest yet>

2.5.6-The Necromanteion		[PJ6]
Quest-Giver->Oenobius: Plains of Judgement
Travel to Erebus, find the Nercromanteion dungeon in the northern area.
Kill the boss in the dungeon, return to Oenobius.

2.5.7-Admetus Among the Dead		[PJ7]
Quest-Giver->Admeteus: Prisoner's Camp
In the prisoner's camp, you will find many spirits in cages. One of these is
Admeteus, the medic from Paseron! Talk to him to start this mission. Find 
him again much later, in the First Domain of the Tower of Judgement. 
Free him from prison yet again to receive your reward.

2.6.1-The Seige Striders		[EL1]
Quest-Giver->Alcinous: Atolian Polis
There are 5 Seige Striders in the area ofter Alcinous. Kill them all to 
your reward.

2.6.2-Flight of the Messenger		[EL2]
Quest-Giver->Nestor: Atolian Polis
Take the messenger through Aneslasia until you find Ajax in the Delian 
Meadows. Talk to him to finish the quest.

2.6.3-The Achaean Pass		[EL3]
Quest-Giver->Ajax: Delian Meadows
 Talk to Idomeneus to receive a few spirit troops. Travel north to Achean 
and speak to Menelaus. Enemies will then attack the camp. You must 
protect the flag while killing all the enemies. Once all enemies are dead, 
talk to 
Menelaus again for your reward.

2.6.4-A Noisy Diversion		[EL4]
Quest-Giver->Menestheus: Argolis
You will receive some spirit troops to follow you. Take them south in the 
enemy camp to find the Blood Queen. Kill her and return to Menestheus to 
finish this quest.
3.0 What's New in the Expansion	[NST]

3.1 Enchanters			[CHT]
 Enchanters can be found in most cities. They serve two purposes: First, 
they can remove relics from items. You can take an item with a relic, and 
remove the charm from it. You must choose between the item or the 
charm, however. One will be recovered, the other will be lost forever.
The other purpose of enchanters is to create artifacts from recipes. You 
can read about artifacts and recipes in 3.3- Artifacts and Recipes

3.2 Caravan			[CVN]
 A new feature is also the addition of storage space to the game. Most 
large cities have a caravan. Your storage can be expanded twice: once for 
10k gold, and again for 500k gold. There is also a transfer area that is 
shared between all characters that you own.

3.3 Artifacts/Recipes			[AFR]
Artifacts are created from Recipes, and give various bonus from elemental 
resists to extra damage to extra speed. Artifacts have all sorts of effects. 
Recipes are used to create artifacts. To create an Artifact, take a recipe that 
you find to an enchanter. She will then ask for 3 different items, 
depending on what the recipe calls for. Give her these items and she will 
create the artifact for you. Artifacts can be ingredients for creating other 
artifacts, so save all your recipes!

3.4 Scrolls				[SLL]
Scrolls are 1-shot items that allow you to cast powerful spells for no mana.
They have many cool effects, such as summoning a cyclops or causing 
huge damage with a lightning storm. They can be bought at any "book" 


8.0-Contacting Me			[CNT]
If you find any problems with this FAQ, feel free to contact me at:
Corey Zahner

9.0-Credits			 [CRD]
I would like to thank THQ for making an awesome game, and an equally 
cool expansion. I am the sole contributor to this FAQ at this time. This 
first version was the result of my playing through the game without 
assistance. As others contribute, I will add their contributions here.

10.0-Legal Stuff-			[LGL]

Copyright 2007 Corey Zahner
No web sites other than Gamefaqs and its affiliates may host this guide 
without my explicit permission. This guide may not be distributed for 
profit of any kind.