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                           VIRTUAL VILLAGERS
                               CHAPTER 1
                               A NEW HOME

                           PUZZLE WALKTHROUGH
                           BY DARREL HUTCHINS
                               VERSION 1.0
                             COPYRIGHT 2007

This is my first FAQ, so don't get too frustrated with me, please.  ;)
I had noticed that there were FAQs and guides available for the second
chapter of the Virtual Villagers game, but no FAQs dealing with the
first installment.  This FAQ is not meant as a general play walkthrough.
Instead, it details every one of the 16 puzzles needed to beat the game.

If you wish to have the challenge of solving these puzzles yourself, I
must suggest that you RUN!  Run away from this guide, and don't look

If you only need small hints towards the goals, first check out the 
official hints available at:

                             VERSION NOTES

11/11/07:  Version 1.0.  Got bored, created FAQ, submitted it to

                               FAQ LAYOUT

Each of the puzzles is marked with a search code.  Puzzles are numbered
in the order that the game shows them in the table, from 1 (top left
corner) to 16 (bottom right corner).  Note that due to the game's
creators having a sick sense of humor, it is truly impossible to finish
them in order from 1 to 16.

The search code is in the format of:  [PUZ-01].  This allows you to
use CTRL - F (Find) to search for just the puzzle you need assistance
with, if you only need help with one particular puzzle.

And now, with all that out of the way...

                               THE PUZZLES


NEEDED:  Trainee (or higher) Builder

This puzzle is the simplest of the 16 puzzles, and is even provided to
you as part of the opening tutorial.  Drag the Builder to the well in 
the village.  They will uncover it, and solve the first puzzle.


NEEDED:  No special requirements.

This puzzle is another simple puzzle.  In the middle of the village is
the partially completed hut.  To solve this puzzle, simply finish
building the hut.


NEEDED:  No special requirements.

Another easy one to start off with.  There is driftwood on the beach.
Drag one or more builders to the wreckage, and allow them to clean
it up.  Once it is gone, this puzzle is solved.


NEEDED:  Master Scientist

One of the more challenging initial ones, despite the fact that they
tell you what to do.  Drag the Scientist to the building just north 
of the research table.  They will convert the building into a school,
which gives small (very small) amounts of skill to new children.  Now 
if there only weren't those child labor laws in the village...


NEEDED:  Level 2 Construction

Once you have the needed level of Construction, drag a builder to the
rocks that dam the lake.  They will slowly remove the rocks.  Once
the rocks have been completely removed, the lake will return, and you
will have solved this puzzle.


NEEDED:  Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
         Level 3 Farming
         Master Farmer

Drag your farmer into the lake.  This may take a few times, but
eventually, they will start to hunt a rare fish.  This fish not only
solves this puzzle, but it improves breeding.


NEEDED:  Level 2 Spirituality
         A dead villager

Once a villager has died, with the required level of Spirituality,
you can have their bones taken to the burial grounds, to be properly
buried.  It may take a few tries to drag someone to the corpse, as
the sick, perverted people on the island try to embrace the dead
body, but once they're done burying the body, the puzzle is solved.


...Why is this number 8?  I always complete it second.  Ahem.  Anyways.

On the edges of the village, there are several sorts of 'strange
plants'.  Drag a villager to each of them.  Once they have gotten the
message 'Your villagers now understand this herb!', drag them to the
next plant.  Once done, you will have solved this puzzle, and will
have a boost to your healing abilities.


NEEDED:  Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
         A LOT of patience

This puzzle always seems to take me an inordinant amount of time.
Hopefully it will go by faster for you.  Once the villagers have
watered the field enough, the puzzle will be solved.


NEEDED:  Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
         Puzzle 9 (The Field)
         Puzzle 11 (The Ruins)
         Puzzle 12 (The Idol)
         Puzzle 13 (The Golden Child)
         Puzzle 14 (Butterflies)
         The Golden Child

After summoning the butterflies in Puzzle 14, bring the child to
the plant that 'looks like it could produce fruit'.  The butterflies
will follow, and pollenate the plant, completing this puzzle.

Now if we only knew why they required puzzles 11 through 14 to be done,
in order to complete number 10...


NEEDED:  Not currently known.
SPECULATED:  Level 2 or 3 Spiritualism, Level 2 or 3 Construction.

This puzzle involves letting a few builders loose on the ruins in
the southeast portion of the island.  Once they have rebuilt the
ruins, this puzzle is completed.


NEEDED:  Puzzle 11 (The Ruins)
         Level 3 Spiritualism
SPECULATED:  Level 3 Construction

Another building project.  Bring your builders to the large rock
in the northwest corner of the island.  After a while, the idol
will appear, and the puzzle will be completed.


NEEDED:  Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
         Puzzle 11 (The Ruins)
         Puzzle 12 (The Idol)
         A villager carrying their baby.

SPECULATED:  Level 3 Breeding, Level 3 Medicine.

This puzzle is the most crucial to completing the remaining puzzles.
Drag a villager with baby to the water.  If the message says
something like 'The baby reaches towards the water', complete the
action, to create the golden child and complete this puzzle.
Renaming the baby to Neo is optional.


NEEDED:  Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
         Puzzle 9 (The Field)
         Puzzle 11 (The Ruins)
         Puzzle 12 (The Idol)
         Puzzle 13 (The Golden Child)
         The Golden Child

Bring the golden child to the field.  They will summon butterflies.
Puzzle complete.

No, really.  It's that simple.


NEEDED:  Master Builder
SPECULATED:  Construction Level 3

Bring the builder to a spot just to the left of the ruins.  It may
take a bit of moving around, dragging and dropping them, as there is
no clue as to when you have hit the correct spot.  Once they have
found the spot, any villagers can be brought (regardless of Builder
level) to help dig.  Once the treasure is uncovered, the puzzle is

NEEDED:  Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
         Puzzle 9 (The Field)
         Puzzle 11 (The Ruins)
         Puzzle 12 (The Idol)
         Puzzle 13 (The Golden Child)
         The Golden Child
SPECULATED:  Must complete the first 14 puzzles first.

The golden child will eventually move near the cave, and start
'Meditating'.  After a bit of time, the cave will magically open,
completing this puzzle, and technically, completing the game.

                               LEGAL STUFF
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                               FINAL NOTES
To harass me about how great or how terrible this guide is, send your
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This FAQ is brought to you by:

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