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Microphone Boost ?

When I play, people say they can barely hear me, even though I have mic boost enabled under Options. Are there any console commands I can use, or another option that can work?

In all other games it seems to work fine, I'm just having this issue with L4D.


davidjr7 provided additional details:

Jacky_j, I don't know why I didn't think of that. Microphone was already checked, but there was a 'Advanced' tab under it, and I hit that and in there was another option to 'Boost Mic'. So, I'm going to test it out.
Thanks for pointing me in the right general direction.

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Jacky_J answered:

Under Windows XP, Open up "Sounds and Audio Devices" in control panel. Click Advanced under "Device Volume". Go to Options -> Properties. Select Recording and make sure microphone is checked. Hit Okay. Make sure the microphone volume is up.
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D347hN1nJ4 answered:

I'm afraid it might be a problem on your end, or maybe they need to turn up there speakers, or THEIR microphone recieveing, worst comes to worst, get a new microphone, shouldnt be too costly, $10 for a desk (which is what i use, cause headphone mics break WAYYY too easily)
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DarkMirrorLink2 answered:

Microphone boost isn't really a good thing, your mic just might be too quiet, see if it is turned up all the way, and if necessary, buy a new mic/headset, i have the plantronics gamecom 1, and i got it off newegg for $20.
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FusionSpectre answered:

I always recommend mic boost. It's always one of the first things I enable when setting up a computers sound options.

But yeah, there are 3 places to look. L4D audio/voice options, windows sound settings, and mic boost.
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