Solo Run Guide by lucasdnd

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Author: lucasdnd
Version: 0.80
Contact: lucasdnd[at]gmail[dot]com

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Thanks to:
DrAaron (from forums)
Jesus Fox (from Steam)

[Table of Contents]

[1.0] Changelog

[2.0] Introduction

[3.0] Playing with yourself
   [3.1] How to kick the bots
   [3.2] Be patient
   [3.3] Look around you
   [3.4] Blocking the Way
   [3.5] Listen
   [3.6] Rushing
   [3.7] The Luck Factor
   [3.8] Surplus of Med Kits and Pills

[4.0] Fighting The Infected alone
   [4.1] General
      [4.1.1] Meelee!
      [4.1.2] Defensive Spots
      [4.1.3] Doors
      [4.1.4] Respawn Times
   [4.2] Zombies
   [4.3] Horde
   [4.4] Smoker
   [4.5] Boomer
   [4.6] Hunter
   [4.7] Witch
   [4.8] Tank

[5.0] Weapons
   [5.1] Pistols
   [5.2] Shotgun and Auto Shotgun
   [5.3] SMG and M16
   [5.4] Sniper Rifle
   [5.5] Molotovs and Pipebombs
   [5.6] Gas Cylinders and friends

[6.0] Walkthrough
   [6.1] No Mercy
      [6.1.1] Part 1: The Apartments
      [6.1.2] Part 2: The Subway
      [6.1.3] Part 3: The Sewers
      [6.1.4] Part 4: The Hospital
      [6.1.5] Part 5: Rooftop Finale
   [6.2] Death Toll
      [6.2.1] Part 1: The Turnpike
      [6.2.2] Part 2: The Drains
      [6.2.3] Part 3: The Church
      [6.2.4] Part 4: The Town
      [6.2.5] Part 5: Boathouse Finale
   [6.3] Dead Air
      [6.3.1] Part 1: The Greenhouse
      [6.3.2] Part 2: The Crane
      [6.3.3] Part 3: The Construction Site
      [6.3.4] Part 4: The Terminal
      [6.3.5] Part 5: Runway Finale
   [6.4] Blood Harvest
      [6.4.1] Part 1: The Woods
      [6.4.2] Part 2: The Tunnel
      [6.4.3] Part 3: The Bridge
      [6.4.4] Part 4: The Train Station
      [6.4.5] Part 5: Farmhouse Finale

[7.0] FAQ

[8.0] Contact

[1.0] Changelog

0.80 [04/21/2009]
- Dead Air campaign added.
- Added a suggestion by "Jesus Fox" in Death Toll Part 1.
- Added the "Defensive Spots" and the "Doors" sections in the "Fighting The
  Infected alone" part.
- Several parts rewritten and fixed.
- General layout redesigned.

0.60 [03/24/2009]
- Death Toll campaign added.
- Pistols were added to the Weapons section.
- Med Kits and Pills added to the guide.
- A few fixes and new content in many sections throughout the guide.
- Added a few more FAQ items.
- "Thanks to" and "sites allowed" on the beginning of the guide.

0.40 [03/16/2009]
- First readable version of this guide. Includes all the basic sections and
  the No Mercy campaign.

[2.0] Introduction

Hello and thanks for reading my guide :)

For this guide I'll consider you already played the game a few times. You
should know at least the basics.

I first tried a Solo Run on No Mercy one day I didn't have anything better to
do, and after trying about 25 times, guess what? I actually completed the
campaign! I learned a lot from that run so I decided to go on trying other
campaigns and making a guide to help people who are willing to take on the

The strategies I describe here can be used to solo in any difficulty you're
playing on, even on Expert (ouch). Although I only tried on Easy mode, I still
feel like it could be beaten at least on Normal, since the only things that
would start to be a problem are the hordes and the Tank (Smokers and Hunters
would still kill you in one hit most of the times, and they're our major
problem here).

I know this is a cooperative game and Valve must hate me for NOT playing it the
way it was supposed to, but it's also cool to play alone. The fact you're alone
makes the game a lot more thrilling and scary. It forces you to play a lot
better. After playing solo I found myself playing like a noob when I went
online again. That's because in a Solo Run, your friends won't be there to save
you, so you'll have to play for four people if you want to stay alive.

Well, enough talking.

[3.0] Playing with yourself

This section contains the basics that will work in any campaign and any
difficulty you choose. Just keep in mind these have to be taken a little more
seriously than in a normal run with your friends since nobody can save you
from a Hunter if you forget to check the corners.

[3.1] How to Kick the Bots

Ok you don't have to take this one so seriously because it's not that hard.
First thing you have to is to start a Single Player game (you probably won't
be able to use the "kick" command if you're online. What's the point since you
want to play alone anyway). As soon as you start the campaign, simply open the
console (~ key) and enter "kick (bot name)". Ie.:

kick Bill
kick Louis
kick Zoey
kick Francis
Except for yourself of course.

If you can't access the console, you'll have to set an option to enable it. Go
to the game settings, Keyboard/Mouse, look for "Allow Developer Console" and
set it to "Enabled".

[3.2] Be Patient

This is probably the most important part for any kind of special run (speed
runs or, in this case, solo runs). Expect to die at least a few times before
you can solo a campaign. To keep improving, and avoid making the same mistakes
again and again, everytime you die ask these questions inside your head: "What
did I do wrong? Was I using the right weapon in the right situation? What can
be improved so I can go through that part next time I try?".

One thing I noticed is that after getting too tired or frustrated I couldn't
go through simple parts I could before. When it starts to happen, it's a good
idea to take a break. Go play another game or read a book and try again later
when you're rested and your mind is working properly again.

[3.3] Look around you

Most of the time the special infected (specially the Smoker) will be hiding
just to grab you when you can't see them. Every few steps and specially
everytime you reach a corner or enter a room, take a look around you. Again,
you have to do this a lot because nobody will do it for you, or worse: nobody
is going to save you from a Hunter's Pounce.

[3.4] Blocking the Way

Closing doors you go through can buy you some time before the horde or the
other Infected reach you. As soon as you hear the horde coming, get in a room
and close the door, if possible. Another advantage is that if the Infected
spawn behind it, it'll take some time and make some noise before they can break

You can also shoot them down while they're trying to break the door. In this
case try shooting through the hole on the door or else you'll just help them
breaking it faster.

Remember that even if the door is still there, the Smoker can grab you. He just
needs a little hole on the door so his tongue can go through.

[3.5] Listen

Pay attention to what you hear. If you have headphones, it's even better. The
game gives you a great clue of what's going on around you even in places you
can't see. It's possible to predict most of the Special Infected attacks just
by learning the sounds they make. You can avoid being vomited on in a bad time
for example just by recognizing the sound the Boomer makes (it looks like he's
gonna puke). You can even know the Tank spawned close to you just by hearing
his sound, BEFORE he even starts chasing you.

Same thing applies to the music. When the Witch is near you, the game will
start playing her creepy song. When the Tank is coming, it'll start playing the
Tank Song so you know you have to run.

[3.6] Rushing

Rushing can be a good choice in a Solo Run (unless when you hear the Horde
coming). But keeping a slow pace can also make a successful run, so the choice
is up to you. Usually a combination of both rush and slow pace will be needed,
depending on where you are.

If you rush...
+ Special Infected will spawn just a few times.
+ You won't have to face too many zombies by closing doors on them.
- When the Tank appears, you probably won't have a safe place to run to if you
keep leaving zombies behind.
- It might not be possible to kill all the zombies in a room, causing them to
get you stuck, and making you an easy target to the Special Infected.

If you don't rush...
+ The areas will be safer of zombies.
+ It'll be easier to protect from the Hordes and from the Special Infected.
- Special Infected will spawn several times.
- Runs will take longer, which will require you to be even more patient.

[3.7] The Luck Factor

We can't deny the fact that a successful run requires a bit of luck. Since
everytime you play you face different situations, one time you might have face
a huge ammount of zombies and two tanks, but the next time you try you might
find just a few zombies and two witches, which are easier to avoid.

The best example of how luck can influence your success is No Mercy Part 2
(Subways). There is a large dark room, right before you push the button to
call the horde. That place can be a major break on your Rush (and on your
patience) when it's packed with zombies. It also makes it a lot easier for a
Smoker to catch you in the dark before you can even hear him. But it can be a
piece of cake when it's empty.

It all comes down to wether the AI Director is in a good mood or not... (lol
not really)

[3.8] Surplus of Med Kits and Pills

Another interesting fact about playing alone is that there'll always be plenty
of Med Kits and Pills on the map. Since you can only take one of each, there'll
be several others just waiting for you to use them. That's an advantage.

Another really important thing about Med Kits and Pills is the fact that you
shouldn't let your Health stay lower than 40. At 40 Health your movement speed
will be reduced and you'll be an easy target for the Infected. Specially for
the Hunter and for the Tank.

So if your health goes lower than 40, heal up in the first oportunity. If
you're in a situation where you can't heal, take Pills and once you're able to,

[4.0] Fighting The Infected alone

Here I'll cover the basics on fighting the Infected, doesn't matter which one.
Followed by one specific section for each enemy in the game and the best way
to get rid of them.

[4.1] General

The basics to fight the Infected by yourself. These include Meelee, Devensive
Spots, Doors and Respawn Times. Always keep these in mind because they'll come
in handy in almost every situation (or at least we hope so).

[4.1.1] Meelee!

Except for the Witch and the Tank, every single enemy in the game has a
very simple weakness that can be used to your advantage (specially on a Solo
Run): meelee attacks. If the Boomer gets too close, you can shove them away
before shooting. If the horde reaches you, meelee them so you have some time to
shoot and avoid getting surrounded. If the Hunter jumps on you, you can meelee
him while he's still in the air if you get the right timing.

Notice the Meelee attacks have a little "cooldown". During that little fraction
of time you'll be vulnerable to attacks. Keep that in mind when using meelee

As of March 25th, 2009, a fatigue system has been added to the Meelee attacks.
But don't worry since it'll only affect the Versus Mode. You're still free to
spam right clicks in Single Player or Campaign modes.

[4.1.2] Defensive Spots

Spread all over the maps are the Defensive Spots. Rooms, corners and other
relatively closed or safe places you can use to fight the Infected.

If you find "closets" (small rooms like bathrooms, toilets, elevators), use
them at will. They're usually the safest places on the map to fight both the
Horde and the Special Infected. Get inside, crouch on a corner and face the
entrance. Meelee and shoot until you get rid of the Horde. If it's a Smoker or
a Hunter, try not to stay in front of the door. If you're facing it, chances
are the Smoker will pull you from behind the zombies you might be killing.

You can also use simple corners to fight the horde. That will prevent them from
surrounding you. Meelee to keep them away while you shoot. Watch out because
you're an easy target for the Special if the Horde gets you stuck in a corner.
This is not the best option if there's a Hunter or a Smoker around.

[4.1.3] Doors

Keep the doors closed. In case you find yourself in a room with a door, shoot a
hole on it and use this opening to kill the Special Infected. That's one of the
most effective ways to avoid Smokers and Hunters. If they try to break through
the door, shotgun'em down through that hole since they'll be in short range.
With a long-range weapon you can also kill them through the hole before they
even reach the door.

Just watch for the Boomers: if they explode close to the door, the explosion
will destroy it and you'll be more vulnerable.

If you find a Silver Door, don't hesitate and get in the room: that's a kind of
a Safe Room. Not even the Tank can break through so you know you're safe. You
can still shoot through the door though, so use that to your advantage.

[4.1.4] Respawn Times

Before start talking about the enemies, let's talk about when they Respawn.
The most dangerous time in a Solo Run is when the Special Infected spawn. That
will happen every 30 seconds or so. If you keep those 30 seconds in mind,
you'll know in advance when they will respawn and you'll be able to avoid
complicated situations. For example: don't get in a room full of zombies if you
feel the Special will come. It's better to just wait and kill them in an empty
room (or in any other place you might have the advantage) than fighting them in
a place you can't avoid their attacks (that wouldn't even be a fight).

[4.2] Zombies

They're the main cause of death in a Solo Run. I mean, they almost don't
cause you any damage (except on Expert) but picture this: you hear a Hunter.
You know he's coming from behind. In front of you there's a bunch of zombies.
Even after you kill almost all of them to go through, one little one hits you.
Since you can't keep running after being hit, another one comes and hits you
again. The hunter reaches you. The End.

But they're also quite dumb (or maybe they just want you to think that...), and
you can use that to your advantage. Everytime you see them looking at nowhere,
it's possible to sneak past them. Even if they see you running, you'll probably
have some time to shoot them down before they can reach you.

[4.3] Horde

Just like the single Zombies, they're only dangerous if they come with a
Hunter or a Smoker (or a Tank ;)). Stay on a corner, crouch, meelee and shoot
until you get rid of them. If you stay in a small area, you can even hit a
Hunter with your meelee attacks, and that gives you plenty of time to deal
with him too.

Pay attention to what's outside the Zombie Fest too. A Hunter might be
crouching, patiently waiting just a few steps away from you and a Smoker may be
hidden, just picking the right corner to catch you. If you see one of those
your priority is no longer getting rid of the Horde but to kill the Special.

There's another way to get rid of the Horde but you can't use it when playing
on higher difficulty levels. If you have a Gas Tank or a Molotov, use it right
on your feet: it'll burn all the Zombies around you. Be fast and leave the area
with fire, of course.

[4.4] Smoker

They'll always try to hide from you, but they'll usually come out from behind
a car, or from a window before he attacks. It can be a problem if you have a
Shotgun instead of an M16 or any other long range weapon. With a long range
weapon it'll be relatively easy since you can cause a good ammount of damage
without exposing yourself too much.

Since the Shotguns aren't so effective from a distance, you can try using your
pistols. But we know they're not so great either. The best thing to do in these
cases is to hide and wait for a favorable situation. For example, you can hide
in a room and wait for him to come inside. Then you'll be close enough to cause
a large ammount of damage.

If you still can't hide, then go for it: run towards him and meelee. You can
even hit a meelee attack when he's using the Tongue attack (of course, before
you loose control over your character). That way he'll get stunned for a few
seconds, enough for you to kill him with your shotgun.

Right after he attacks with the tongue (and misses, of course) is a good time
to run towards him, because he will be unable to use it again (there's a little
cooldown that lasts a few seconds, so be fast).

[4.5] Boomer

They do basically the same thing as the Smoker in terms of hiding, but they're
easier to get rid of. First because they're big and make a distinct noise,
making him an easy target to locate. Second because even with a Shotgun it's
easy to hit him from a certain distance. And third because they die easily.
This same advantage is also a disadvantage: don't meelee him twice or he'll
explode on you.

Watch out for the corners, specially on halways because that's their favorite
spot. If you have played the Versus Mode you know you did that at least once:
wait for the Survivors to come close to the corner and simply run towards them.
It's a suicidal mission but it's the most effective Boomer attack, and he'll
try to do that on the Single Player mode too.

[4.6] Hunter

Probably the main reason Solo Runs are a nightmare. Sometimes it's hard to
see and hear them coming, they can reach you from a large distance and they
usually move crouched. You can always pray if they jump on you, but you can
also try hitting him with a meelee attack as they jump. It might be tricky in
the beginning but after trying a few times it's not so hard to get the right

If they get too close, meelee so they get "stunned" for a while and then kill
them. If you have a large area to run, keep running in one direction and
shooting as they chase you. If he's getting too close, go left or right so he
will probably miss the jump.

Another important fact to be aware is that the Hunter will try to hide if you
damage him. Even if you have a Shotgun and he's at some distance, shoot him
so he'll try to hide, buying you some time.

[4.7] Witch

It's not a fight. General rules can be applied here: turn off your flashlights,
don't stare at her and don't stay too close to her for too long. Even when she
spawns in small hallways it's possible to just run, passing by her side. Just
watch out when she stops crying and starts screaming, don't dare to disturb her
in these cases because it's one hit -> dead.

[4.8] Tank

When the screen starts to shake, just run. Use molotovs to make them burn and
avoid areas with water, because they can get rid of the fire by taking a bath.
It's better to run back to places where you already visited, but if it's
impossible, shoot the zombies ahead of you so you can keep running. If one of
them hits you, you'll be uncapable of running for a short period of time,
which can be enough for the Tank to reach you.

Sometimes they come with a Boomer, which can be a major problem if it vomits
on you. Unfortunately there isn't really much to do, with the horde attacking
you, the Tank can reach you without too much problem. So the best thing to do
in these cases is to try killing the Boomer first.

Stay away from cars and other large objects he can throw at you. If there is a
car between you and the Tank, chances are you'll end up smashed by the car.
Remember it's one hit K.O. if he hits you with an object like that.

[5.0] Weapons

The best and worse about each one of them. Consider these points when you're in
doubt about which weapon to choose. If you still can't decide, try checking the
Walkthrough section and look for the part where you are. I'll suggest a weapon
for each part.

[5.1] Pistols

Best: you don't have to worry about ammo. If you grab another one, you can
shoot very fast.

Worst: won't cause too much damage.

[5.2] Shotgun and Auto Shotgun

Best: it can kill zombies and infected fast. That makes them specially good
against zombies when you're running, and against the hordes.

Worst: you won't be able to kill that frigging Smoker back there.

[5.3] SMG and M16

Best: you can use it to kill infected from distance, keeping you somewhat
free of danger.

Worst: can't kill the horde or the Special Infected as fast as the Shotguns
if they get too close.

[5.4] Sniper Rifle

Best: causes a LOT of damage and can be used to easily kill the Special
Infected and even the Tank, from distance. Can also give you good advantages
in certain situations, like towers and windows.

Worst: not as good as the Shotguns when you have to get rid of a bunch of 
enemies close to you.

[5.5] Molotovs and Pipebombs

Unless it's the first part of a campaign, take molotovs. We never know when
the Tank will appear and it's best not to rely on the fact you might find one
lost Molotov around. Make good use of both these bombs when you find more than
one. Use it, go back to where you found them, and grab another.

Best: kills the Tank while it gives you time to run.
Worst: may not have the effect you expect if the Tank come across some water.

Pipe Bombs
Best: great against hordes of zombies.
Worst: not so effective against the Special Infected.

[5.6] Gas Cylinders and friends

Just make sure to save a Gas Tank in case you don't have a Molotov to burn the
Tank. Sometimes it's a good choice to carry one around until you find a Molotov
(or until you hear the horde coming...).

Gas cylinders are helpful on situations where you have to call the Horde and
defend yourself. Put them in places where the zombies will come through and
explode them in the right time.

[6.0] Walkthrough

Here I'll cover each area of each campaign in deatils, and show the best way
to go through them. Keep in mind that it's all based on my experiences and if
you find better ways to do it (including weapons you use, ways you go through,
etc) feel free to use them and I'd also love to know. Send me an email and
we'll include it to the guide.

The hardest levels are usually parts two, three and four of the campaigns
because they're usually way too long. Staying alive for too much time without a
Safe Room will be the real problem in those maps.

[6.1] No Mercy

Overall difficulty: 3.4/5
Best part: [Part 1: The Apartments]
Worst part: [Part 5: Rooftop Finale]

[6.1.1] Part 1: The Apartments

Difficulty: 1/5
Best part: Skipping the apartments.
Worst part: Subway entrance.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Rooftop Start ]]
Piece of cake here. Pick your health pack and your favorite weapon. I'd
suggest a Shotgun, because we need to move fast so the Special Infected won't
spawn. Turn back from where you started, jump on the little ledge and look
down: you'll see two boxes on the building ahead of you. Simply run towards
them, and you'll fall on them. Don't try jumping or else the fall damage will
be much higher.

[[ Streets ]]
On the way to the streets, you don't have to kill all the zombies, just the
necessary (the ones that see you). As soon as you reach the streets, get in
the first door to your right and kill the zombies that try to break it. Turn
left in the hallway and break the window to the right.

[[ Subway entrance ]]
This is where it might get tricky. Depending on the amount of zombies you find
outside it may be hard to kill all of them to go through. It gets even worse
if, in the middle of the mess, you accidentally hit the car. Anyway, if you
see there are too many zombies outside, try killing most of them before
leaving. On the other hand, this might give time for the Special Infected to
spawn. Oh and don't forget there's usually a second pistol right before the
safe room entrance, on a white desk.

[6.1.2] Part 2: The Subway

Difficulty: 3/5
Best part: Metting the Tank inside the subway.
Worst part: The dark room.
Best weapon: SMG/M16.

[[ Safe Room ]]
Heal up and grab another med kit. It's a good time to grab an SMG here but the
choice is always up to you. The fact I prefer an SMG is that you'll have to
kill zombies from a distance in several parts.

If possible, kill some of the zombies outside without opening the door. That
will give you an advantage since you will clear the area without giving time
for the Special Infected to spawn (their "cooldown" to spawn only starts once
you open the door).

[[ To the Trains ]]
Leave and run downstairs. Do it fast or the zombies will get you stuck here.
There are usually some bombs on top of the staircase to your right so it's
worth checking it. Once you go down the escalator, check on the desks. If
you're lucky enough there'll be weapons there. At this time you might have
alerted a few zombies. Find a good corner in this area, sit there and kill the
zombies until they stop coming. It's a good idea to do this because if the Tank
spawns in the next area, you'll have a safe place to escape to.

At this time the first Special Infected must be spawning. Run if you hear the
Hunter, run since distance is the best weapon against them. The Smoker loves
places like dark corners and trains so watch out for the top of the escalators
and over the trains. If the Boomer spawns before the other 2 it might be
complicated to see them while you screen is full of goo so if that happens,
avoid the Boomer while you can.

[[ Tanks on a Train ]]
If the Tank spawns in the train area, try kiting him to the fire going through
the hole in the wall. If he goes on fire, great, you just have to go back to
the escalators and keep running in circles, going upstaris on one side and
downstairs on the other. In case he doesn't light up, you can still go to the
same place and use the stairs to keep him away from you while you shoot him

[[ The dark room ]]
When you reach the end of the train lines, you can check the room to your right
for bombs. Go to the door to your left and upstairs. If you're lucky, the
following room (the dark room) will be empty. Great. Just run. If not, well,
it's a better idea to stay outside kiting the zombies. Pull them and kill them
outside. Be sure to have the door behind you closed or you may have a little
surprise. If you hear something trying to break it, don't hesitate and kill
whatever is behind it. The Special Infected can also come from the dark room
so it's also good not having too much zombies in front of you since that will
make you unnable to spot them.

[[ Push the Button ]]
In the next area, clear the room and set up your defense before pushing the
button. Don't take too long though because if the Special Infected spawn,
they'll probably do it on the floor above you, which makes it hard to see them
coming. Push the button, go to the little room that has a hole on the floor and
stay on the opposite side of the hole. In case you find spare Molotovs, burn
the hole and the entrance to the room in a way you'll be safe from the zombies.
Watch out for smokers since they can still pull you out of the zombie fest. Pay
attention to the generators because they're usually around there. They may also
come from the hole so watch out for that one too.

[[ Through the door ]]
The door will be good to go before the hordes stop coming, so count just a few
seconds and open you way through the zombies. The room where you'll be in has a
little staircase. That's a good spot to defend from both the zombies and the
Special Infected. Continue moving once you feel safe to go.

[[ Rooms ]]
The next couple of areas are pretty straight forward. You'll find weapons and
ammo in the next room. The Witch can be found in these rooms sometimes so watch
out if you want to check the rooms.

[[ Streets ]]
Once you leave the building, you'll be on the streets. To be honest, I've never
seen this place free of zombies. If you have a Pipebomb, here's the best place
to use it. Throw it and run like crazy. Even if you don't have a Pipe here, run
like crazy the same way. Kill the zombies while running and enter the Safe

[6.1.3] Part 3: The Sewers

Difficulty: 4/5
Best part: Destroying the Gas Station.
Worst part: Burning the Tank with a molotov in the sewers.
Best weapon: Sniper.

[[ Starting ]]
Grab ammo and heal up. You can take the Sniper Rifle if you want since this is
one of those maps they'll come in handy in several parts. Take the door to the
right when you leave the Safe Room. You might find pills in there. If you don't
find anything, look for items in the garage, close to the car.

You'll end up in a building (some kind of fast food restaurant). It's not so
rare to find molotovs in there so check on the desks.

[[ Gas Station ]]
Outside the fast food restaurant is a large open area. Watch out for the fence
to your left and for the window above you. There are places where zombies can
come from, specially if there's a Horde event going on. If you have the Sniper
Rifle, kill the zombies in this area from a safe distance.

The Tank might spawn here. If it does so, you can run back to where you started
and keep running in circles there. You'll notice the area is a "square" that
you can simply run around.

If you want to, destroy the gas gtation. That will make you able to go on top
of it and reach an apartment in the building to the right of the gas station.
It might be a good place to fight the horde.

When you're ready to, go on the little "elevator" thing and push the button.
Zombies will come from every possible direction, including from the top of the
building (to your right). Use your Sniper to take them out before they reach
you but watch out for the Special Infected. If they come in the middle of the
mess, they'll give you a hard time.

You can also try running past the zombies. Break the window, go through and
drop down the hole. It's full of rooms in there so it's a better spot to fight
the horde.

[[ Warehouse ]]
Search the rooms for pills and ammo. You can also find a Witch here so be
careful. Go downstairs and enter the warehouse. This is the perfect spot to be
killed by a Smoker so don't take too long in here. Simply run to the exit on
the other side.

You'll be in a very small halway. There'll be a dark room to your left where
there might be molotovs so it's worth checking if you don't have one. Go
downstairs and you'll be in a large room. Throw a Pipe if you have one because
that place is usually crowded with zombies. Once you're ready to, go down the
hole to the sewers.

[[ Sewers ]]
The sewers is a kind of a maze. When you enter it, go right, left and left
again. Get in a white door to your right. That room is a good place to fight
the Horde. Grab ammo and leave through the little passage. You don't have to
crouch in that passage so don't waste your time. Once in the sewers again, go
right until you find a red ladder on the wall (left side).

You can stop once in a while to clear the way if you have a Sniper. If you have
any other weapon with you, just keep running and killing only the necessary.

[[ Hospital Entrance ]]
Go up the ladder and you'll be on the streets again. This is one of those areas
that can be totally taken by zombies as well as can be totally empty. Either
way you shouldn't take long to get in the Safe Room. You'll probably find pills
inside the ambulance so if the place is calm enough, it's worth checking.

In case the Tank spawns here, don't even bother. You don't have anywhere to run
to except for Safe Room. If you go back in the sewers, he'll get rid of the
fire by getting in the water. If you stay on the streets you'll probably end up
getting smashed by one of those cars he'll throw on you. So just run to the
Safe Room. The problem is that it might not be that simple. But unfortunately
there's only one thing you can do: run.

[6.1.4] Part 4: The Hospital

Difficulty: 4/5
Best part: The Elevator.
Worst part: The Elevator.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Inside the Hospital ]]
Don't bother looking for items if you have at least a Molotov. As you leave the
Safe Room, turn right and go upstairs. Go through the halway and you'll be in
a large area where you'll probably meet the Tank or the Witch. Basics here:
light up the Tank and run around.

By the time you go upstaris again the Special Infected will be spawning. That
large area is a good spot to fight them, except for the Smoker. After dealing
with them keep your way upstairs.

The way to the elevator is quite straight forward. It'll be a bunch of halways
that take to rooms that take to other halways. If you have the Shotgun it'll be
easier to take the Special Infected here because you'll usually find them close
to you. Get inside the rooms if you hear the Horde or the other Specials

[[ The Elevator ]]
Once you reach the elevator, grab some ammo and push the button. Watch out for
this place since the walls can be broken down by the Zombies and by the

One of the best places to stay at is on the left side of the elevator. There'll
be a dark room there and inside it, another little room. Get in there, face the
door and don't stop shooting and meeleeing. Once the elevator arrives, don't
hesitate in running for it.

[[ Reaching the Rooftop ]]
Leave the elevator and try keeping a fast pace here. Shoot down the Zombies
while running so you won't give time for the Special Infected to spawn. If the
Tank spawns here, you'll probably be able to go through him and get in the Safe
Room. If he's blocking the way or for any other reason you can't go through,
light him up and kite him until you find a way to go through.

[6.1.5] Part 5: Rooftop Finale

Difficulty: 5/5
Best part: Getting in the Helicopter.
Worst part: Waiting for the Helicopter.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Inside ]]
Leave the Safe Room, go upstairs and all the way through the halway. By the
time you reach the elevator pit the Special Infected should be about to spawn.
It's better to wait for them before you enter the elevator pit area so they
have basically one way to reach you: through the hole on the wall. That will
make you somewhat safe.

Things can get a little complicated if the Tank spawns here. Light him up and
run. But run where? Back to the Safe Room? He can break through the door.
Outside? Well good luck going through him in that small halway. It's not
actually a problem if you die since you're just a minute away from the start.

But we don't want to die here right? So, a good way to go around the Tank in
this part is to kite him to the Safe Room and go around him in there. There's
plenty (well maybe not that much) of space to avoid him inside the SR. Once you
manage to get around him, go back to the halway and keep running outside until
he dies.

[[ Outside ]]
Clear the whole area and prepare your defense. Grab ammo, molotovs, heal up,
grab an extra Med Kit and your favorite weapon. My suggestion is an Auto
Shotgun so you can kill a bunch of zombies easily. Look for gas tanks and put
them in places where you can see them. You should also carry one around with

[[ Rescue ]]
Grab the Auto Shotgun. Answer the radio and get inside a little room, on the
right side of the weapon rack.

Stay close to the door, but not in front of it. That way you'll be protected
from the Special Infected. They'll have to get INSIDE the room to attack you
and that will give you a great advantage since most of the time you'll (or
should) be meeleeing.

Once a Hunter tries to get in the room for example, he'll fall back because of
the meelee attacks. That will reveal him and give you plenty of time to pwn him

Several times I found out the Boomer was just waiting for me right outside.
Shoot through the wall so you'll kill a bunch of zombies and even the Boomer
before they get the chance to enter the room.

Once the Horde stops coming, it's Tank time. Go outside, grab ammo and heal up
FAST if you have less than 40 health. Grab a molotov or a gas tank and start
running around the place. Once you find him, light him up and keep running. He
shouldn't be much of a problem here.

Repeat the four paragraphs above for the second wave and the second Tank. Once
the second Tank is down, the helicopter will come and with it, the Horde and
another Tank. This is where things might get a little complicated. You CAN'T
get stuck by the Zombies. If that happens, it'll be easy for the Tank to reach
you. If you have a Pipebomb, it's time to use it. That will help you go through
the Zombies. Simply run like crazy and try not to get hit by them. Wait at the
Helicopter site and once it comes down, get inside.


[6.2] Death Toll

Overall difficulty: 2.6/5
Best part: [Part 1: The Turnpike]
Worst part: [Part 4: The Town]

[6.2.1] Part 1: The Turnpike

Difficulty: 2/5
Best part: The room in the Tunnel.
Worst part: Crossing the bridge.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ And... of course the bridge is out ]]
Take a Shotgun and a Med Kit and open your way to the bridge. Or better yet, to
the first half of the bridge. This area is usually crowded with zombies and
they will come from the trees as well as from the street. It's easy to get
surrounded so start killing them with your pistol and once you get close
enough, shoot them down with your Shotgun.

[ Strategy 1 ]
If you reach the bridge on time, one of these events will be about to be
triggered: the Horde or the Special Infected. The bridge is a good place to
fight both of them because they can only come from one direction. You'll also
have a good area to avoid the Hunter attacks. To fight the Horde, face your
back to the cliff and stay close to the short wall.

[ Strategy 2 (by "Jesus Fox") ]
Another great way to deal with this part is to jump on the right side railing
of the bridge. Face the other half of the bridge, run and jump towards it. The
fall damage is very low and you'll be in an area blocked by a large truck.
Fight off the Infected there.

Once they're gone, run to the other side of the bridge and get in the Tunnel
before more Specials spawn. It's quite easy to be caught by the Smoker since
he'll hide in the forest. Inside the tunnel, he'll have to reveal itself to
attack you.

[[ Tunnel ]]
Get in the tunnel and get in the first broken wall to your left. You'll be in
a halway. Turn left and get in the only room there. That's the best spot to
fight any of the enemies in this map. You'll probably find a gas tank or
any other kind of explosive artifact there, so use them wisely.

If you see a Hunter or a Smoker coming, close the door, shoot to make a hole on
it and kill them through that hole. That way you'll remain protected. If you
find a Gas Tank, use it to block the Horde.

Make your way through the tunnel. It's always crowded with zombies so be ready
to spend some ammo. If the Hunter spawns again, you'll have the advantage since
it's a large area to run. There's also plenty of objects (cars and trucks) to
hide from the Smoker in a complicated situation.

[[ Whatever that place is ]]
The only way out of the tunnels is a door to your left that takes you to a
building. Get inside and right after going downstaris there'll be a room with
the door closed. Get in this room and use it to fight the Horde and the Special
Infected. If you're lucky there'll be Pipebombs or Molotovs on the shelf.

You should probably wait for the Horde to come before leaving this room. Once
safe, leave the room and go straight to the staris that take you outside. If
you need ammo, drop to the lower level and grab some. You might also find some
bombs in case there wasn't any in the room you stayed before.

[[ Outside ]]
Most of the times you'll find a bunch of zombies standing ouside. If you do,
kill as many as you can from a distance using your pistol. Proceed with your
Shotgun killing the ones who see you. The safe room should be a few seconds
away so don't hesitate in running after the way feels kind of clear.

If the Special spawn outside, the Smoker will probably be waiting for you on
the other side of the fence. If you find too many zombies there, it's better to
stay inside (on the stairs) and kill them from a distance until the path is
clear. In the meanwhile the Special might want to come inside. You can run back
to a room or kill them right there, since they'll be in short range.

[6.2.2] Part 2: The Drains

Difficulty: 2/5
Best part: Almost everything here will be easy.
Worst part: Tanks + Cars right before entering the Safe Room.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Leaving the Safe Room ]]
Clear the zombies you can see from inside the Safe Room before opening the
door. Once the way is clear, leave and take the pipe on the right side. If you
took to long to get here, the Special Infected will be spawning. Right after
the corner (inside the pipe) there will be an opened area right above your
head. Smokers love to stay outside and pull you from there.

When you leave the pipe you'll be in a circular area. If you want a good spot
to fight the horde, that's the place, although it's not the best place to fight
a Smoker (he could appear in too many places, making it hard to be noticed).
There's also a room you can find on the right side of the ladder (after you go
down), which is also a good spot to defend.

It might be good to, before going down the ladder, kill the Zombies you can see
from here. Both the Special Trio and the Tank love to spawn in this place.
Leaving it free of Zombies will increase your chances of survival down there.
Grab weapons and ammo in case you find them (chances are you will).

If the Tank decides to show up here, burn him only when he leaves the area with
water. Or else your molotov will be in vain. If it's the Special Trio, go back
to the room on the right side of the ladder.

[[ Push the Button ]]
Move on and before turning right again (to the room with the Button), check the
white door to the left of the pipe. In most cases there'll be Molotovs. But you
can also find Pipebombs and Gas Tanks there.

Pipebombs are also frequent in the Button room, usually on a green box close to
the bridge that should come down. Look for them and once you're ready, push the
Button. Two Pipebombs are enough to easily kill the Zombies if you throw them
at the right time. In case you don't have any, get to a corner and use your

[[ Cross the bridge ]]
As soon as the bridge comes down, cross it and get in the first room you'll
see. There's ammo and probably Pills there. Grab them and continue your way in
the pipe ahead. Watch those corners since Hunters can easily go unnoticed in
dark areas.

Turn right on the end of the pipe. This pipe is usually crowded with zombies so
take your time and spend some Pistol ammo. Once the way is clear, go to the end
of the rooms and up the broken stairs to the right.

[[ Outside ]]
You'll be in a place where the windows are broken, allowing you to go outside.
There are a bunch of trees on the right side but on the left side, a few
boxes and other objects that can be very useful when fighting the Horde so get
on top of them if you hear the Horde coming. Just watch for the top of the
building: Smokers could spawn there, although I'm not sure if they really do.

Go ahead and when you turn left, you'll be in the worst part of this map. The
Horde will probably come from the other side of the fence (to your right) and
chances are the Tank will also spawn here (if he didn't spawn yet). Of course
he will because this is his favorite area: there are several cars here he can
throw at you. What makes everything worse is that the safe room is just five
seconds away.

If the Horde spawns, don't hesitate using a Pipebomb if you have one. If it's
the Tank, try going around him. If you see it's impossible, stay away from the
cars. It's better to go back all the way while he's burning (or not) than to
stay in the middle of the car-throwing-fest he'll cause. If nothing like that
spawns, run like crazy, break the windows and get inside the Safe Room.

[6.2.3] Part 3: The Church

Difficulty: 3/5
Best part: The other "Safe Room".
Worst part: The Church.
Best weapon: SMG/M16.

[[ Trains ]]
Grab a long-range weapon since this map is full of very large areas. Kill the
zombies in sight from inside the Safe Room and run outside. Get inside the
building to your right. It's very small, only two rooms. You're likely to find
weapons or some kind of explosive in there. Get in the dark room (the one with
two doors you can close) and kill the Specials if they spawn. Make a hole on
one of the doors so you can shoot them down in safety.

Run to the watch tower before a Horde event. That's the best place to fight
them. If you find a Sniper up there, make good use of it: clear the area and
kill the Special Infected with it.

If the Tank spawns here, don't go back to the Safe Room because he can break
the door. Instead light him up and run around this area. It's easy to avoid his
stones: the area is full of trains to protect you.

[[ Safe Room? ]]
Cross the trains area and go up the staircase. You'll be in a wooden building
that is basically an open halway with a few rooms. Some kind of Train Station
or whatever... here, get in the first room to your left. There'll be another
room inside with a different kind of door (a silver door). That door can
protect you even from a Tank, so you know that's the safest place in this map.
Shoot through the door if you hear monsters outside, by the door. Once safe, go

Make your way by going over the trains. Be careful because the Smokers love to
hide right above your head, on the ceiling. Clear the area before dropping down
to the road, or a Horde event could get you stuck. Hunters will love it.

[[ Road ]]
This is the most likely area to find a Tank or a Witch. If you hear a Witch,
she'll probably be hidden in the woods so watch your fire. Sometimes she spawns
right in the middle of the road, which makes them easier to avoid. If it's a
Tank, you can run back to that Train Station Thing and get in the room he can't
break through. Smokers can be a problem too. There's plenty of place for them
to hide so don't take too long in this area.

In case the Horde spawns, there's a very small building on the right side of
the road you can use to fight them. You can also find Pills in there so, take a
look anyway. Just don't spend too much time inside. There are two openings in
this building: the door and a window on the opposide side. It's hard to keep
both entrances safe. While you're fighing the Horde in one side, the Smoker
could be preparing to pull you from the other.

[[ House ]]
There'll be an Auto Shotgun right outside the front door of the house. You
should take it since from now on the Shotgun will be more effective than an
M16. Close the doors and clear the house. Grab ammo and weapons. It's a good
Defensive Spot but the windows are all broken making it a great place for a
Smoker to catch you. Don't take too long here unless you hear a Hunter.

[[ Ambulance ]]
Go outside through the back door. Don't waste your time in the ambulance unless
you need Pills. Get in the graveyard area and go inside the wooden building. In
case you have to fight Smokers or Hunters, stay here. Grab Gas Tanks or bombs
if you find any and head for the Church.

[[ Church ]]
A Horde event will be triggered as soon as you try to open the Safe Room. Grab
ammo and place your Gas Tanks around the place. Stay behind the house. It's a
very narrow halway between the house and the wall. Zombies will come from the
window to your left too so watch for that window. Place the Gas Tanks inside
the house (close to the window, so it's not so hard for you to shoot it) and
ahead of you (from where most Zombies and Specials will come).

Go inside the Safe Room when the Zombie Fest is over. There'll be an Special
Infected there so open the door while shooting.

[6.2.4] Part 4: The Town

Difficulty: 4/5
Best part: Sniping Zombies from a safe distance.
Worst part: It's a favorable map for Tanks.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Sniper! ]]
Grab a Sniper Rifle and step outside the Safe Room. Kill the Zombies from
there. Most of them won't even notice you. The ones who do notice you, you can
easily kill before they reach you. Clear the area, grab an Auto Shotgun and
move out.

[[ Streets ]]
Make your way to the store ahead of you. It's full of empty shelves and it
looks like it had been overrun. Get in the room to the right if you need ammo.
It's a great Defensive Spot so don't forget about this place. Look for Molotovs
in the buildings around if you need one. Get to the main street when you're

[[ Parking lot ]]
The way will be quite straight forward. Follow the road and turn right.
There'll be a room to your right and a parking lot ahead. In case you find a
Tank, there's plenty of space to run if you light him up. Just remember to stay
away from the cars: there are plenty of them around. Enter the door in front of
the orange car, in the parking lot.

[[ Parking area ]]
Go through a few rooms and you'll be in another parking area. There'll be
another room in front of you that can be used as a Defensive Spot. Get to the
streets again. You may find a Tank here so prepare your Molotovs. Leave the
streets if the Tank spawns because there are plenty of objects he can use to
kill you.

[[ Office Building ]]
Follow the Safe Room signs. Go up the white van and get inside the building.
Clear that office area because you'll need to come back here later. Once clear,
go outside, grab an Auto Shotgun if you don't have one and ammo if you need.

[[ Push the Button ]]
Push the Button to call the Horde and go back to the office building as fast as
you can. There, get in the toilet. Sit on a corner and fight the horde. Nothing
too special here.

[[ Run to the Safe ]]
Once the way is opened, make your way outside again and move out until you find
an alley. You're very close to the Safe Room now so don't waste your time.
Shoot down the Zombies you find and get to the Safe Room quickly. If the
Specials show up, it's an easy place for them to catch you as well as it its
for you to kill them, since you'll most likely meet in close range. If you hear
a Witch in this area, she'll most likely be right outside the Safe Room. Be
careful: it'll be very painful to die looking at the Safe Room door.

If the Tank spawns, you'll most likely be able to go around him if you're on an
upper floor and he's on a lower one. If you see it won't be possible to do it,
go back to the streets and do it there.

[6.2.5] Part 5: Boathouse Finale

Difficulty: 2/5
Best part: Staying in the closet.
Worst part: Getting to the boathouse.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Streets ]]
Leave the Safe Room and head outside. That area on the streets will most likely
be crowded with Zombies. If so, kill them with an Auto Shotgun, but that will
buy enough time for the Special to spawn. Make good use of this large area to
avoid their attacks. If things get too messy, cross the streets and get in the

[[ The House ]]
The room to your left inside the house has only one door so use it wisely. Grab
ammo and leave through the back door.

[[ Riverside Park ]]
A Tank might spawn when you leave the house. If so, light him up and make your
way back to the Safe Room until he dies. Once the way is free, don't waste your
time: it's a very large and open area to the Boathouse, making you the perfect
bait for the SI.

[[ Boathouse ]]
Clear the Boathouse and look for Pipebombs and Molotovs so you know where to
find them later. Take a Molotov and answer the radio. Get in the room below the
stairs but don't stay in front of the door or else you'll be an easy target to
the Special Infected. Instead, get in the room and go to your right. Don't stay
too far from the door: stay at a distance where you can meelee whoever tries to
enter the room.

When the Zombies first enter the room, meelee so you avoid taking damage. Then
shoot them down. With an Auto Shotgun you souldn't have problems to kill the
Zombies or the Special Infected. Sometimes the Boomer, Hunter or the Smoker
will be standing right outside the door. Shoot through the wall if you suspect
they're there.

When the Horde is over, grab ammo, run outside and light up the Tank. Run,
shoot, avoid him and don't get close to the water. Once he's down, heal up and
get back to the room below the stairs. Don't forget to take Pills or heal up if
you have less than 40 health, or else you won't be able to run.

Repeat the strategy to fight the second wave of Zombies and the second Tank
then run like crazy to the docks. It's a good idea to make your way there as
you burn the second Tank. Take a Pipebomb if you can and use it to open your
way through the Zombies. Get in the boat.


[6.3] Dead Air

Overall difficulty: 3.6/5
Best part: [Part 1: The Greenhouse]
Worst part: [Part 5: Runway Finale]

[6.3.1] Part 1: The Greenhouse

Difficulty: 1/5
Best part: Throwing pipes at the Zombies in the beginning.
Worst part: Red car by the Safe Room entrance!
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ The Greenhouse ]]
This map is slightly harder than No Mercy Part 1: The Apartments. Due to its
size, the Special Infected will spawn a few times but other than that, it's
quite simple.

Fact: pipebombs are awesome. You'll start close to a large desk. First thing
you have to do is to take one of the four Pipes and throw it at the zombies
below. Don't open the door though. Go on the short wall and do it from there.
Watch the Zombies exploding :D

A second Pipe may be needed to clear the area. Take your Shotgun, a Med Kit,
another Pipe (or a Molotov) and head outside.

[[ Over the Buildings ]]
You'll be on top of some buildings and the Special Infected will be about to
spawn. The Smoker is probably going to come out from a higher ground so keep an
eye for the top of the buildings around you. A Shotgun will not be able to kill
him before he pulls you so simply run. Use the blocks on the way if you need to

Now the next couple of parts are pretty straight forward. When inside, use the
rooms to hide and defend and don't spend too much time outside. Once you jump
on the truck, don't hesitate and just run to the Safe Room.

[6.3.2] Part 2: The Crane

Difficulty: 3/5
Best part: Before jumping over the fence.
Worst part: After jumping over the fence.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Before the fence... ]]
There'll be another "Safe Room" right after you leave yours: just turn right.
Use that room to protect from anything, since it's that special kind of door
not even the Tank can break through.

[[ After the fence... ]]
Know that you can't go back now. Climb the ladder as fast as you can and get in
the apartment so you can use the bathroom as a defensive spot. Don't forget to
check the bedroom: you may find weapons on the bed. Other than that, just make
sure you have a Molotov. If you don't, check the rooms in this building.

If you meet our friend Tank, light him up and run down the ladder again. That's
a nasty trap: you're in a narrow area, with a Tank and a car. But don't panic:
you can still go around him and climb the ladder again. If you do so, keep
running until he dies.

[[ The Crane ]]
After you cross the apartments, you'll leave through a broken window. This is a
"push the button" section. About 100% of the times I ran this level, I found
two Gas Tanks over some boxes, inside the fence area. Grab them and take them
back inside the apartments. Leave one by the kitchen (in a way the fire will
take both the window entrance and the door from where you first came from). The
other one should go inside the bathroom, among with you.

Run outside, push the button and get back to the bathroom. Take care with the
Special Infected when you're running back inside: the Boomer always makes an
appearance here. Once in the bathroom, close the door, make a hole on it and
use it to shoot down the Zombies without destroying the door. Burn the other
Gas Tank when the first one is gone.

Go up the container and be fast: this is another favorable area for Smokers.
Use the structures on the way to hide from them. If the Tank spawns around
here, don't worry too much because he'll probably fall down and disappear.

[[ The Office ]]
Make your way by closing the doors behind you. You'll find a room with ammo and
Pills right before going down to the offices. It's easy to defend from both the
Horde and the Specials because of the ammount of rooms you'll find all around.

When you leave the offices area, run to your left, but watch for the red car.
The Safe Room entrance should be just waiting for you.

[6.3.3] Part 3: The Construction Site

Difficulty: 5/5
Best part: Fighting the Horde from inside the Safe Room.
Worst part: Streets, right outside the parking lot.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Here they come... ]]
Let's avoid talking about how this level is hard to solo. If you don't have a
second pistol, you can go around the building right in front of the Safe Room
door to find one. They're usually on the floor.

In the Construction Site, don't take too long clearing the area: just head for
ladder. On the top floor, you should find Bombs, Weapons and/or Gas Tanks. From
here, you'll also see the wall you have to destroy. Last but not least, you can
fall down right on the halway that leads back to the Safe Room: this will buy 
you some valuable time to run after you have destroyed the barricade. Enough
for you to enter the Safe Room, and fight the Horde from there.

In case you find a Tank, head back to the Safe Room and enter, but don't close
the door. Go up the ladder and wait for the Tank to get inside. Once he starts
to climb the ladder, fall down (away from him), leave the Safe Room and close
the door. IT'S A TRAP!

[[ Danger - High Voltage ]]
After you go through the Construction Site, you'll be in a dark halway. Take
ammo (and Pills if you find any) and use the two dark rooms in the halway to
defend, in case you need.

You shouldn't take long to cover the next couple of sections: cross the open
areas (from the streets until you enter a building) fast because it's great for
the Special Infected. They'll hide between the electric stuff, making it a pain
to find or reach them.

[[ There's the Airport! ]]
You'll end up arriving at an avenue. It's a very large open area, where Smokers
may come from any direction, including from the ceiling. Use Pipes if you find
any and just run as fast as you can. When you enter the Parking Lot (watch out
for the red car right outside), get inside the first room you find.

[[ Parking Lot ]]
This is the worst place ever to find a Tank and I don't even need to explain
why. Keep using the small rooms in the corners to fight the Infected. Go up the
second floor and run to the stairs. Watch out for the room right on the left
side of the Safe Room: I've seen Tanks coming out of there.

[6.3.4] Part 4: The Terminal

Difficulty: 4/5
Best part: Is there a best part? I didn't notice.
Worst part: Metal detectors.
Best weapon: ... take the Shotgun.

[[ The Sandleford Conference Center ]]
As you leave the Safe Room, open the door and go through the halway. There are
plenty of rooms on both sides to defend so it shouldn't be a problem. You
should check these rooms for Molotovs if you don't have any.

Go down the escalator when you leave the halway and check the van to alert the
Horde. Go back upstairs and inside the halway: use one of those rooms to defend
from the Horde (I prefer the toilets).

If you come across a Tank here, try to avoid him inside the halway: there are
some rooms with two doors, on opposite sides.

[[ Luggage ]]
After the van destroys the fence, you can go through. Replenish ammo and crouch
to get on the conveyor belt. Rush, because this area makes it hard to kill the
Special Infected, due to the ammount of "floors" they can be on. Get in the
door by the far end of the conveyor belt.

[[ The Lobby ]]
Try to avoid the metal detectors in this area or it'll trigger a Horde event.
There'll be ammo by the feet of the atlas statue. Don't waste your time if you
don't need it. Go up the escalator by the right side of the Duty Free.

You'll be in a very long halway. The entrance to the Safe Room is a little far
away but it just shouldn't be a problem. Keep rushing until you find it. If a
Tank spawns here, don't worry because there's usually plenty of room to go
around him. There are a few rooms on the left side in case you really need to
hide from an unseen Smoker.

Just make sure to have a Molotov before entering the Safe Room. That will make
the next part easier.

[6.3.5] Part 5: Runway Finale

Difficulty: 5/5
Best part: Watching the airplane coming down.
Worst part: Everything after you call the guy on the radio.
Best weapon: Shotgun.

[[ Ziuooooummm.......... brkshrbuaiefhbiajsdiqowjfoa ]]

Heal up, take your Auto Shotgun and watch the airplane falling down. That's

[[ Rescue ]]
When you reach the truck, call the guy on the radio. Take ammo and heal up. The
best place to survive through this is in the small room by the airport wall. If
you find Gas Tanks, take them to the room. Place them outside, at a distance
enough not to kill yourself.

Open the door and take your dual pistols. Crouch, and watch out for the Horde
coming. You should kill as many as you can while they're still far. When they
get close, switch to your Shotgun and meelee/shoot to keep your sight free. You
have to be aware of Smokers and Hunters.

In case the Special show up, hide inside the room. This room is large enough to
make them lose your line of sight. You just have to stay close to the left and
right walls (depending on where they are). If you keep hiding, they'll have to
get too close to attack you. That's when you kill them with your Shotgun.

Tank time! Run back to the truck, take some ammo and stay close to the cargo
that will rescue you. Light up the Tank and keep running around this plane.
Watch for Smokers and Hunters. If necessary, stop running around the plane and
hide somewhere else. Take ammo again and run back to the room when the Tank is
down. Don't let the Boomer hit you or it'll be almost impossible to avoid the

Repeat for the second wave of enemies. Once the second Tank is down, stay beind
the cargo waiting for it to lower the ramp. Get in.


[6.4] Blood Harvest

Coming in the next update, very soon.

[7.0] FAQ

Q: Run or shoot?
A: Both.

Q: Why would I want to play alone anyway?
A: I don't know. I like it.

Q: Is it impossible?
A: Of course not. Just very hard. If it was impossible I wouldn't bother
   writing all of this. Just look for videos of people doing it on youtube and
   you'll find several people can do it. Unfortunately I still didn't record
   mine but I'll do it as soon as I finish writing this guide.

Q: What difficulty should I try a Solo Run?
A: It's up to you. But you should first try on Easy mode so you can have a good
   idea of how a solo run is. After that, try on Expert :)

Q: How many times do you die on a Solo Run?
A: From 10 to 30 times, usually improving as you try. But that number depends
   on way too many variables to give an exact ammount. For example: AI
   Director, the fraction of second between the Hunter's pounce and your meelee
   attack, how tired you are, how many times you soloed that campaing already,

Q: How long does a Solo Run take?
A: From 1 to 2 hours but it also depends a lot on how many times you die (see
   above). So you can finish it in 30 minutes as well as 5 hours (ouch).

Q: Can I play solo on the 360?
A: Since you can't access the Developer Console on the 360 version, you'll have
   to kill the bots. (Answer by "DrAaron")

Q: Is it a good idea to go back to the Safe Room to grab the extra Med Kits?
A: Not always. Going back to the Safe Room means spending a lot of time
   running. That means Special Infected spawning. If you're fast enough you can
   reach the Safe Room before they sapwn and you'll be able to kill them from
   inside. If you're really in need of a Med Kid (if you have less than 40
   health), you might consider going back. Other than that, it's not worth the

Q: It's the Tank and I have no Molotovs or Gas Tanks. NOW WHAT???
A: Relax. If you're playing on easy mode, it'll be easy (!) to take him down
   even with an SMG. All you need is a good area to run, specially a place that
   allows you to run in circles. But watch out because he is not as dumb as he
   looks. While running in circle (like a square halway for example) he will
   often surprise you by coming in the same direction you're running to. You
   can also simply run like crazy all over the map so he'll disapear after some

[8.0] Contact

If you have a suggestion / found something wrong / have something to add to
this guide or you just want to talk about anything related to the guide, feel
free to send me an email, I'd love to read what you have to say:


Copyright 2009 Lucas Tulio