Question from jennybradley

Asked: 6 years ago

The Coming Storm?

In the Chatterhall's when you have to take the torch to light the braziers , i have tried everything to pick up torch and i get a message , like all can hold but none can own , anyway i can not pick up torch , i'm playing PC version. Thanks , Jennanow

Additional details - 6 years ago

Silverwolf 448, Thanks so much , i was going crazy trying to pick up that silly thing , I can pick it up , now if i can quit dropping it , i'll be good , Thanks so much , Jennanow

Accepted Answer

From: Silverwolf448 6 years ago

Try grabbing it as in NOT putting it into your inventory, but just "hold" it in your hands and bring it to the braziers. That text means that you can't put it in your inventory, but you can use your hands or telekinesis to "carry" it and light the braziers.

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