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What are each of the advanced setup game options' functions?

World Age was already covered elsewhere, but for the sake of consolidation please answer that as well. I'm just looking for accurate as well as precise details regarding the effects of choosing each option.

World Age: 3 Bil -> ?, 4 Bil -> ?, 5 Bil -> ?
Temperature: Cool -> ?, Temperate -> ?, Hot -> ?
Rainfall: Arid -> ?, Normal -> ?, Wet -> ?

I'm assuming sea level means just that. High means more water tiles, less landmass, and more likely to have split landmasses and vice versa for lower settings.

Accepted Answer

tschwand answered:

For all three catagories, consider the earth as we know it to be the middle choice.
World age would determine things like mountains. The longer the planet has been around, the more erosion will have reduced mountains.Younger planet more mountains.
Temp determines more deserts or more tundra like areas.
Rainfall would be more desert through forest and grassland to jungle and swamps.
Temp and Rainfall combine to determine how the usable land is divided into types of terrain, while the age helps determine what is usable and what is mountainous.
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