Question from scottct1973

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I capture cities?

I cannot capture enemy cities.I take them all the way down and it is just constant hitting them.I thought i was able to annex cities once defeated?

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From: yankeesfan2 3 years ago

You have to make the last hit with a non-ranged unit, ranged units can't capture a city.

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You can only capture a city once you have it surrounded on four sides (the war minister should have told you this in one of the tutorial pop-ups when your first attack one). Once you capture it you'll have the option of completely annexing it which increases unhappiness, or installing a puppet government which will keep happiness higher but gives you less control over the city.

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What lord said. Also, war ADVISOR. Not minister. ._.
I'm a civ IV Vet, and i know this game like the palm of my hand...I don't even own it!
*Civ V, that is*

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