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Why won't it let me play?

I installed Civilization V a while ago and it would start running then after a few turns it would shut down my computer! my uncle and i thought it could be the graphics card. So we change that to a ati radeon hd 5700 series and i have a windows 7 64 bit. I clicked on the shortcut and even do it through steam and it will ask me how do I want to run it directx 9 or 10/11, I try both and appears to load but then does nothing! I verified the integrity of the game cache and everything! Any pointers please?


VulpesMundi answered:

My first guess would be that your power supply isn't strong enough to handle the video card. Civ5 is pretty graphically intensive, so it most likely causes high power draw on a video card. Are you able to run any other modern games (particularly ones like Crysis or Metro that're worse than Civ5) without this issue?

I think the 5xxx series requires a pretty high amount of power, as it's not as efficient as the 6xxx series. Open up your case and check what your power supply is and then look up the specs. For this card I believe you want a minimum 700W power supply (I may be wrong on this) with a strong single +12V rail that can cover a relatively high amount of amperage (I'm going to say at least 40A, but I'm just guessing - I haven't seen any single cards that need more than 50A). If your power supply doesn't reasonably meet these needs, then it'll need to be replaced. I hope this info helps. Good luck.
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