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Platform: PC

Author of this FAQ: BARTHONIS

Email Address: check Contact Information section to get my contact 

Current Version: 0.9 but still making minor changes and updates.

This FAQ is for Codename:Panzers Cold War. You may not post this FAQ anywhere
unless I give you permission and you may not distribute this information as 
your own no matter what. You may print it out though but you cannot sell it. 
If you have additional information please send it to me and I will add it to 
the list and give you full credit. If you are going to email me, read the 
contact info section first before you do, so I won't delete your email.

I just bought the game 3/30/2009 and am playing through it as time, work, two 
young kids, and my 8 months pregnant wife will allow.  But as soon as I have 
anything new or I get a submission I will add it.  Contrary to a lot of the 
reviews I have seen for this game, I find it very enjoyable.  I am a casual 
gamer, and have been so for the last 20 or more years, and I like that I donít 
have to memorize a bunch of complicated moves or combos or locations, etc.  
I can just boot up the game and relax and veg for a while and have fun killin 
commies in the process. How can you beat that?

Table Of Contents

1. Version History
2. Secret Objectives
2a. Act 1
      Mission 1: Stampede
      Mission 2: Counterpush
      Mission 3: Unto the Breach 
      Mission 4: The Great Divide
      Mission 5: Promises to Keep
2b. Act 2
      Mission 6: End of the Line 
      Mission 7: Stormfront 
      Mission 8: White Star Rising
      Mission 9: Crimson Tide
      Mission 10: Thus Spoke Zarathustra
      Mission 11: Turning a Blind Eye
      Mission 12: Operation Guildsman
2c. Act 3
      Mission 13: Caravans
      Mission 14: Invasive Procedures
      Mission 15: Knocking on Heaven's Door
2d. Act 4
      Mission 16: The Spoils of Autumn
      Mission 17: Victory is a B Letter Word
      Mission 18: High Noon on Ground Zero
3. Final Thoughts
4. Legal Information
5. Contact Info

1. Version History

Version 0.1: 04/03/2009: I began the FAQ.  
Version 0.2: 04/06/2009: Added Counterpush objective and the number of secret 
                         objectives for the next 3 missions.
Version 0.3: 04/07/2009: Added the Unto the Breach objective and made small 
                         changes to the format. Also minor spelling changes.
Version 0.4: 04/13/2009: Added the secret objectives for End of the Line and 
                         one of the one for Promises to Keep.
Version 0.5: 06/06/2009: Added The Great Divide objectives and also the second
                         objective for Promises to Keep.
Version 0.6: 06/21/2009: Added Stormfront and White Star Rising objectives. 
                         Happy Father's Day to me!!! 
version 0.7: 07/04/2009: Added Crimson Tide, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Turning a
                         Blind Eye and Operation Guildsman. Happy B-day USA!!!
version 0.8: 07/08/2009: Added Caravans, Invasive Procedures, Knocking on 
                         Heaven's Door and The Spoils of Autumn.  Also did some
                         minor spelling changes/updates and some small editing.
version 0.9: 07/11/2009: Added Victory is a B Letter Word and High Noon on 
                         Ground Zero. Made more spelling and grammar changes.
Version Final: ???

2. Secret Objectives

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide you with the general locations and the 
descriptions of the secret objectives in the Solo Play Campaign missions.  I 
may do a more detailed FAQ at a later date, if someone doesnít already beat me 
to it.  But the gameplay is pretty straightforward, so Iím not sure what other 
tips are really needed, other than keep your troops healed and your vehicles 
repaired and upgraded whenever possible. Lol.

2a. Act 1

(1 secret objective)

Fairly simple to describe, but not so easy to get there.  If you follow the 
border of the map up on the left hand side you will find the trench/canal that 
runs from left to right about ĺ of the way up the map.  Just to the north of 
this trench along the left hand edge of the map and just a little south and 
west of the final objective is a lone anti-aircraft battery.  Take it out and 
you have completed this missionís secret objective and have also unlocked the 
use of the recon helicopter for this mission. Of course to get to it you have 
to go around the trench.  I find it easy to do this right before the final 
objective.  Just stick to the road on the northern side of the trench/canal 
and once you reach the far left(western) edge of the map just turn north and 
you will see it right away.  Easy one.

(1 secret objective)

This one is easy enough to get to.  On the lefthand (western) side of the map 
after you take the bridgehead you will see a prestige flag with an AA battery.
After destroying the AA battery, if you follow the road directly south you 
will see a place where you can cross the river heading south. By crossing the 
river here and going up the other side you find the secret objective. You do 
not need to do this right away.  And I will wait until I capture the helipad 
before I go all the way across.  In fact I do this right before I capture the 
train and then hit the final objective and Iíll explain why below.

I recommend sending two APCs with the amphibious ability, but no additional 
troops across the river to "discover this secret path to a russian outpost."
You could load up two SMG troopers onto the APCs and drop them off at the 
secret objective, but I think thatís a waste of men and also time.  When you 
cross the river and go up to the top of the hill/ridge you will find on the 
ridgetop two unmanned B4 Howitzer Batteries.  Just disembark the crew of the 
two APCs and have them man the howitzers.  Then you can rain down some real 
serious death from above on the final objective point and make life easier for 
your assaulting force. Another easy one.

(1 secret objective)

The secret objective for this mission is to capture a Soviet artillery battery.
The battery is located in the northeast corner of the Spandau fortress.  You 
have to get there before you attack the fortress proper, otherwise the british 
commando units will capture it before you can get there.  I recommend taking 
two APCs with the amphibious and repair abilities and crossing the main river 
first at about the middle of the map.  Then you can use these two mutually 
repairing units to wipe out the 2 guard towers and the two ground troop units 
that you encounter first as you cross the river.  Then go north along the 
finger until you reach the top of the map and then go east to the northeast 
map corner.  You'll encounter a few ground troops, a tower, and 2 ground 
emplacements before you clear this top corner. 

Then cross the river and go to the northeast corner of the fortress.  You may 
encounter a single ground troop on the opposite shore by the soviet artillery 
battery.  Eliminate them quickly, but do not go too far into the fortress or 
you will trigger the alarm and the main assault will begin whether you like it 
or not.  Disembark your crew from one of the APCs and have them man the 
artillery battery and you will accomplish the secret mission.  I use the 
battery for a little bombardment of nearby enemies, but then abandon it as 
soon as the commando units arrive and let them man it and send my crew back to 
their APC.  A little time consuming to claim this one, but still easy enough.

(2 secret objectives)

Before I tell you the objectives I would like to give you a suggestion for 
this mission.  In the upper left corner of the map are two M48 Patton medium 
tanks.  If you want to get both of them you will have to take only infantry on 
this mission.  It will make the beginning part of the mission a challenge, but 
it is nice to grab these tanks as freebies later on in the mission.  Now, on 
to the secret objectives...

The first secret objective is to destroy the Russian outpost in the northeast 
corner of the map.  I had a hard time getting this to trigger at first, but 
after a few replays I discovered that after defending the base I sent my 
available tanks and troops up to the outpost along the right edge of the 
screen (your tanks and infantry can ford the rivers on that side of the map) 
and then attacked the tanks guarding a healing tent.  Once the tanks are toast
take out the healing tent.  After the tent was destroyed I could finish off 
the rest of the defenders (be careful not to rush in too quickly as more 
enemies come in at you from the sides as you advance through the outpost).  
After you destroy all the enemies you will get the secret objective message.

The second secret objective is simply to not lose any trucks in the transport 
convoy.  I split up my troops with one tank and a couple infantry along the 
bottom edge near the road (a few enemies will come at you from the left edge 
down here).  And a tank and repair APC in the middle of the map by the POI.  
Finally I kept all my other tanks and repair APCs up at the top crossroads 
and would move them around as needed to finish off helicopter born infantry 
and any other vehicles that attacked my convoy before I lost any trucks.

(2 secret objectives)

The first secret objective is to rescue the lost flamethrower squad.  They 
are pinned down behind a wall of flames in the corner of a block of buildings 
near the upper middle section of the map.  When you first find them the flames 
will prevent you from getting to them, so just kill the enemy infantry around 
the area and then I went up to the upper left corner and captured the russian 
tank there (see second secret objective below) and then when I came back the 
flames were gone and I could walk up and rescue the flamers.  I have heard 
others say if you just stand around and wait they flames will die down and you 
can rescue them but I prefer to be active instead of just standing around.

The second secret objective is to acquire some tanks.  There is one located 
along the top of the map almost all the way over on the left side.  You will 
run into it right before you discover the medic outpost that is nestled into 
the top left corner.  Remember that your leader is a mechanic and can set up a 
mechanic shop which will repair the tank (and any other vehicle within range) 
and also rearm them when they run outta ammo.  The second tank is located in 
the bottom right corner of the map where the fuel tanks are that you need to 
destroy.  Be careful if you have mortars or area damage weapons because if you 
get too close to the abandoned tanks they can and will get blown up.

2b. Act 2

(2 secret objectives)

The first secret objective is to find an old French ARL-44 medium tank.  It is 
located along the far right map edge, just north of your maginot bunkers.  From
the last bunker on the right edge, go north just a little bit and you will see 
it sitting there.  Send a trooper over to it and then bring it back behind your
lines and repair it.  Pretty easy.

To claim the second secret objective all you need to do is conquer/claim all of
the enemy POIs, including the secondary one in the center of the screen.  Make 
sure you have an engineer for this one with you.  Capturing that middle bunker-
type building with your engineer will also give you access to a very powerful
cannon.  Again, very easy.

(2 secret objectives)

The first secret objective is to destroy the patrol boat.  you will find it 
moving back and forth along the top of the map, slowly destroying your dams.
Just destroy it (either with your rocket equipped tanks or your artillery is 
the easiest way.  you can try taking it out with your airstrike, but it take 
almost perfect timing to lead the boat just right and I dont like to waste 
my time and resources trying it.

The second secret objective is to successfully divide the enemy forces at 
the main HQ in the lower right corner of the map.  once you've saved and 
repaired the dams, You can split your troops up and attack from both sides 
at once and you should get the secret objective accomplished mission when 
you take out the HQ.  This one can be a little tricky and I had to attempt 
it several times before I finally got it to trigger correctly.

(1 secret objective)

The secret objective is pretty easy, and very useful to help you complete 
the rest of the mission.  In the center of the map is a radar station.  
Just capture it and you will have completed the secret objective.  Easy.
Also remember that the radar station has a "radar scan" button that will
show all enemy forces as red blips in your map screen for a limited time.

(1 secret objective)

I have not been able to find the secret objective yet.  Seems to be a 
problem alot of us are having according to the message boards and forums.

(2 secret objectives)

The first secret objective is to find a cave under the glacier.  The cave 
entrance is very close to your starting point. Just go up and a little right 
and you will see the cave mouth.  however, dont go in right away. It takes you 
to a small little russian outpost with a tower and a sniper.  Gather up some 
of your lost squads first before attempting this and it will go alot easier.

The second secret objective is to find all your scattered forces.  They are in 
several small pockets along the top half of the map, and then once you cross 
the river there is a band of wayward medics along the lower left corner of the 
map.  Once you find them all you get the secret objective accomplished message.

(2 secret objectives)

The first secret objective is to successfully contact the USS Augusta for help.
To do this take an APC with the amphibious ability and go to the small island 
in the northeast corner of the map.  Disembark either the crew, or if you wanna
drag an infantryman up there you certainly can.  Either way, when you enter the
control building there, you will make radio contact with the USS Augusta and 
they will bomb the heck outta the Russian HQ.  makes going in for the final 
assault MUCH easier.  I saved this one until after I found the hidden Russian 
tanks (the other secret objective for this mission) and was ready to go and 
take the last POI.

The second secret objective is to find the hidden soviet tanks.  They are 
located just north and slightly east of the Russian HQ.  I have tried it 3 
times and the only time I got the hidden tanks to appear is if I had Groebel 
outside of a vehicle on foot.  He looks over and says something like...I wonder
if the Russians hid tanks there like we used to do and boom, you have 3 tanks 
appear and can be captured if you like.  They dont get added to your core army,
so its up to you if you wanna grab one or more of them or not.  The three tanks
are a Skoda ST-1 AT Vehicle, a T-54 Tank, and an ISU-152 Artillery Vehicle.

(1 secret objective)

The secret objective for this mission is to capture an artillery piece that 
can be found on the east side of the map.  From the HQ-POI go straight to the 
right along the eastern edge of the map and you will see it.  It is defended by
a few ground troops but should be unmanned.  There are some other artillery 
pieces in other sections of the map but they are all manned and I usually just 
destroyed them as my forces advanced, so I am not sure if they would trigger 
the secret objective accomplished message if you captured one of those instead.

2c. Act 3

(1 secret objective)

The secret objective for this mission is to capture the 2 soviet tanks.  You 
will have to be quick about it because if you take too long the enemy forces 
will capture them for themselves.  In the northeast corner of the map is a 
warehouse/POI building.  right below that building is 2 soviet tanks sitting 
under partial rooftops along the extreme left edge of the map.  Capture them 
and you will get the secret objective accomplished for this mission.  As an 
added bonus, inside the slightly larger building just down and to the left of 
that same warehouse/POI is a BTR-40 you can capture.  I captured this on my 
way through the building towards the 2 tanks.  This is nice to have to help 
keep your tanks repaired.

(2 secret objectives)

The first secret objective is to find the abandoned service entrance.  This is 
a very simple one to accomplish.  From your starting area just go straight 
north about a third of the way up the map and you will see it along the far 
left side of the map.  Send at least one unit through the tunnel entrance and
you will claim this objective.

The second secret objective is to capture 8 enemy tanks. You will need to have
captured the barracks - headquarters to the east (right) of your initial 
starting position to open up enough points to allow you to capture all eight.
The tanks are located on a strip of land that the first secret objective takes
you under.  There are 8 tanks located there (Product 216s) and also an 
abandoned BTR repairer vehicle.  I recommend capturing that as well for mobile 
repairing ability.

(1 secret objective)

The secret objective is to find and capture the 2 hidden artillery pieces.  To
find them go straight north from the radar station and you will see a hilltop 
with a radar mast on it.  On the top of this hill are the 2 artillery pieces.

2d. Act 4

(2 secret objectives)

The first secret objective is to destroy all the anti-aircraft defenses.  
They are scattered all over the map.

The second secret objective is to Kill the Russian Officer.  I found him 
along the top left edge of the map, right behind the railway station as I 
was going up there to capture it to complete the optional objective there.  
I had swung one of my attacking tanks around the top of the station to 
outflank the defnders and found an infantry unit with a star emblem like 
what my own unit commander had, except it had a red background.  I keyed in
on him thinking he was important and when I killed him I got the secret 
objective accomplished message.  Not sure if he is always in the same spot,
but that is where I found and killed him at.  The top left corner of the 
map.  The top left corner of the map, just above the top right corner of the
railway station.  The NATO troops with you will start talking about a well.
You'll find an old fashion water well in this place and I think that is 
where the officer spawns out of.

(1 secret objective)

The secret objective for this mission is to capture the Troyanov Super Tank.
When you get to the Autobahn, down in the lower right corner of the map, your
NATO troopers will yell out that they see one of the Troyanov Super Tanks. 
The game will tell you to neutralize it, but there is a better way.  Take a
few flamethrower troops and burn the crew out of it and capture the tank for
your own Army!  

I even did this mission a second time and just timed it to use my napalm 
strikes and burn the crew out that way also.  If you get close enough to 
detect and then see the Troyanov, you will notice it follows a small 
north/south road on a patrol pattern.  This makes using the Napalm Strikes 
method of capturing it much easier.

(1 secret objective)

The secret objective is to hold the warehouse for the first 15 minutes of 
the mission.  It is located along the bottom edge of the map, about halfway
between the left and right edge.  You start the mission controlling it and
must keep it continuously in your possession for that first 15 minutes.  If
you do, you will get the secret objective accomplished message.

3. Final Thoughts

This was a fun game for me, and I really enjoyed it.  I want to thank the 
people over on the Ataricommunity game forum: Wolfsrain, Red Alert, and skmf.
Wolfrain was especially helpful when for the life of me I couldn't get the 
tanks captured in the Caravans mission.  I replayed it over 20 times and just
could not get to the tanks.  I knew where they were supposed to be but could 
not get them.  He gave me a clue (if you need it you can email me or just go 
to the Ataricommunity game forum thread and see for yourself).  Also thank 
you to my wife for her understanding when I just had to play CNPCW into the 
wee hours of the morning until I got everything just right on a number of 
occassions.  Love you babe.

4. Contact Information

If you have any questions or anything you want to say concerning my guide or 
Codename:Panzers Cold War, feel free to email me at 
barthonis[at]yahoo[dot]com. To email me, remove the [at] and put @ and the 
[dot] and put . and I did this so I can reduce all of the spam mail I am 
getting and I heard this works from many on GameFAQs. If you have Yahoo 
Instant Messenger feel free to instant message me at barthonis. If you are 
going to email me, do not email attachments because I will NOT download them 
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are emailing me, make sure you write something like "Codename Panzers" or 
something like that in the subject line. Also, if you are going to email 
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If you want to give feedback on the FAQ and you are viewing the FAQ at, please use the Rate system instead of emailing me.  if you want
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it I will probably say YES! Thanks for reading the FAQ. Enjoy.

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5. Legal Information  

No one has my permission to use my guide in any way, shape, or form without 
my permission. If you violate this, you could be punishable by law. Just 
don't do it. No one needs this. If you want to use it, just contact me and 
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