MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat Cheats


  • Free Float Cam

    While in the game, hold Shift, Alt, and Ctrl, and type ''tinkerbell''. Controls are:
    Ctrl + Left to turn left;
    Ctrl + Right to turn right;
    Ctrl + Up to move upwards
    Ctrl + Down to move downwards
    Z to go forwards
    Shift + Z to go backwards
    C to return to normal vision

    ((Good way to seek out enemy positions and T.O.s.))

    Contributed By: wandering spirit.

  • Game cheats

    Press and hold shift alt control while in a mission, and type them in.

    Meet the staffdorcs
    Nuke everythingenolagay

    Contributed By: nintendonut888.

  • In Game Cheats

    These cheats are used when playing the game. Press and hold Shift+Alt+Ctrl to enter these Codes.

    No HeatColdmiser
    No TmeHangaround
    Responds, 'This ain't Doom, boy!'IDKFA
    Unlimited AmmoCia
    Unlimited Jet FuelMightymouse

    Contributed By: Master Death and polarisslbm.

  • In-game Cheats

    While piloting your battlemech, press and hold ctrl+alt+shift and type in the codes as shown.
    Some have an actual effect, others just bring up a phrase.

    Says, "ATTENTION ENEMIES: Don't mess with the blimp."lairdo
    Says, "F E I R"dei
    Toggle bounding spheres on debris and mech parts.michelin
    Toggles enhanced-imaging with a see-through effect. Turns off with "w".xray
    Toggles Time Expansion. Makes everything really slow.zmak

    Contributed By: UrbieEater1987.

  • Level Select

    To get a level select for any clan, enter your name as ''freebirthtoad''. The level's will be names or colors in the Clan Hall.

    Contributed By: Gauntlet Man 99.

  • Mechwarrior 2: Titanium Trilogy cheat

    During the game, press and hold ctrl+alt+shift and then type "L i" this makes you instantly win the mission.

    win current missionCTRL+ALT+SHIFT L i

    Contributed By: 50PenceGoku.

  • Targeted Kill and Level Victory Cheats

    While playing in the game (Campaign or Trial of Grievance Missions) press and hold ctrl+alt+shift and type "gankem" while targeting a mech. This should destroy the targeted mech if done correctly. NOTE: This will not work on vehicles.

    Likewise, while in a mech and while pressing and holding ctrl+alt+shift and typing "icanthackit" will give you an instant victory on the mission you are in. This works in Campaign but is of much less use in Trial of Griavence.

    Neither of these work in Online multiplayer.

    Destroys targeted mechgankem
    Ends Mission in successicanthackit

    Contributed By: UrbieEater1987.

  • Unlockable 'Mechs

    In the Instant Action Mode (Trials of Grievance) you can unlock two additional BattleMechs and the Clan Elemental.

    To unlock these additional units, simply enter the Star Configuration, and change your name to one of the following. The default name should be whatever you have regestered as your Sibko identity, or the last name you entered.

    Change your name to ''Calvin'' and hit enter to unlock the Elemental

    Change your name to ''Hobbes'' and hit enter to unlock the Elemental and Tarantula

    Change your name to ''Enzo'' and hit enter to unlock the Elemental, Tarantula, and Battle Master IIC.

    *Note, you cannot play as the Battle Master without crashing the game unless you have the Battle Master patch.

    **Note, none of these 'Mechs can be customized, however the Battle Master IIC does have two variants.

    Contributed By: chriscaffee.


  • Avoiding weight limitations

    Go into the customization section and remove all heat sinks from your mech. Then attach at least four new single heat sinks, save the game and return to the customize section where you should be able to remove (actually non-existing) heat sinks thus lowering the mech's weight so you can equip a lot more parts than you usually can.

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy Cheats


  • In-game passwords

    At any time during a mission, press CTRL, ALT, & SHIFT and enter the following words:

    completes current missionputz
    gives you jump jetsjumbo
    infinite jump juicecrillion
    kills pilot of targeted mech (leaves dead mech shell)palex
    no heat trackingburr
    nuclear destruction of everythingkaboom
    unlimited ammothundros
    X-Ray visionclark

    Contributed By: ForeverZero1986.


  • Bonus Missions

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra DNA Trials missionsComplete every mission from start to finish without fail (no quitting, failed objecitves, death).

    Contributed By: ForeverZero1986.

MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries Cheats


  • Cheats for Titanium Editions of MW2

    Ok Basically the cheat codes for the Titanium (group packaged Windows version of Mechwarrior 2 and both 'expansions') all work similiar to the Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries ones. CTRL + ALT + SHIFT then the first 2 letters of the old MW2:Mercs code.

    Destroys Current Target (Does not always Work!)nu
    Free-eye modebe
    God ModeSU
    Infinate AmmoSi
    Instant Mission CompleteLi
    Instantly Finish mission (does not complete Objectives so less cash)li
    Toggles heat trackingoo
    Toggles Infinite Ammois
    Toggles Infinite Jump Jetscr
    Toggles Invincibilitysu
    Toggles Jump Jets (adds to a mech without them)in

    Contributed By: ShadrachVS, Roguesquad6, and Mechhunter2.

  • Many Codes

    While playing a game, hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Toggle invincibility- superfunkicalifragisexy
    Toggle infinite ammo- iseenfireandiseenrain
    Toggle heat tracking- ooohhhlllaaalllaaa
    Nuke current target- itsdabooomb
    Destroy current target- redjackandtikruls
    Jump jets- inmybeautifulballoon
    Unlimited jump- jet juice crazysexycool
    End mission- successfully likethecomstarbaby
    Free-eye mode- beholdmyglory
    Enable time compression code- ontimeeverytime
    Time expansion activated- antijolt
    Display bounding spheres- bubbleboy
    Enable auto-grouping- flashyflashy
    Display Credits- wediditagain

    Contributed By: Sportsman.


  • Instant victory

    Choose a mission then after accepting it take the CD out of the CD drive and begin the mission. You should have won it instantly.

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

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