Question from blueangel5

Asked: 6 years ago

Why does my game is in slow motion?

I have Intel Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
1GB Ram
Geforce 8400 512mb Special Edition
160 GB Hard Drive
MSI Motherboard

and i already set the settings to low and still going in slow motion? why ? pls help me about this ? thanks

Additional details - 6 years ago

YES but i already has a direct x 9.0c i only play in directx 9.0c ? is my video card not good?

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The Geforce 8400, although supports DirectX10, yet it is still sadly a low end card. You probably need a better card. I've tested it on a Geforce 8500 and it ran ok on it, although I can't quite remember the settings. In the mean time, be sure to set the shadow to OFF, while lowering the rest.

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I'm running it on GeForce 7600GS, 1GB RAM and PIII 3 GH with no problems. Maybe you have veeery old drivers?

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your CPU is 1Ghz under the minimum requirments

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I know it's been a couple years but I just wanted to reiterate that this game will never run fast for you so long as you use too slow of a CPU

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