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At The Vigil HQ In Lions Arch Where Do You Get Funds To Buy The Special Armour Sets?

At The Vigil HQ And The Other Factions HQ There Are Merchants That Sell Special Armour Sets But The Currency To Buy These Sets Is Niether Gold Nor Gems Or Even Karma So Im Kind Of At A Loss As To What I Need And Where To Get It

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vovoid answered:

If the currency is something like "Ascalonian Tears", then that's the currency that comes from running the dungeons on explorer mode. Each dungeon has it's own currency. For instance, Ascalonian Catacombs has the Ascalonian Tears. One complete run of the catacombs dropped 30 tears.
Getting the higher level "cosmetic" armor (catacombs is level 60 armor, and manor is level 70, the rest of the dungeon armors are level 80) will take around 12 runs of the dungeon on explorer mode for each piece of gear.
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