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Companion essence?

So where exactly do i get to fight my companions in order to devourer them and get the essence?
I know you can fight Gann if you choose to attack his mother, but what about the others like OOM and Kaelyn?

shadow_skill provided additional details:

Thanks, what about safiya?


gryphonmaster answered:

To fight One of Many you have to create it in the furnace with Okku's spirit shell, then try to reject it after creating it. To fight Kaelyn I think you have to betray her while on the Fugue Plane in chapter 3.
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gryphonmaster answered:

No idea, although Safiya gets pretty angry if you decide to kill the Founder at the start of chapter 3. While I don't know for certain, this is the only time i can think of when the option to fight her would be likely to arise.
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viperesque answered:

Safiya-At the beginning of Act III, if you devour the Founder, Safiya will fight you (to devour the Founder, you have to have devoured Myrkul). I believe if you just kill the Founder, you then have a dialogue option along the lines of 'you're part of the Founder's soul, so I'll have to kill you too'.

Kaelyn-When you first meet her, before she joins your party, just play with the conversation options, and at the bottom of the original screen an option should come up to attack her. Obviously you'll have to wait until Act II to do this.
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