Question from Xarzeus

How can I activate The Ice Spirit Lina?

I had gone to upper Kordar and killed the "Monsters" near the lightning thing but I cannot activate the thingy nor does any event occur after the conversation near the bridge about "My gizmos are going crazy" or something and me telling "we will go near.....kill monsters...".......what am I to do?

qwdr69 asked for clarification:

I cannot activate The Ice Spirit Lina?


ravenpl7 answered:

You probably activated her by now but to anyone who don't know:
As Lina said, you have to go to Upper Hodar (or smthlike that) and activate the Can of thunders. Dwarwish land will be accesible after you get the quest from king to go there
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Laclongquan answered:

Have you talked to Lina after clicking and still standing near that location? Remember, both of previous monsters require you talk to them, like Shleem. Having certain monster in your armies is not enough, you must talk to Shleem to feed him. Same deal with Lina
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