Question from metalhead151

How do I play offline?

It tells me that I need to authorize my account to play singleplayer and skirmish offline, but I don't see where to do that. I already authenticated my game on by entering my cd-key but it still won't work. What gives? Ideas anybody


ValentineHeart answered:

Unfortunately that may be the only way, but we're not allowed to advocate such things here on GameFAQs. Is it really that inconvenient to play online?
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xorb79 answered:

That crack doesn't work! help!
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viperinthegrass answered:

The same thing happened to me.
I originally set up my account and authenticated my game at Battlenet.
I was then able to play offline no problems.
However after installing a patch, I got the same message about authorising my account and could not play offline without constantly getting the same message and going around in circles.
Eventually I found that quitting out entirely and reloading seemed to work, but may take 2 or 3 attempts.
Could be just a lag in the system recognising a patch installed and account update.

Good luck.
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viperinthegrass answered:

Also make sure you are not actually connected to the internet when logging in to play offline.
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blackmailer26 answered:

I just tried it for the fun of it and got it to work. Disabled my AirPort then logged in. Was able to log but I think cookies were in play since SC2 still showed my account. You just might want to check your cookies.

So, just to make an outline. (make sure to enable cookies just to be sure)
a) Open Starcraft 2 with internet on and log-in on authenticated account.
b) Close Starcraft 2
c) Turn off your internet access (wifi, WLAN, etc.) completely.
d) Open Starcraft 2 and hopefully you get lucky.
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ARMY5partan117 answered:

You can jsut click play as guest, and you can play everything under singleplayer (campaign, challenges, vs. AI) offline.
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Zeran_kariashi answered:

Except that once you log off the computer you have to reconnect to before you can play offline again....aka no, no you can't.
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Raikan answered:

Blizzard didn't do anything today.

I just had to experience it myself - and By the way I played this game online for 2 years so my pc should be authenticated enough.

So the day I wanted to play, start my pc, start starcraft 2.. Login? Can't.Ok press offline. "Please login to authenticate" YEA WHAT A JOKE how if you are offline??? If you paid for a game but can't play, taht's where I won't hold my mouth about cracks anymore. There are easy cracks outthere, use a Torrent. Check it with virustotal (a website) before of course.
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