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How do I unlock Calldown: MULE and scanner sweep on Command Center?

What mission unlocks Calldown: MULE and scanner sweep for the Command Center? I need to know before I do The Dig because I need it to make getting the hard achievement easier.

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I know, I'm playing through again a second time (this time on hard)

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emrodell answered:

First you need to complete 12 missions. After you do that, head to the ships armory and check under "base upgrades". You should see "terran buildings" one of the 2 upgrades is orbital command. It costs 125,000 credits. Buying this not only unlocks th orbital command, but replaces all your command centers for free! SCVs lose build cc and instead have build orbital command for the same 400 mins.
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boodgenuminus answered:

You just need to research orbital command. If you are in the mission archives going for achievements, then each mission you play will only have the research projects you had earned up to that point in your original playthrough.
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