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    Achievement Guide by inferno719

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 08/28/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Starcraft Two
    Achievements Guide
    Table of Contents
    1)  Version History
    2)  Intro
    3)  Liberty Campaign
    4)  Exploration
    5)  Custom Game
    6)  Cooperative
    7)  Quick Match
    8)  Combat
    9)  Feats of Strength
    10) Outro
    Version History
    08-08-2010    v1.00
    Submitted the guide to gamefaqs.
    08-11-2010    v1.05
    Finished up the challenge section, did some general editing, corrections, and a
    few superior strategies thrown in the mix.  Includes Maw of the Void strategy.
    08-19-2010    v1.10
    Minor revisions.  Added strategies for Outmatched achievements, and others. 
    08-28-2010    v1.15
    Did a better job with Safe Haven's strategy.  Included a Covert Ops strategy.
    Other minor revisions.  
    I am an achievement whore.  
    Think what you want about me, but I enjoy the meta-game.  My WoW account has 
    earned the Over 9000 achievement recently, if that gives you any idea.  To this
    end, I will help others out there interested in earning achievements to get 
    achievements of their own.  
    Liberty Campaign
    For the Liberty Campaign section, I will be using a format like this.
    Name of the Map
    :Achievement 1- the "do this and that on Normal mode"
    :Achievement 2- the "do this and that on Hard mode"
    ~!Achievement 3- where applicable.  Feat of Strength achievement.
    Notes on how to play the level to get the achievements
    I will not mention the first achievement for each level.  This achievement is 
    this same in every level: the name is that of the level, can be completed on 
    any difficulty, and always reads "Complete all mission objectives in the "xxx"
    Also, I will sometimes refer to infantry balls.... This means a mass of 
    Marines, Medics, (optional) Marauders, and (optional) firebats.  Whatever is 
    Available to you and can be healed by medics, really.  
    And without further adieu...
    Mar Sara Missions
    Liberation Day
    :Raynor's Back- Get 5 kills credited to Raynor on Normal.
    :Down with Mengsk- Kill every enemy unit on Hard.
    Being the first mission, its a cakewalk.  Put Jim in the front as much as 
    possible as he can soak up much more damage than his buddies.  You'll get all 
    the achievements on accident, just make sure you don't miss any of the Mengsk
    holograms that are a bit out of the way.  There's one after the orbital drop
    to the south that's a tiny bit hard to see.
    The Outlaws
    :Cash Reward- Collect all the mineral and gas deposits on the map on Normal.
    :Be Quick or Be Dead- Win in 10 minutes on Hard.
    This isn't horrible, honestly.  The main challenge will be to win in 10 
    minutes.  You'll want to train a large ball of marines and medics, and quickly.
    Rescue the rebels when they ask for it, search the map thoroughly for the 
    minerals and gas and you'll have your achievement.
    Zero Hour
    :Hold the Line- Don't salvage anything, and don't let any buildings fall on
    :The Best Defense (is a good offence)- Kill 4 hatcheries on Hard.
    This mission, if you want all the achievements you're probably going to have to
    run it twice; once on normal for Hold the Line and Zero Hour, and a second on
    hard for The Best Defense.
    In normal, build a ton of marines and medics, and by 5 minutes left make sure
    you have 3 full bunkers on each intake.  Rescue the folks when they ask for it
    and you'll have your achievements easily.  Save when it hits 5 minutes just in
    Credit goes to ChipBuddyReturns for the strategy I used to get The Best 
    Defense, it works very well.  In short, salvage the two outer bunkers, get a
    ton of SCVs harvesting the bajesus out of your minerals, train a huge marine 
    and medic ball, and at 10 minutes head up to the north-west corner of the map,
    PAST where the last group of infantry calls for help, there will be a base with
    two hatcheries.  Level it, retreat to base, rebuild your army, and at 3 minutes
    left go to the -same- base and destroy it again; the hatcheries will be back.
    -Mar Sara Mastery- Complete all the Mar Sara achievements.  Reward: Adjutant 
    Colony Missions
    The Evacuation
    :Handled With Care- Don't let any trucks die on Normal.
    :Sacrifice Nothing- Don't salvage any bunkers or let any buildings fall on
    If you want to get everything in one run, you'll have to play kind of a 
    lopsided strategy.  You'll need to give enough units to the bunkers to defend
    itself, but bring enough of an escort with the truck to defend it from the 
    location without a bunker.  (or just build a bunker at the second location.)
    There are three attack points for the Zerg along the road.
    First: on the left, with a bunker.
    Second: on the right, no bunker.  
    Third: on the left, with a bunker. 
    You'll want to bring an escort with the truck for the first run and protect
    the bunkers, but don't fill them until before the second truck.
    Be sure to be building more units after each escort; more and more Zerg will
    be attacking the truck as the mission goes on.
    On the second escort, the now staffed bunkers should be able to defend
    themselves.  On your way back, build another bunker at the first and third
    locations and staff them with marines and firebats and an scv to repair.
    After the fourth escort, build a third bunker at the first and third attack 
    locations and bring an extra scv or two to both locations for repairs.
    :28 Minutes Later- Win before the 5th night hits on Normal.
    :Army of Darkness- Destroy 15 buildings during the Night on Hard.
    I recommend doing Army of Darkness in its own run; its a good way to lose a lot
    of troops.
    For 28 Minutes Later and Outbreak achievements, here's what you'll do.  Build 
    a ton of firebats, marines, and medics.  Split them into two groups during the 
    day and send them to two different clusters of buildings; destroy as much as 
    you can.  When night falls, retreat, bunker, morning and go kill some more.
    On the second night, you will see two infesters pop up on the minimap.  IGNORE 
    them for now.  Third day, kill stuff, but park some infantry where the 
    infesters came up at night.  Third night, kill both infesters for the bonus 
    objectives.  If you're playing on normal you should easily get 28 minutes, on 
    hard its still not too bad.
    For army of darkness, the best way I've found to do it is to bring ONLY medics
    and firebats out during the day.  Weaken the buildings until they have ~20
    health left, then put a firebat to hold position CLOSE to the building, but not
    close enough he'll start to attack it.  When night falls, issue and order to 
    all your firebats to "stop", and they will move close enough to the building to
    attack it.
    I've also heard reapers are extremely useful for getting this achievement. 
    Haven's Fall (choose Protoss, or Dr. and get this in mission archives)
    :Outpatient- Win with 3 settlements okay on Normal.
    :House Call- Win with 5 settlements okay on Hard.
    This was really... really easy.  Whenever one of them is attacked, bring in 
    all your vikings, kill the air, land, kill the ground.  Simple.  
    Safe Haven (choose Dr., or Protoss and get this in mission archives)
    :You Shall Not Pass- Save 3 colonies on Normal.
    :My Precious- Save 2 colonies on Hard.
    (the colony in your base counts.)
    This is quite do-able in one run.  Here's how.
    Before nexus: Build a reactor on your starport and more scvs.  Get viking 
    production going as soon as you can and DON'T STOP.  Seriously, hotkey the 
    starport to a group and tell it to make more vikings while you are out 
    First nexus: Bring in your starting 3 vikings after getting your economy
    started, and attack a warp prism.  This will bring in two phoenixes.  Kill one,
    make sure to micro one away when its about to die!, and kill the other.  
    Take down the other Warp Prism, then land on the north-west ledge and down the 
    Second nexus: Approach from the north-west.  Down any air support, and DON'T 
    land until you have killed the collosus (attacking it will cause it to move 
    away, but it will be back... oh, it will be back.)  When both threats are 
    eliminated, land on the ledge and down the nexus.
    Third nexus: There are a number of threats in this base.  The cannons are
    easily taken out of the picture by shooting down the supporting warp prisms, 
    but you still have to watch out for two carriers, two archons(!), a sentry, and
    a high templar(!!).  Be VERY careful with the high templar if you are on the
    ground.  As for the archons, lure them away from the base (it will aggro you
    from a large distance when you are attacking stuff), land, and kill it.  You
    will probably lose one or two vikings per archon.
    Mothership: To actually kill the mothership, once it departs the second base
    (or sooner if you get there in time) attack it FROM BEHIND.  If you attack it
    from other angles, your aerial units will start to space out and could put it 
    in range of the mothership.  It will two-shot your Vikings, so this is bad.
    Beware of both its re-inforcements and its use of Vortex (can you say Stasis
    If it proves too difficult, don't feel bad about doing this in one Hard and one
    Normal run.
    Colonist Mastery- Complete all the Colonist achievements.  Reward: Dr. Ariel
    Hanson portrait.
    Covert Missions
    The Devil's Playground
    :Red Lobster: Kill the Brutalisk with Lava on Normal.
    :Reaper Man: Rescue all the reapers on Hard.
    ~!The Scenic Route: Destroy all Zerg structures on Normal.
    Red lobster is pretty easy to get.  Here's how I did it.  When you get some 
    reapers, take them north-east and nab the command center if you want, and the 
    other reapers further on.  Hover on down to the Brutalisk, and at 1:30 left, 
    shoot it and run away a bit.  Shoot it some more and run.  Do this until it 
    gives up and runs back to its lair.  At 18 seconds left, shoot it and drag it 
    into the pit.  Pull it as far north-east as you can before lava rises, kills 
    your reapers, and kills the brutalisk.  
    Reaper Man is self explanatory.  Some when you start, the ones near the second
    CC, there's a few to the east of the brutalisk, more further east in a base
    near the south-east corner of the map, MORE inside the same base, bring some 
    major firepower to take down the base or try to sneak to them (actual location
    is about the middle of the map, eastmost side), and some on the north-west path
    leading to/from that base.
    The Scenic Route is self explanatory.  I did both with the assistance of 
    Vikings, but an infantry ball should be effective.  
    Welcome to the Jungle (we've got fun and games)
    :Appetite for Destruction- Don't let an scv die on Normal.
    :It's So Easy- Don't let a probe cap any gas on Hard.
    ~!You'ze So Crazy!- Destroy all Protoss structures on Normal.
    I would do this in two runs, only because killing the Protoss main base in Hard
    is... time consuming.
    For Appetite for Destruction and You'ze So Crazy!, build some goliaths and an 
    infantry ball.  If you have them, vikings are very helpful for anti air,
    especially in the Protoss main base.  Don't bother harvesting Terazime.   
    Oh, just because this is only Normal don't go thinking the Protoss will go down
    without a hell of a fight, if you start into their main base.  Go big or go
    home is the motto here, they have a sizable standing army, and a lot of
    production buildings to replace losses.  Once the Protoss are gone, the mission
    On Hard, the best strategy is to clear out all the standing defenses.  You can
    kill the middle base without too much hassle if you want, but there's various
    pylon and cannon emplacements scattered around the ruins that will really slow
    you down, and cause casualties if you try to rush through them to kill that 
    Build goliaths and an infantry ball (no firebats) to protect yourself while you
    harvest.  Do one site at a time or the Protoss reaction gets excessive.
    Intersting idea from ondolinde@gmail.com  If you have banshees, use them 
    cloaked to destroy the probes.  Eventually observers will make your life
    harder, but if you use two you can kill it quickly and escape and both might 
    live.  Use the extra time to build up extra forces.  
    Breakout (choose Tosh, or Nova and get this in mission archives)
    :Cool Hand Tosh- Don't let Tosh hit 100 hp remaining on Normal.
    :Jailhouse Rock- Beat the mission in 25 minutes or less on Hard.
    Most fun level in the entire game =)
    Cool Hand Tosh is self explanatory.  Go slow, over-use Shield.
    Jailhouse Rock is pretty easy, even if its your first time through the level.
    Here's some tips to increase your speed.
    On the first snag, there's an overlook to your left.  
    On the diagonal south-and-west path, before you get to the bunker there's a 
    path on the bottom.  Take it and destroy the siege tanks in the back.
    Rescue the prisoners after you break that road block.
    The next snag, there's an overlook on the right.  Kill the siege tank when the 
    Raven patrols away, and stun then kill the raven when it comes back.  Kill the
    Tower from the overlook, then help them push through.
    Before the next snag, rescue the prisoners on the west.  After rescuing them,
    shield and help them destroy what you can.  
    The next snag, nuke the thors.  Then, nuke the top of the ramp.  Nuke both 
    production centers and destroy buildings while your allies flood in and mop up.
    Ghost of a Chance (choose Nova, or Tosh and get this in mission archives)
    :Dominate Tricks- Kill 15 units with dominated units on Normal.  
    :Total Protonic Reversal- Kill EVERYTHING on Hard.
    Dominate Tricks is self explanatory and easy.
    Total Protonic Reversal is more of a pain in the ass than anything.  When you
    destroy a mission objective, be sure everything near it is dead before you 
    finish it off.
    The first zone isn't bad.  The second zone, its EASY to miss things.  Use the
    raven to reveal the entire map.  There's on missile turret on the far right 
    near the middle of the map, take a siege Tank as close as you can get to the
    outcrop to its south-west, it will barely be in range and kill it.  The rest 
    aren't too bad, use marauders to kill the stuff in the meteor in the north-
    Third zone just be thorough.  
    Covert Mastery- Get all the Covert Mission achievements.  Reward: Tosh 
    Rebellion Missions
    The Great Train Robbery
    :Bully the Bullies- Defeat the Marauder bunch in Normal.
    :Silver Streak- Don't let any trains get by on Hard.
    If you're going for Silver Streak, you almost have to defeat the marauders.  
    Just make a sizable infantry ball (no firebats) to sit in front of them, while
    the Diamondbacks (carefully!) pick them off from behind.
    The Zerg bones aren't too hard to find, one is south-east of your base, another
    is so close to the diamondbacks the game reveals you can't possible miss it, 
    and another you'll find near the southern tracks.
    The diamondbacks are a bit of a task to find.  It reveals a few.  Another is 
    on the same ledge the north-west expansion is on, and another is on the ledge 
    the southern tracks passes.
    Just general strategy: Use infantry ball with diamondback support to destroy 
    the escort, then use diamondbacks to finish the train and collect the 
    resources.  Be sure to expand to the north-east, and be ready for the 
    occasional attack on your base (they won't touch your expansion though.)
    :Minesweeper- kill 25 units with mines on Normal.
    :Solitaire- Buy out the mercenaries without building an scv on Hard.  
    Minesweeper, once you have the mercs build a ton of vultures and litter the 
    path from his base to the merc base with mines.  You'll get it eventually.
    As for Solitaire, if you have it goliaths + science vessels works wonders.  
    If not, infantry ball is the way to go, just leave a good defence for your 
    base as he attacks it from all directions fairly frequently.  
    Engine of Destruction
    :Kicking Asgard- Destroy Loki in Normal.
    :Ragnarok & Roll- Don't let Odin hit 30% of HP on Hard.
    Do both on hard.
    Bonus objectives: Zerg samples before you get Odin, near the north side of the
    map, and second to last zone (when he mentions the next area has a lot of air, 
    its the area you just cleared.)  All are easy to find, they're in cans though.
    General strategy, hold the wraths back until the second northern area; there 
    will be two deployed tanks that you'll want to destroy before they inflict 
    massive damage on Odin.  Always have some SCVs ordered to "move" to him (so 
    they will follow and repair him.)  If they get destroyed replace them quickly.
    Bunkers to the right of your main base for protection.  Expand to the northern
    base when you can, protect it with turrets and bunkers or Perdition turrets.
    Build Vikings if you have them and set them to follow Odin; if not build  
    wraiths and manually control them.  Loki is a powerful battlecruiser on the 
    east side of the map.  Bring an air unit close to him to activate him; he 
    cannot be kited close enough for Odin to engage him.
    Media Blitz
    :Seek and Destroy- Destroy a Barracks, a Factory, and a Starport with Odin 
    during the confusion on Normal.
    :Blitzkrieg- Win in 20 minutes on Hard.
    Just going to mention this here.  
    At some point in the mission go to the south-east and you will see a science
    facility.  Destroy it.  Get item.  Win.  You have now unlocked the secret
    Seek and Destroy- Do this and then reload the level, its a waste of time to do
    this in your main run.
    I would destroy as much of the East base as you can during the confusion.  
    Don't be shy of the bombardment, it kills multiple buildings fast.  Move on to
    the north-east base if you have time.
    Just win fast =/ Goliaths are highly recommended, Thors work too for anti-air.
    Remember to keep goliaths out of ground combat, the heavy units sent against 
    you will destroy them.  
    Piercing the Veil
    :Not So Brutalisk- Kill the Brutalisk without it killing any of your people on
    :Lock and Load- Find all 13 weapons on Hard.
    ~!Monster Mash- use the A.R.E.S. robot to kill the Brutalisk.
    Two runs for this is almost mandatory.
    On normal Mode, be sure to pick up TWO Protoss relics before you destroy the 
    fusion core, one from inside the pen you released 63 Zerglings from and the 
    other from the Brutalisk room.
    DO NOT USE THE ARES ROBOT (the one you can give one of three weapons).  Clear 
    the bay with your troops (use grenades and plasma gun when facing machines).
    Pick some troops (3marine 3medic is nice) and clear the Brutalisk room.  Save.
    Activate ares, with anti-armor missiles and bring it to the Brutalisk.  Release
    it.  Have your troops stand back and nail the Brutalisk with some plasma, but 
    let the A.R.E.S. finish it off.  Two achievements.
    Thanks to Mechalibur and Taiora for help with Lock and Load.
    As for Lock and Load, there are a few that are hard to find.  There's the one
    before you reach your first viking, go back to previous room and blow open the
    door at the other end (so easy to miss that door) for a plasma gun).
    Second, after the first chase scene, go BACK and look for any you missed.  
    Since you were running, its easier than you think to miss stuff.  Its likely 
    you will have missed a chrono rift device.  
    Rebellion Mastery- Complete all the Rebellion achievements.  Reward: Matt
    Artifact Missions
    Smash and Grab
    :Rock Solid- Don't lose any units to Stone Guardians in Normal.  
    :Hit and Run- Win in 15 minutes on Hard.  
    This is doable in one run, but be quick.
    Your best bet is to make an infantry ball.  Take it west once it's big enough,
    and then south to find an artifact.  Then take it east, always producing more 
    units.  Once the base is leveled, there is an artifact squirreled away to the 
    west past some pylons, make sure you grab it.  The rest are easy to find.
    As for Rock Solid, Save and bring Firebats and plenty of Medics.  I got it on 
    accident, its not a particularly hard achievement.
    -Note: I have gotten multiple e-mails suggesting I go purely marauders and 
    medics.  I still suggest a few firebats if you have them, because they're so
    useless in every other level might as well use them while you can =) but yeah,
    don't build marines unless you're playing on Brutal.
    The Dig
    :Drill Hard- Have the laser kill 20 units on Normal.
    :Yippee-Ki-Yay...- Destroy 50 Protoss structures on Hard.
    The artifacts are easy to find; once revealed, turn the laser on them.
    DON'T ever hesitate to use the laser on enemies; in fact I recommend doing it 
    to take out all of your attackers whenever they show up.  It's hard to kill 
    Protoss structures on this level.  Use an aerial unit to reveal them, and have
    the laser destroy it.  Work your way in the base, or more likely, along its 
    fringes.  The laser makes this level a snap. 
    :Cool Running- Don't lose ANYTHING to the fire wall on Normal.
    :Shock and Awe- Kill 75 units and structures with cloaked banshees on Hard.
    As for cool running, destroy all your refineries and building attachment 
    (reactors, etc) before you leave a base.
    Shock and Awe is self explanatory.  You might want to devote a run to it, 
    however.  Build a lot of them.
    The artifacts are 
    1) right outside your base
    2) north by north-east of 1
    3) south of the first recommended expansion, but the land route comes in from
    the west, closer to the wall of fire
    4) south-east area of the map
    The Mobius Factor
    :Alive Inside- Rescue everyone on Normal.  
    :Hard Core- Destroy all three data cores before Kerry destroys 8 buildings on
    Do this in two runs, normal and regular.
    As for normal, kill the Brutalisk and follow Kerrigan's path and you'll find 
    everyone eventually.  
    Hard Core is a much more difficult achievement to get.  Here is what I find
    CREDIT TO masteyevon.
    To paraphrase him.  Bring the war pigs down to the first core.  Drop them off
    and have everything there attack the first core.  While doing that, build 4 
    medics and medivac them and the units attacking the core to the ground when it
    is destroyed.  Have them and a medivac walk north-west until you see goliath 
    and marines on top of room.  Medivac them to the ground, then send medivacs
    away.  Walk up to second core, destroying only what is attacking you, rescue 
    marauders, destroy second data core (be ready to attack nydus work as soon as 
    it shows).  Walk south-west.  When Kerrigan's path goes north-west, KEEP GOING
    SOUTH-WEST.  Hug the water and attack the third data core without aggroing 
    the brood lord if possible and win.
    Maw of the Void
    :I Have the Power- Kill all the generators on Normal.
    :Master of the Universe- Don't let any of your units die inside a field on
    These are really easy achievements to get.  No time limit.  Protoss attacks are
    a joke.  Protoss bases are pretty weak.  Simple formula for both achievements.
    ONLY fully-repaired battlecruisers go into the fields, attack-move to the
    generator, yamato until dead, repeat.  Mass battlecruisers and max upgrades 
    make this just silly easy.  Just don't forget to kill the last generator before
    you bust the vault and its good game.
    This should be obvious, but save before you enter generator fields.
    Also.  After dark templar become available, use the first 6 you get to kill the
    next generator.
    Artifact Mastery- Complete all the Artifact achievements.  Reward: Tychus 
    Prophesy Missions
    Whispers of Doom
    :Stalker Delight- Finish with 3+ stalkers alive on Normal.
    :Merely a Flesh Wound- Don't let Zeratul take life damage on Hard.
    The two achievements are self explanatory.  Save a lot and be careful.  When 
    running away, void bubble nydus as opposed to killing them and blink over rocks
    instead of killing them when you can.
    1) Can't miss.
    2) Kill banelings, go south-west.
    3) When 3rd part of prophesy is open, DON'T step on it but go west.
    A Sinister Turn
    :Out for Justice- Kill all enemy Protoss on Normal.
    :Maar-ked for Death- Win in 25 minutes on Hard.
    Probably two runs for this one.
    Kill all Protoss is pretty self explanatory.  Get your other buildings while 
    you're at it.
    Thanks to bboyer@nmrinc.com for this strategy!
    Maar-ked for Death, get your economy going, build two units and go to the east
    and kill the zealot and build a pylon near the dark temple.  Build a few 
    cannons and start massing dark templars.  Once you have 8 or 9 (or 10) wait for
    the hybrid to spawn, dodge him, and send 10 DTs straight at the prisoners.  
    Kill the north-west one last, as it's in range of detection, and win looooong 
    before 25 minutes.  
    Echoes of the Future
    :Army of One- Kill 50 units with Zeratul on Normal.
    :Overmind Dead Body- Win in 20 minutes on Hard.
    The two relics you need to build a pylon by are in the expansion to the east by
    north-west, and along the path to the north of your base to the rest of the 
    overmind, at the top of the first ramp.
    Army of One is self explanatory.  Just be careful not to get him killed.  
    General strategy, build a good economy going as soon as possible (lots of 
    probes) and build a robotics facility.  Have your gateway pump out stalkers and
    get immortals from the robitcs facility.  At about two immortals and 4 stalkers
    start attacking.  When nydus are on their way, position zeratul to the west of
    your base to void bubble then kill one nydus, and the rest of your army to kill
    the nydus there.  Bring the colossi.  
    Overmind Dead Body CAN be done with the method I describe above, or you can win
    in 4 minutes =P  Thanks to bboyer@nmrinc.com for the below link.
    In Utter Darkness
    :Semi-Glorious- Kill 250 more units than necessary on Normal.
    :Blaze of Glory- Kill 750 more units than necessary on NORMAL.
    There are numerous strategies on how to do this on the boards.  If you're doing
    it for the achievements, definitely do it on normal.  Basic strategy is to 
    Build a wall of dark templars on each of the bridges so that nothing can get 
    by, line the lofts with cannons, ignore the gold, and use Zeratul to void 
    bubble overseers when they come in, and phoenix's to kill said overseers.  This
    will work for a while.  UPGRADE a lot.  Once you are capped on population, fill
    the center with as many cannons as you can possibly fit.  When archives go
    down, fall back to the ramps and hope you get 750 more kills.  
    Prophecy Mastery- Get all the prophesy achievements.  Reward: Zeratul portrait.
    Final Missions
    Gates of Hell
    :The Big Bang Cannon- Destroy all the Spore Cannons on Normal.
    :Dominion Roundup- Save all the Dominion drop-pods on Hard.
    Dominion Roundup, easy until you get the two for one deal, send your main group
    north and one viking south to pick them up.  They'll still die, but you'll get
    From a ton of people, crediting the first to inform me: budde
    MULES from orbital commands can 'rescue' the troops.  Troops are screwed, but 
    you get your achievement.
    Shatter the Sky
    :Demolition Man- Don't lose any units to a platform blowing up on Normal.
    :Speed Too!- Win in 25 minutes on Hard.
    Both self explanatory, both easy.  North-east is a mix of anti-air and anti-
    ground, as is south-west.  North-west is anti-ground (a few BC's will take it
    out) and south-east is anti-air, bring battlecruisers and vikings.  
    Belly of the Beast
    :Unbreakable- Don't let anyone get incapacitated on Normal.
    :One Shot Fifty Kills!- Kill 50 units with one penetrator round on Hard.  
    For Unbreakable, be careful at the second and third fault lines; the second
    theres a lot of units, and the third use your activated abilities on the queen
    as often as possible.
    All In
    :Turn and Burn- Get the artifact 150 kills on Normal.
    :Aces High- Use the artifact only once on Hard.
    As for Turn and Burn, that one's easy.  Just Nova on every wave, or save and 
    intentionally let your base get overrun and Nova when the crystal is at low 
    Aces High is a bit more difficult.  
    First, coming from Shattered Sky.  You'll want to mass the bajesus out of 
    siege tanks, and place them around your bunker.  Build a science vessel or two
    and and put them over each group of siege tanks (if you don't have sci vessels,
    don't sweat it.)  You'll want 15-20 siege tanks on each side eventually, just
    work towards it.
    Also, do your best to maintain a strike force of 5-10 Banshees at all times.  
    You'll be sending them to close nydus worms and against Kerrigan.
    The general strategy is this.  Turtle up and close nydus worms when you can.  
    Save every 5%.  When Kerrigan comes, make sure all nydus worms on her side are 
    closed, as swarm of Zerg + Kerrigan = mission over or use of a Nova.  When 
    Kerry comes, let her hit the tanks, then send in your banshees for a little 
    extra damage.  Don't bother cloaking, she detects.  
    There are swarms at 50% and 90%, but with the siege tanks it shouldn't be too 
    much of an issue.  
    Oh.  Build another 3 armories and upgrade everything in there to max.  
    coming from Belly of the Beast, I'll write a strategy for that once I've gone
    through the campaign again.
    Final Mastery- Get all the Final achievements.  Reward: Valarian Mengsk 
    Mar Sara Missions- Complete the Mar Sara Missions.
    Dr. Ariel Hanson Missions- Save or kinda save Haven =P
    Gabriel Tosh Missions- Choose Tosh or don't, then complete the mission.
    Matt Horner Missions- Complete Media Blitz.
    Zeratul Missions- Complete In Utter Darkness.
    Ihan Crystal- Aquired during the campaign.
    The Artifact- Aquired during the campaign.
    Wings of Liberty- Complete All In mission.  
    -Reward: Jim Raynor portrait.  (doesn't look like him at all.)
    Stay Awhile and Listen- Start a conversation with everyone.
    Couch Surfer- Watch TV after 10 missions.
    Nice Suit- Talk to Tychus after every mission until he spills the beans.
    Dead Man's Hand- Talk to Matt after every mission until he spills the beans.
    I believe he only talks about it after "The Great Train Robbery" mission.
    Terra-tron Terrorized!- Defeat Terra-Tron.
    Lost Viking: Bronze/Silver/Gold- Score 125k/250k/500k points.  
    Base Tech Master- Get all 8 upgrades in the Base section.
    Infantry Tech Master- Get all 10 upgrades in the Infantry section.
    Vehicle Tech Master- Get all 10 upgrades in the Vehicle section.
    Starship Tech Master- Get all 10 upgrades in the Starship section.
    Dominion Tech Master- Get all 4 upgrades in the Dominion section.
    As for these, if you want to get them all in one run I recommend you do it 
    thusly.  ONLY get the important upgrades (like medic's improved healing.)  
    Don't get anything else.  When you have all 2, 4, or 5 options unlocked in the
    armory for upgrade, save it, upgrade everything, get achievement, load the last
    save, and you'll still have the achievement and get all your money back.
    Beware the 1,000,000 credit cap, and spend some money before you get there =P
    Band of Legends- See above.  I'm not a big fan of the mercs but if you are by
    all means go for it.
    -Reward: Hill portrait.    
    Zerg Xenobiology
    Protoss Xenobiology
    -Complete the research projects.  Choose tech reactor or so help me -_-
    Wings of Liberty: Hard- Beat 5/10/15/20/25 missions on Hard.
    Wings of Liberty: Brutal 5/10/15/20/25- Beat 5/10/15/20/25 missions on Brutal.
    Liberty Completionist: Normal- Beat all missions on Normal.
    -Reward: General Warfield portrait.
    Liberty Completionist: Hard- Beat all missions on Hard.
    -Reward: Arcturas Mengsk portrait.
    Liberty Completionist: Brutal- Beat all missions on Brutal.  Good f'in luck.
    -Reward: Sarah Kerrigan portrait.
    Hurry Up: It's Raid Night- Beat all missions on Normal under a combined 8 
    Master Mechanic- Get all 5 "tech master" achievements.  
    -Reward: Rory Swann portrait.
    Master Technician- Obtain Zerg- and Protoss Xenobiology achievements.  
    -Reward: Egon Stetmann portrait.
    Guide One
    Cooperative Novice- Win 3 cooperative games.
    Custom Game Novice- Win 3 even games against the A.I.
    -CREDIT TO  Okay_Computer: Create a game in multiplayer, without making it open
    to the public.  Add the A.I. and play.  
    Challenge Accepted- Score bronze or higher in 3 Challenges.
    Medal of Combat- Complete all Guide One achievements.  Reward: Tiger Marine 
    Guide Two
    Challenge Accepted, Too!- Score bronze or higher in 6 Challenges.
    Custom Game Terran- Win 3 evenly matched battles against the A.I. as Terran.
    Custom Game Protoss- Win 3 evenly matched battles against the A.I. as Protoss.
    Custom Game Zerg- Win 3 evenly matched battles against the A.I. as Zerg.
    Qualified for Action- Play enough qualifying round to get placed in a Quick 
    Match League.
    Medal of Valor- Complete all the Guide Two achievements.  Reward: Panda Marine
    Guide Three
    Challenge Completed- Score bronze or higher in 9 Challenges.  
    Play Replay- Watch a battle.net replay.
    -Just play a co-op or something, save the replay, and watch it.  
    Free-For-All Crusher- Kill 100 units in free-for-all Quick Match games.  
    Flying Solo- Win 5 1v1 league quick match games.  
    That's Teamwork- Win 5 team league quick match games.  
    Medal of Honor- Complete all Guide 3 achievements.  Reward: Wolf Marine
    Tactical Command- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    Path of Ascension- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    For the Swarm- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    -Youtube has some great videos on how to do these.  Or, save before every 
    Covert Ops- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    -Here's the strategy I used.  I got 266 kills without too much trouble.  
    Before you start, go ahaid and put all ghosts into one group and ravens into
    When you start, issue orders to all ghosts to holster weapon.  Then, Select 
    four, cloak, and Nuke the following targets: Hydralisk Den to the west, base
    near hydralisk den with a ton of drones, spawning pool to the southeast, and 
    clump of units to the north of spawning pool (has an infestor and 3 banelings.)
    Find all four spots before you ready, of course.  Have them que a movement back
    to the start after you've done that, so they can help you later.
    With the rest of the ghosts and the ravens, move north-east.  Youll want to 
    kill the spine crawler and surrounding stuff so you can nuke the middle.  Make
    use of the raven's auto-gun.  Nuke middle.  Now, with all your ghosts and all
    your ravens, go to where you nuked the aforementioned clump of units, and head
    north slowly.  Use Autoturrets to tank the mutalisks on top of the ramp, and 
    Snipe to kill them faster.  Nuke the north-east part of the base with your 
    remaining nukes.  This should get you enough for Gold.  Regardless, send your 
    ghosts to attack random places cloaked (weapons UNholstered now) and have your 
    ravens kill more stuff with auto-guns.
    Psionic Assault- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    -One of the more enjoyable challenges.  Goes all the way up to 300, though for
    gold you only need to get 225.  I recommend you go to 300 =P
    Really the biggest tip I can give you is to save after every round and don't 
    lose any units.  Avoid using hallucenations for as long as you can.  Early on 
    and also later into the challenge, you'll want to use 3 force fields to block 
    off the ramp, but leave the middle one closer in to encourage clumping, for 
    storms.  Remember that sentries DO have an attack, and that using that instead
    of a storm is a good idea when time isn't an issue.
    Finally, feedback insta-kills banshees and ghosts, but don't waste it on 
    Infestation- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    -Really easy =/ Have your roaches eat some marines and supply depots for a few
    kills, but the lion's share will come from infestors mind controlling the tanks
    and the colossi (and a little high temlplar helps too.)
    Harbringer of Death- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    -I've heard from multiple sources that dark templars on the phoenix's intended
    place and also on the sentry/high templar's place help a lot.  The carriers 
    WILL need to be filled up (mash 'I').  Stalkers and dark templars north-east.
    Opening Gambit- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    -This one actually does a decent job teaching you how to play in multiplayer.
    You probably won't actually end up using ghosts or tanks that much (or maybe
    you will) but it gives you a good idea how to start yourself.  A few specific
    pointers.  You should just about always be producing scvs at your command
    centers.  By the time you reach 19 supply, you should already have two 
    refineries with 3 scvs harvesting each.  At 22, build another command center, 
    and a factory after that.  Don't neglect to produce marines, but ghosts and
    tanks come first.  Dont forget to snipe with the ghosts, though if you're doing
    it fast enough you shouldn't need to (still helps mitigate ultralisk damage.)
    Oh.  Get orbital commands and call down mules. Calling down extra supplies is a
    waste and should only be done if you supply block yourself (build supply depots
    ahead of time.)
    Rush Defense- Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    -You probably should do this the right way =P but for those of you who don't 
    care, I have an ultra-cheese way to beat this.
    Zerg is easy.  First assault, pull everything off harvesting and attack move
    towards zerglings.  4-5 deaths.  After that you should have a bunker up; put
    marines into it and win easily.
    Credit goes to Areaz on the boards for this strategy.  
    Protoss is where cheese comes into play.  Lift off CC and hover it around 
    protoss base, out of range of cannon obviously.  Build Barracks.  
    ZEALOTS WILL STAND UNDER YOUR CC.  Move your barracks over when its done.  
    Land the barracks near the zealots, and move your CC away.  When barracks hits
    about 50%, lift off again and zealots will all stand under your barracks.
    Hard tech to banshees and kill his buildings for an easy gold.
    Custom Game
    Some background on this section.  Custom game is all about winning, as the only
    human, against A.I. opponents.  It is done by clicking Multiplayer, Create a 
    Game (under Custom Games), NOT opening the game to public, and setting up a 
    match versus the A.I.  Some will require you to fight by yourself against A.I.,
    some with you and two A.I. versus 3 A.I. etc.  
    Evenly Matched means 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4.  This is the name of the game 
    until you get into the Outmatched achievements.  Interestingly enough, doing
    Outmatched achievements does not give you credit for the easier versions of
    Evenly Matched.  For example, you Versus two medium A.I. will not give you 
    credit towards Protoss A.I. Romp.  Also, 1v4 Hard A.I. will NOT give you 1v3 
    Hard A.I.
    "Medium" (as in the difficulty of A.I.) always means "Medium or harder."  Same
    for the other difficulties.
    And yes, giving the A.I.'s a handicap of anything but 100% invalidates your 
    Medium A.I.
    Terran A.I. Romp 10/25/50/100
    Zerg A.I. Romp 10/25/50/100
    Protoss A.I. Romp 10/25/50/100
    Random A.I. Romp 10/25/50/100
    -Win against an evenly matched A.I. 10/25/50/100 times.  Note that playing as 
    Random will give you credit for random and whichever race you get.  
    FFA Medium- Win a Free-for-All battle against 7 Medium A.I.'s.
    Medium Blitz- Win a 1v1 Custom game against a Medium A.I. in 5 minutes.
    -See Insane Blitz.
    Medium A.I. Crusher- Get all the Medium A.I. achievements.
    Hard A.I.
    Hard A.I. Romp 10/25/50/100- Win 1v1 against a Hard A.I. 10/25/50/100 times.
    FFA Hard- Win a Free-for-All battle against 7 Hard A.I.'s.
    Hard Blitz- Win a 1v1 Custom game against a Hard A.I. in 5 minutes.
    -See Insane Blitz.
    3v3 Mix vs Hard A.I.- Win a 3v3 Custom battle, with Hard A.I. allies, 
    your team consisting of one Protoss, one Terran, and one Zerg, against 3 Hard
    3v3 vs Hard A.I. Mix- Win a 3v3 Custom battle, with Hard A.I. allies, with 
    the enemy team consisting of one Protoss, one Terran, and one Zerg, all Hard
    -Both Mix achievements can be done in the same battle.
    4v4 Kin vs Hard A.I.- Win a battle with you and 3 Hard A.I. allies being 
    Terran, against 4 Hard A.I.'s.  Do the same for Zerg and Protoss.  
    4v4 versus Hard A.I. Kin- Win a battle with 3 Hard A.I. Allies, against 4 Hard
    A.I.'s that are all Terran.  Do the same for Zerg and Protoss.
    -You can do both Kin achievements in the same games (for example, you and 
    3 Hard A.I. versus 4 Hard A.I., everyone being Terran)
    Hard A.I. Crusher- Get all of the Hard A.I. achievements.  
    Very Hard A.I.
    Very Hard A.I. Romp 10/25/50/100- Win 1v1 against a Very Hard A.I. 10/25/50/100
    FFA Very Hard- Win a Free-for-All battle against 7 Very Hard A.I.'s.
    Very Hard Blitz- Win a 1v1 Custom game against a Very Hard A.I. in 5 minutes.
    -See Insane Blitz.
    3v3 Mix vs Very Hard A.I.- Win a 3v3 Custom battle, with Very Hard A.I. allies,
    your team consisting of one Protoss, one Terran, and one Zerg, against 3 Very 
    Hard A.I.'s.
    3v3 vs Very Hard A.I. Mix- Win a 3v3 Custom battle, with Very Hard A.I. allies,
    with the enemy team consisting of one Protoss, one Terran, and one Zerg, all 
    Very Hard A.I.'s.
    -Both Mix achievements can be done in the same battle.
    4v4 Kin vs Very Hard A.I.- Win a battle with you and 3 Very Hard A.I. allies 
    being Terran, against 4 Very Hard A.I.'s.  Do the same for Zerg and Protoss.  
    4v4 versus Very Hard A.I. Kin- Win a battle with 3 Very Hard A.I. Allies, 
    against 4 Very Hard A.I.'s that are all Terran.  Do the same for Zerg and 
    -You can do both Kin achievements in the same games (for example, you and 
    3 Very Hard A.I. versus 4 Very Hard A.I., everyone being Terran)
    Very Hard A.I. Crusher- Get all of the Very Hard A.I. achievements.  
    Insane A.I.
    Insane A.I. Romp 10/25/50/100- Win 1v1 against a Insane A.I. 10/25/50/100 
    FFA Insane- Win a Free-for-All battle against 7 Insane A.I.'s.  
    -Reward: Orlan portrait.
    Insane Blitz- Win a 1v1 Custom game against a Insane A.I. in 5 minutes.
    -I got this without too much trouble by doing a gateway proxy against a Terran
    opponent.  Just build quick or his marines will be able to kill your zealots.
    3v3 Mix vs Insane A.I.- Win a 3v3 Custom battle, with Insane A.I. allies, 
    your team consisting of one Protoss, one Terran, and one Zerg, against 3 Insane
    3v3 vs Insane A.I. Mix- Win a 3v3 Custom battle, with Insane A.I. allies, with
    the enemy team consisting of one Protoss, one Terran, and one Zerg, all Insane
    -Both Mix achievements can be done in the same battle.
    4v4 Kin vs Insane A.I.- Win a battle with you and 3 Insane A.I. allies being 
    Terran, against 4 Insane A.I.'s.  Do the same for Zerg and Protoss.  
    4v4 versus Insane A.I. Kin- Win a battle with 3 Insane A.I. Allies, against 4
    Insane A.I.'s that are all Terran.  Do the same for Zerg and Protoss.
    -You can do both Kin achievements in the same games (for example, you and 
    3 Hard A.I. versus 4 Hard A.I., everyone being Terran)
    Insane A.I. Crusher- Get all of the Insane A.I. achievements. 
    -Credit to Gairovald for assistance with these strategies.  
    Interesting note about Outmatched achievements.  Defeating more computers in 
    one game than is required for an individual achievement does NOT grant that 
    achievement.  For example, going 1v4 and winning will not get you the 1v3 or 
    1v2 achievements.
    Outmatched 2 Normal AI- see Insane AI strategy.
    Outmatched 3 Normal AI- see Very Hard AI strategy.
    Outmatched 4 Normal AI- see Very Hard AI strategy.
    Play against two, three, or four Normal A.I. by yourself in a Custom game and
    Outmatched 2 Hard AI- see Insane AI strategy.
    Outmatched 3 Hard AI- see Very Hard AI strategy.
    Outmatched 4 Hard AI- see Very Hard AI strategy.
    Play against two, three, or four Hard A.I. by yourself in a Custom game and
    Outmatched 2 Very Hard AI- see Insane AI strategy.
    Outmatched 3 Very Hard AI
    Outmatched 4 Very Hard AI
    Play against two, three, or four Very Hard A.I. by yourself in a Custom game 
    and win.
    -For Outmatched 3 and 4 Very Hard A.I., go to Megaton, by yourself as protoss
    against 4 terran.  Build your first pylon kind of in the middle of where their
    4 bases are, and build the forge next to it.  Get probes as you are able, but
    focus on cannons.  You'll probably want to expand once you get 25 probes.  
    Outmatched 2 Insane AI- Play against two Insane A.I. by yourself in a Custom
    game and win.
    - Do this on Twilight Citidel, Protoss against two Protoss.  Cannon rush,
    starting at the very top of the ramp and creep towards their bases from there.
    Try to do it before they get stalkers or it takes forever.
    Outmatched Crusher- Get all the Outmatched achievements.  
    "Medium" (as in the difficulty of A.I.) always means "Medium or harder."  Same
    for the other difficulties.
    A note on the Streak achievements.  Wins and Losses above the difficulty 
    mentioned affect the achievement.  This means winning or losing on Insane 2v2
    will increase or empty all your Streak 2v2 achievements.  
    Co-op Stomp: Normal 10/25/50/100/250- Win 10/25/50/100/250 Cooperative battles
    against Normal A.I.'s.
    2v2 Co-op Streak: Normal 5/10/15- Win 5/10/15 Co-op games against Normal 
    3v3 Co-op Streak: Normal 5/10/15- Win 5/10/15 Co-op games against Normal 
    2v2 Stomp Coverage: Normal- As each of the 6 combinations of race, win on 
    Co-op against Normal A.I.'s.  (2 Terran, 1 Terran 1 Zerg, so on.)
    3v3 Stomp Coverage: Normal- As each of the 10 combinations of race, win on 
    Co-op against Normal A.I.'s.  (3 Terran, 2 Terran 1 Zerg, so on)
    Gosu Comp Stomp: Normal- Get all the Normal co-op achievements. 
    Co-op Stomp: Hard 10/25/50/100/250- Win 10/25/50/100/250 Cooperative battles
    against Hard A.I.'s.
    2v2 Co-op Streak: Hard 5/10/15- Win 5/10/15 Co-op games against Hard A.I.'s.
    3v3 Co-op Streak: Hard 5/10/15- Win 5/10/15 Co-op games against Hard A.I.'s.
    2v2 Stomp Coverage: Hard- As each of the 6 combinations of race, win on 
    Co-op against Hard A.I.'s.  (2 Terran, 1 Terran 1 Zerg, so on.)
    3v3 Stomp Coverage: Hard- As each of the 10 combinations of race, win on 
    Co-op against Hard A.I.'s.  (3 Terran, 2 Terran 1 Zerg, so on)
    Gosu Comp Stomp: Hard- Get all the Hard co-op achievements. 
    Very Hard
    Co-op Stomp: Very Hard 10/25/50/100/250- Win 10/25/50/100/250 Cooperative 
    battles against Very Hard A.I.'s.
    2v2 Co-op Streak: Very Hard 5/10/15- Win 5/10/15 Co-op games against Very Hard
    3v3 Co-op Streak: Very Hard 5/10/15- Win 5/10/15 Co-op games against Very Hard
    2v2 Stomp Coverage: Very Hard- As each of the 6 combinations of race, win on
    Co-op against Very Hard A.I.'s.  (2 Terran, 1 Terran 1 Zerg, so on.)
    3v3 Stomp Coverage: Very Hard- As each of the 10 combinations of race, win on
    Co-op against Very Hard A.I.'s.  (3 Terran, 2 Terran 1 Zerg, so on)
    Gosu Comp Stomp: Very Hard- Get all the Very Hard co-op achievements.
    Co-op Stomp: Insane 10/25/50/100/250- Win 10/25/50/100/250 Cooperative battles
    against Insane A.I.'s.
    2v2 Co-op Streak: Insane 5/10/15- Win 5/10/15 Co-op games against Insane
    3v3 Co-op Streak: Insane 5/10/15- Win 5/10/15 Co-op games against Insane
    2v2 Stomp Coverage: Insane- As each of the 6 combinations of race, win on
    Co-op against Insane A.I.'s.  (2 Terran, 1 Terran 1 Zerg, so on.)
    3v3 Stomp Coverage: Insane- As each of the 10 combinations of race, win on
    Co-op against Insane A.I.'s.  (3 Terran, 2 Terran 1 Zerg, so on)
    Gosu Comp Stomp: Insane- Get all the Insane co-op achievements.
    Race A.I.
    Terran Command 10/25/50/100/250
    Protoss Command 10/25/50/100/250
    Zerg Command 10/25/50/100/250
    Random Command 10/25/50/100/250
    -Win 10/25/50/100/250 Co-op games against Medium A.I.'s as the given race.  
    Random will give you credit for random and whichever race you get.
    Supreme Command- Earn all the Race A.I. achievements.  
    Quick Match
    Solo League
    Solo Terran X- Win X Quick Match 1v1 games as Terran.
    x=10, Marine portrait.
    x=25, Marauder portrait.
    x=50, Medivac portrait.
    x=100, Siege Tank portrait.
    x=250, Ghost portrait.
    x=500, Thor portrait.  Mar Sara Separatists
    x=750, Battlecruiser portrait.  Terran Max
    x=1000, Nova portrait.  DMW  
    Solo Zerg X- Win X Quick Match 1v1 games as Zerg.
    x=10, Zergling portrait.
    x=25, Roach portrait.
    x=50, Baneling portrait.
    x=100, Hydralisk portrait.
    x=250, Queen portrait.
    x=500, infester portrait.  Char Brood decal.
    x=750, Ultralisk portrait.  Aiur Brood decal.
    x=1000, Queen of Blades portrait.  Spine Brood decal.
    Solo Protoss X- Win X Quick Match 1v1 games as Protoss.
    x=10, Zealot portrait.
    x=25, Stalker portrait.
    x=50, Phoenix portrait.
    x=100, Immortal portrait.
    x=250, Void Ray portrait.
    x=500, Colossus portrait.  Hybrid Honors decal.
    x=750, Carrier portrait.  Judicator Caste decal.
    x=1000, Tassadar portrait.  Daelaam Regalia decal.
    Solo Random X- Win X Quick Match 1v1 games as Random.
    x=10, Reaper portrait.
    x=25, Sentry portrait.
    x=50, Overseer portrait.
    x=100, Viking portrait.
    x=250, High Templar portrait.
    x=500, Mutalisk portrait.  Claw Brood decal.
    x=750, Banshee portrait.  Templar Caste decal.
    x=1000, Hybrid Destroyer portrait.  Pan-Terran decal.
    Solo Hot Streak 3/5- Win 3/5 Quick Match 1v1 games in a row.
    Solo Zen Master- Win 1000 1v1 quick matches as Terran, Zerg, Protoss, and 
    Reward: Dark Voice Portrait.
    Team League
    Team Terran X- Win X Team Quick Match games as Terran.
    x=10, SCV portrait.
    x=25, Firebat portrait.
    x=50, Hellion portrait.
    x=100, Vulture portrait.
    x=250, Medic portrait.
    x=500, Spartan Company portrait.  Moebius Forces decal.
    x=750, Wraith portrait.  War Pigs decal.
    x=1000, Diamondback portrait.  Terran Dominion decal.
    Team Zerg X- Win X Team Quick Match games as Zerg.
    x=10, Drone portrait.
    x=25, Infested Colonist portrait.
    x=50, Infested Marine portrait.
    x=100, Corrupter portrait.
    x=250, Aberration portrait.
    x=500, Brood Lord portrait.  Redstone Brood decal.
    x=750, Overmind portrait.  Zerus Brood decal.
    x=1000, Leviathan portrait.  Lost Brood decal.
    Team Protoss X- Win X Team Quick Match games as Protoss.
    x=10, Drone portrait.
    x=25, Scout portrait.
    x=50, Urun portrait.
    x=100, Nyon portrait.
    x=250, Executor portrait.
    x=500, Mohendar portrait.  Shelak Tribe decal.
    x=750, Selendis portrait.  Lost Tribe decal.
    x=1000, Artanis portrait.  Tal'darim Standard decal.
    Team Random X- Win X Team Quick Match games as Random.
    x=10, Overlord portrait.
    x=25, Hydralisk Marine portrait.
    x=50, Zer'atal Dark Templar portrait.
    x=100, Goliath portrait.
    x=250, Lenassa Dark Templar portrait.
    x=500, Mira Han portrait.  Mira Mercs decal.
    x=750, Archon portrait.  Sky Brood decal.
    x=1000, Hybrid Reaver portrait.  Specter Ops decal.
    Team Hot Streak 3/5- Win 3/5 Team Quick Match games in a row.
    Team Zen Master- Win 1000 Team Quick Matches as Terran, Zerg, Protoss, and 
    Reward: Predator portrait.
    FFA Gladiator- Kill 5000 enemy units in FFA Quick Match.
    FFA Destroyer- Win an FFA Quick Match as Terran, Zerg, Protoss, and Random.
    FFA Win5/10/25/50/100/200/400/800s- Win 5/10/25/50/100/200/400/800 Quick Match
    FFA games.  
    League Qualifier- Qualify for the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 Quick Match Leagues.
    Two-way Dominant- As each of the 6 combinations of race, win a 2v2 Quick Match.
    (2 Terran, 1 Terran 1 Zerg, so on.)
    Three-way Dominant- As each of the 10 combinations of race, win a 3v3 Quick
    Match.  (3 Terran, 2 Terran 1 Zerg, so on.)
    Competitive Zen Master- Earn, FFA Destroyer, FFA Wins 800, League Qualifier, 
    Two-way Dominant, and Three-way Dominant.
    I know that each of these can be done on Co-op and quick match.  Melee combat
    can be done in custom games against the computer.  League must be done in 
    Quick Match.
    If I could receive e-mail confirmation what game modes you can get these on
    I would really appreciate it!
    However, I will be providing strategies for doing these on Easy or Normal
    2v2 Co-op.
    Training Day- Train 10 marines in 320 seconds.
    Zergling Rush- Create 20 Zerglings in 255 seconds.
    -The only truly difficult achievement here.  Someone said you can get it by
    creating one drone, making a spawning pool, then making an overlord and pushing
    Zerglings, but honestly, just ask a friend to join a co-op with you and leave
    immediately for extra resources.  
    Zealot Push- Warp in 5 zealots in 250 seconds.
    -Be sure to make use of the Nexus' ability to speed up buildings to get your 
    zealots out faster.  
    Fast Expand- Expand in 225 seconds.
    Erector Time- Build a Factory in 270 seconds.
    Warp In Time- Warp in a Twilight Council in 275 seconds.
    Its Morphing Time- Mutate a Lair in 285 seconds.
    The Rich Get Richer- Deplete 10 rich minerals in one game.
    -For this one, you're going to have to leave one opponent alive and harvest 
    after the fighting, because holding not one but two expansions with rich 
    minerals in a real game is nigh impossible.  
    Its Just a Scratch- Repair 1000 life on allied structures in one game.  
    -No friendly fire.  
    City Builder- Get all the Economy achievements.  
    Melee Combat
    I see dead units- Kill 10 cloaked or burrowed units in one Melee game.
    -Do this with Zerg opponents that have been zealous with creep expansion.  
    The creep tumors burrow, and count towards this achievement.
    Psionic Death- Get a high templar 20 kills in a Melee game.
    -Do this legitimately, or crush a Zerg down to its last hatchery and storm its
    larvae.  Quicker if you leave the queen up too.
    Meatgrinder- Kill 50 supply worth of units in 15 seconds.
    -Late game battles, this happens accidentally.  
    The Back Door- Warp in 50 units through a deployed warp prism's power field.  
    Zergalot- As Zerg, warp in a zealot.
    -Get an infester with Neural Parasite.  Hit a probe with it, warp in a nexus, 
    probe, pylon, gateway, Zergalot.
    Distorted Reality- Trap 50 enemies in a single Vortex in a Melee game.
    -I hear carrier's Interceptors do quite nicely.
    To the Shadows I Run- Use Blink to save a stalker in a Melee Game.
    Can't Touch This- Don't let a Seeker missile fired at you troop reach it in a 
    Melee Game.
    Fire Fighter- Save 8 burning buildings in a Melee game.
    -No friendly fire.  Lift off a CC, send it into an enemy base until it starts 
    burning, bring it out to a waiting scv, repair.  Rinse and repeat.  (Guard the
    One Finger Discount- Cancel a building that is about to be destroyed by enemies
    in a Melee game.
    Just An Illusion- Control 15 hallucinations at once in a Melee Game.
    -Make them all archons and send them into a fight to easily get the Shroom
    Absorption achievement as well.
    Welcome Back, Commander- Get all the Melee Combat achievements.  
    League Combat
    Yamato Master Blaster- Kill 20 units with Yamato Gun.
    Professionals Have Standards- Kill 20 units with Snipe.
    -Workers do REAL well.
    Infested Terror- Kill 30 units with infested Terrans.
    -Mass infesters makes this easy.
    Beep, Beep, Boom!- Kill 6 units with one Seeker Missile.
    -Can be done with Larvae.  
    Would you Kindly...- Kill 5 units with a single Neural Parasited unit.
    -Doesn't have to be 1 duration.  I did this with one battlecruiser across about
    8 neural parasite usages.  
    Unbreakable!- Get any one unit 40 kills credited to it in a Melee game.
    Auto-kill- Kill 20 SCVs in one melee game with the raven's auto turret in one 
    Melee game.
    Raining Blood- Shoot down a fully loaded transport in a melee game.
    -Not happening in co-op.  I'd love suggestions!
    Nuclear Launch Detected- Kill 15 units with one Nuke.
    -A.I. are too smart to get caught in it.  One method a friend used was to 
    weaken all the buildings in a small zerg base, nuke it once to kill the 
    buildings, then nuke it again to kill all the broodlings the buildings spawn.
    Terran Macro Master- Have 9 units being trained at the same time.
    -Mass barracks, anyone?
    Protoss Macro Master- Have 9 units being produce at the same time.
    -Carriers building interceptors count!
    Zerg Macro Master- Have 21 units being morphed at the same time.
    -load one hatchery up with a ton of larvae then build them all into drones and
    overlords.  Or whatever, but don't run out of resources.
    Warp In Madness- Warp in 100 units.  
    Centurion Queen- Spawn 100 larvae using queens.
    Neighborly Help- Heal 300 damage to an ally's units.
    -Zerg ally is a sure-fire way to get this.
    The Flying Heal Bus- Heal 5000 damage.
    -Stim packs.
    Frugal Fighter- Have on unit replenish 500 of its shields in a Melee game.  No 
    friendly fire.
    -Having a Terran ally that can repair your unit after its shields deplete is 
    very helpful.  
    A Roach's Life- Have one roach regenerate 500 life in a Melee game.  No
    friendly fire.
    -Research tunneling claws and armor if you have time.  Have it take damage and
    then burrow.  Beware detection.
    Shroom Absorption- Have hallucinations take 1000 damage in one Melee game.
    -Mass archon hallucenations.  
    Counter-Proof- Attack for 20 seconds without being attacked.  
    -You'll get this on accident.  
    Carnage Hall- Destroy 4 Hatcheries, CC's, and/or Nexuses in one game.  
    Denied- Destroy a Hatchery, CC, or Nexus as it is being constructed.
    Hot Pickup- Use a dropship to pick up a unit under fire
    -I used a medivac, I'm sure warp prism and overlords work fine.  
    Mule X'ing- Call down 30 Mules in one Melee game.
    Big Brother is Watching- Hold a Xel'naga temple for 5 minute straight in a 
    Melee game. 
    Meet the Spy- Kill 5 Changelings in one Melee game.
    -The only real way to find a changeling is to watch for one unit to approach 
    your base with a Terran radar.  If it suddenly changes to a marine of your 
    color, send in swift units (banshee works best) to kill it.  Good luck spotting
    five, though.  
    Supreme Being- Get all the League Combat achievements.  
    Feats of Strength
    Devoted Fan- Buy the Collector's Edition of Starcraft 2.
    Scenic Route- Kill everything in The Devil's Playground on Normal.
    You'ze So Crazy!- Kill everything in Welcome to the Jungle on Normal.
    Monster Mash- Kill the Brutalisk with the A.R.E.S. robot on Normal.
    Hot Shot- Win a qualification round undefeated.
    -As I understand this to work, this does NOT count for the qualification to 
    leagues.  There is speculation about whether or not it will be for 
    qualification into future tournaments.  
    Created by Robert Herman
    My email address is Darksteelhyren@yahoo.com
    If you have any concerns, corrections, superior strategies, or whatever, shoot
    me a mail and we will it discuss over fava beans and a nice chianti.  
    If you want to use my guide for anything, be my guest, send me an email to let
    me know you're going to use it, then go ahead and use it.  I don't care.
    I credited a few people who's strategies I pulled off the boards.  If you would
    like your SC name credited or what have you, let me know via email and I will
    oblige you.
    Also, special thanks to...
    gamefaqs for helpin' me with more games than I can count
    bboyer@nmrinc.com for various strategies and other input

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