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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is doomed to live in the original Starcraft's shadowLunaOrange209905/10
1998 called; they want their game backmidnightfraser5/10
Quite possibly the most challenging game I have ever reviewed.BimmyandJimmy7/10
A pretty good game, but the plot was written by total fanboys.CapnWellpoint8/10
A comprehensive look at the three aspects of SC2dragon00858/10
A full multiplayer review of the successor to the best RTS ever madedragondance8/10
Starcraft 2 is the Start of a Greedy and Money Grubbing, err, Glorious New Age of Blizzard GamingiSadist6/10
If you're a nostalgic fan then you'll really enjoy the game. For the most part.Kataklistika8/10
An Excellent Game that Satisfies, yet leaves you wanting moreMrOmega29/10
Enjoyable gameplay, underwhelming plot.MTLH8/10
From Veterans to Beginners, you'll enjoy it!ProfessorPwnage9/10
Single-player is on the wrong track; multi-player is unbalanced, hopefully will improve.SephKatana5/10
Some of the best multiplayer out there, at the expense of single player.Sinroth7/10
It's about damn time, indeed. Blizzard's long-awaited sequel is a mixed bag of disappointments and delightsSolfir7/10
Starcraft is back, and is still just as fun and addictive as everSuper Slash9/10
Although being to similar to its predecessor StarCraft 2 is much more and much bettersuper69studios10/10
For only being one-third of a game, this is honestly outstanding.UltimaterializerX3/10
Failure is inevitable after taking over a decade...ZenHouse7/10

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