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Brightness ridiculously high, how to change?

So basically I got the demo and changed all my options to what I like, and started playing. It was so bright, that the light took up all the space of the max view. I could not see 20 feet in front of me because it was so bright, and all of the ground and background was completely whited out because of the brightness. I couldn't see the sky, plants, rocks, anything clearly! Is there some sort of option, I checked the game files, etc and it didn't help. I know its not my computer because its top of the line, run all other games I have at max settings. Any help>


Dam13nt answered:

Go to your in game options, and in to the Video options. Change gamma and brightness to low, and Contrast to higher. Play around with it until you have clear picture you like best.

Also if you want to see farther, click on Advanced options, and set view to 100%
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Codengineer answered:

The reason you're seeing everything so bright is because the developers of Gothic 4 don't know how to execute post processing correctly.

Go into your graphic settings in-game and turn off (uncheck) post-processing.
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