Question from Gummiballen

Asked: 4 years ago

Crafting problem?

For some reason I cannot craft anything.
When I pres the button its nothing there.

Additional details - 4 years ago

And you don't think I have that?

Accepted Answer

From: greenpuff11 4 years ago

You have to right click on the recipes in your inventory to learn them...I think this is the problem you're having...and if this didn't fix it i recommend just reinstalling the game

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First you need recipes or crafting manuals, you can buy them from merchants or find them as loot.

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I have that

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Once your able to craft anything a craft symbol will show up at the bottom of the screen. You may not have the required ingrediants yet or you have a unique bug thats not allowing it to work correctly.

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Right forgot to say that.

step 1 buy recipe
step 2 right click the recipe in scrolls tab
step 3 check which components are necessary
step 4 get components
step 5 craft??
step 6 Profit!

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It might be a glitch because I have got the 360 version and cannot create the recipe for minor stamina potion. Details can be found on this topic :- and someone else has confirmed that they cannot use the very same recipe.

Basically when I go to use the recipe it says I have already learnt it but it is not in the list when I go to the crafting screen.

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