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Cheats? 2
Can we block attacks with the sheild in this game or it's just for BEAUTY?!! 7
Crafting problem? 6
Will it be playable using a first-person viewpoint? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 4
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Can you help me open a chest located at cleaved maiden? 0
Game loads but will not open How to start? 0
Minor Stamina Potion Glitch, HELP? 0
Quest: The Defiled Temple broken quest? 0
What are the system spec.s needed to run the game? 0
Marshland-Ruin Complex how to get out ? 2
How do I solve The Lost Leg? 2
Where can I find key to Old Crypt near Stewark Castle? 1
Brightness ridiculously high, how to change? 2
Is leveling stats/skills same as Risen? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 12

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