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Problem with netplay, any help?

Cannot figure out how to work the netplay. As you know, none of this game is in english, but me and my friend figured on some of the menus. Yet when i go the mennu to enter an IP address (at least i think that's what it is.) I see a bunch of symbols instead of numbers. any help?

Here is a screenshot of what i'm talking about.


Fireseal32 answered:

You should get the eastern language packs installed to avoid that gibberish you get instead of japanese.
As for the menu, the options go as follow:
1- Host a match.
2- Connect to a host
3- Show saved IP
4- Show IP History
5- connect to IP currently copied (as in, you can ctrl+c an adress of the xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx:xxxx format, for example 12.34.567.891:10800, and then select this option to join the host who has this ip.)
6- Select Profile.

Players usually find their ip on sites such as, then host a match, send the other player their ip and port (usually 10800), and the other player can copy this and connect to them via the 5th option. Or you can pick the second and manually type it in.

You must forward your ports to be able to host though. You can find guides on how to do that with a quick google search.
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