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Why was i never prompted to insert disc 2 or 3?

Just got Rage today which is a 3 disc set for my PC. I pop in disc one, some stuff happened, i got an error message if i recall correctly and restarted installation maybe? Anyways it never prompted me to insert any of the other discs. Within 10-15 minutes i had my steam account set up and started downloading the game/ a patch?

It is 21,717.1 MB and still has a while to go before it's finished. Is it downloading the game itself or only a patch? I tried re-installing disc one and once again i was never prompted to insert any of the other discs!


rikasha answered:

If you used the code in Steam, it's downloading the whole program. For some reason, this game (and a few others) won't use the discs to install... it'll just DL from steam directly.
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