• Reveal campaign maps

    Right click on your Dawn of War desktop shortcut, and in the "target" line, go to the end, spacebar once, and enter -Dev at the end, then apply the changes and start the game via that same shortcut. Use CTRL+SHIFT+~ to bring up the input console in campaign or skirmish mode. Enter the following code to remove the Fog of War from the map!

    Removes the Fog of WarFOW_RevealAll

    Contributed By: Frankensteined.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Cheats


  • More Codes (game version 1.1)

    Enter them in the console. Works in both Single and Multiplay.

    Change the distance at which models lose detailterrlod_dist()
    Clear console windowcls
    Colored wireframesrender_togglewireframe()
    Display current game speedgetsimrate()
    Dump dynamic decal stats to filedynamicdecal_dump()
    Dump static decal stats to filestaticdecal_dump()
    Give yourself "n" units of powercheat_power( n )
    Give yourself "n" units of requisitioncheat_requisition( n )
    Hide taskbartaskbar_hide
    Kill yourselfcheat_killself
    Quit to Windowsquit
    Rainbow colorsrender_togglerainbow()
    Remove selection boxesingame_select_ui_toggle
    Reveal all FOWcheat_revealall
    See-through white texturesrender_togglexray()
    Set game speedsetsimrate()
    Show taskbaragain taskbar_show
    Toggle banners and badgesdecal_toggle()
    Toggle brown dustfog_toggle()
    Toggle model detail dropterrlod_toggle()
    Toggle mouse-over stat barsingame_stats_mouseover_toggle
    Toggle shadersdetail_toggle()
    Toggle shadowsshadow_toggle
    Toggle stat barsingame_stats_toggle
    Update screen while console is upsimvis_fx_refresh

    Contributed By: BLATSPLAT and th3l3fty.


  • Activating FPS counter

    Bring down the console (by default Control-Shift-Tilde) and type:


    this will display a graph in the top right corner of the screen, with the current frame-per-second.

    Contributed By: elloehpipati.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade Cheats


  • Campaign mode cheats

    Right click on the game's shortcut,click properties and then enter the command line " -dev " (without quotes) at the "Target" text box. Play the game,and then choose Campaign. in campaign mode,press ctrl + shift + ~ and enter the cheats.

    Disable instant buildsd_instant_build = 0
    Enable Instant buildsd_instant_build = 1
    Reveal MapFOW_RevealAll
    Toggle fog On or Offfog_toggle

    Contributed By: biandohamka.

  • Skirmish mode cheats

    In Skirmish mode, click the "Enable Cheats" in the config box next to the how many players you want in. For the codes to work, you need to press enter while in a skirmish game and when you need parenthesis for a cheat, you need to add them.

    clears console windowcls
    Commit suicidecheat_killself
    Number of powercheat_power (number)
    Number of requisitioncheat_requisition (number)
    Quit to windowsquit
    Reveals mapcheat_revealall
    Toggle's shadowsshadow_toggle

    Contributed By: christiantfo.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault Cheats


  • Thnigs you can change in skirmish mode to get extra things

    First, in the skirmish options make sure the "allow cheats" is on Yes.
    Then start your skirmish and in-game press ctrl+shift+~ or for some it may be ctrl+shift+@
    and then type the following commands to get:

    clear consolecls
    get "n" number of power unitscheat_power(#)
    get "n" number of requisition unitscheat_requisition(#)
    hide messagesmessage_hide
    hide taskbartaskbar_hide
    kill yourselfcheat_killself
    quit game to windowsquit
    reveal the Fog of Warcheat_revealall
    show messagesmessage_show
    show taskbartaskbar_show
    show the game speedgetsimrate()
    toggle shadowsshadow_toggle

    Contributed By: Cool_gamer111.


  • Skip big end fight

    Near the end of Disorder Mission 4 (Chaos side,) you normally must fight past a large group of Eldar and Imperial Guards to reach the psychic gate and complete the mission. To skip this, simply warp some Horrors (the 4 armed pink daemons built at the Sacrifical Pit,) over to the gate and the mission is automatically over!

    Contributed By: Crystalking52.

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