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Tilde key doesnt work for me with D of Days (PC) retail version??

I have the retail PC-DVD version,not the download version.

When I press the tilde (~) key,nothing happens,and I am not able to enter any commands ("set god 1", etc). I suppose I should be seeing the commands being entered as I type them;I do not;this is why I am supposing the tilde key doesn't function in this game.

How do I enable the tilde key to work on my keyboard with this game so I can enter the commands after starting up the latest saved game?

FYI: THe tilde key-as cheat console DOES work in another of my FPS games,so I know it's not my keyboard.

Thanks for any tips.

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jnelsoninjax answered:

There is an option in the controls menu to 'bind' a key to the console window, it usually is the tilde key but can be re-assigned. Give that a try and see what happens!
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