Question from doxyguy

Inside the Gallery, I cannot get the latter, help me?

I am quite stuck in the gallery. I cannot seem to get past the point where an officer is supposed to appear with the ladder, what have I not done? I have done everything a walk-through tells me to and still no luck in getting the ladder. Can anyone help me?

YamiSphinx asked for clarification:

What have you done so far, be specific.


angel920 answered:

I have talked to the man in front of the locked crate and looked at the combination and then looked at the footprints in front of the crown royal and onthe steps with magnifine glass and tape measure went to restoration room and did the footprints there and looked at ceilng and looked at rug and water and brushes then seen red square on floor then went to black rubber spots and clicked on them 4 times and looked at yellow paper on ceiling then went to flower pot seen footprints then went to director and talked about theft and velcome or what ever that name is dont know why it not giving ladder PLEASE HELP
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tawerks answered:

When you clicked on the foot prints did measure the total length. They will be sizes 9 & 10.
To measure pick up the tape and move to the foot print toe area and hold down the right key and drag to the heel and release. Is the large crate open?
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SmartCookie1035 answered:

I know this has already been answered, but take this, anyway:

It's a walkthrough.
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YamiSphinx answered:

Did you use the magnifier on the footprints in the restoration room? Also did you look at the lock on ceiling windows in the restoration room? I got stuck on this part too and it was all because I didn't get close enough to the stupid paint puddle to find another print I needed to measure.
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recauley answered:

Did you get the "eye" on the rug in the restoration room and all the paintings that had been switched "what horrors" and find the painted square on the floor in, I beleive, the Flemish room and talk talk to the director again?
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