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Which merchant has the most gold?

I'm curious where I should go to sell my loot. It'd be helpful to know which fence has the most money, and which store owner. Doesn't matter what they sell. My mercantile skill is high enough to sell a sword to book store clerk. Thanks. Oh and I would need the name and most importantly the location.

Accepted Answer

KingSephiroth13 answered:

1200 gold is the maximum gold available from any merchant - Varel Morvayn is a Dark Elf smith and merchant who owns Morvayn's Peacemakers in Anvil

and 1500 gold is the maximum from the highest level fence Fathis Ules - Dunmer Thieves' Guild fence in the Imperial City. He has a house in the Elven Gardens District.

A number of merchants with 2000 gold have been added by Official Plug-Ins. These are Aurelinwae (Wizard's Tower), Nilphas Omellian (Fighter's Stronghold), and Rowley Eardwulf (Vile Lair).
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