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Where is the best place to get lockpicks? Whether buying them or finding them.

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From: bl4ckj4ck777 5 years ago

Pretty sure thieves guild would be a good bet. Look it up in the faqs though, they're full of good information like this.

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You can find them pretty easily, and buy them from lots of thieves. if you can't find enough go through the daedric shrines, they have one for the skelton key

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Once you join the theives guild, you can buy lockpicks from fences for about 5g each. If you are in the theives guild, go to Ongar in Bruma. He usually hangs out at Olav's Tap and Tack at night, so you should be able to find him there. Along with selling your stolen goods to him as the lowest level fence, he can also supply you with theiving equipment.

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The easyest and legal way to get some lockpick is by talking to Shady Sam, he is always outside the Imperial City walls, a bit north from the stables, next to a bush. If you buy all of his lockpicks and need more, wait a few days.
Hope i've helped.

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If you do the Nocturnal's Shrine quest, you'll get a skeleton key, which never breaks. You have to be at level 10 to do the quest.

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CHEAT CODE! (player.additem 0000000a 10000)
this should give you ten thousand lockpicks there is a very similar code for skeleton keys too

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