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What are diffrent ways to make it run better? 6
What happens if you accidentally kill someone who's a part of the web of intrigue? 7
Web of intrigue after finishing the main story? 1
When and how i would be able to use devastator atacks? 2
Can the PC version of Prototype be played with an xbox 360 controller? 2
Save data storage location? 1
What are the controls like for the PC version and should I consider an Xbox 360 controller for Windows? 19
Game Freezes when Loading Cut Scene for Penn Station Bodies, Is there a Fix? 3
Street Sweeper? Problem. 2
Has anyone Unlocked any secret combos???? 2
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
My problem is prototype game controllers not working in my pc?how to fix controllers detection 0
Will Prototype run on Nvidia Geforce 7100? 0
Stealth Consume Freezes Alex? 0
Cant see the HUD? 0
Technical? 0
Game wont load past "Loading" pop-up - ? - 0
Assist the Military glitch? 0
Is there a way to get Windowed mode? 8
I cant play prototype when i start it its says prototype has stopped roking what do i do ? 4
How do I scan the watertank in the Biological Imperative mission? 3

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