Epic Unit Guide by Minty Fresh Death

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C&C 3: Kane's Wrath Epic Units Guide Version 1.00
Completed on 16th May, 2008

Written by Minty Fresh Death

(1)             TABLE OF CONTENTS

(1)     Table of Contents
(2)     Introduction
(2A)    Version Updates
(2B)    Preface and Legalities
(3)     The Epic Units
(3A)    General Information
(3B)    Redeemer
(3C)    Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle
(3D)    Eradicator Hexapod
(4)     Strategy  
(4A)    How to conquer with Epic Units
(4B)    How to kill Epic Units
(4C)    Epic Units in Global Conquest
(5)     Frequently Asked Questions
(6)     The Final Word (Thanks Section)

(2)               INTRODUCTION


1.00 - The very first version. Updates to come. Maybe. :D


Yo there. After feeling bored one Tuesday night, I decided 
to write the lowdown on three very special attractions to
the expansion pack for Command & Conquer 3, aptly titled
Kane's Wrath - the Epic Units. My intention with this guide
is to try and give you some tips on how to effectively use
these incredibly powerful units to guarentee you Epic Wins
rather than Epic Fails (sorry, I couldn't resist).

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(Version 1.00) is exclusive to GameFAQs.
You are NOT allowed to post any version of this guide on any 
other websites WITHOUT my given permission. My e-mail is 
under "The Final Word" section if you wish to contact me. 
You also may NOT copy any of the things you see in any 
version of this guide and stick it into your own. You are also 
not allowed to plaguerise any versions of this guide (don't 
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you are NOT allowed to use it in any way to gain profit.

This guide is not property of Electronic Arts and is not 
written or supported by them.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2008 by Dan Gallagher, AKA Minty Fresh Death.

(3)                THE EPIC UNITS


In pretty much every C&C game I've played, there have always 
been those single kick-ass units and structures that cost a 
bundle of cash but will completely decimate the opposing army
without breaking a sweat. In the original C&C, it was the 
Mammoth Tanks and the Obelisk of Light. In Red Alert, it was 
the Mammoths again and the Cruisers. In Tiberian Sun, the 
Mammoth Mark II and Cyborg Commando took centerstage and were 
so dangerous that you could only build one at a time. And in 
Red Alert 2, the Kirovs were so powerful they couldn't help 
but announce their presence to every commander on the 
battlefield. Nonetheless, all of these units had weaknesses 
(most of them revolving around speed) that allowed them to be 
destroyed with the right combination of tactics and other 

C&C 3 already had plenty of powerful units featured across all 
it's 3 sides, so it was quite a shock to me when I heard that 
the expansion pack would feature these so called Epic Units, 
and thankfully they do not disappoint. Although incredibly 
strong and durable, these units are not invulnerable and can 
be defeated if you know their weaknesses, and likewise can 
decimate an entire base on their own if you can play to their 

The best place to start off when talking about the Epics is 
their similarites across all nine factions. No matter what 
army you chose, all Epic Units require a unique structure to 
be placed on the map before they can be built. For Nod, the 
Black Hand and the Marked of Kane this is the Redeemer 
Engineering Facility, for GDI, ZOCOM and the Steel Talons 
this is the Reclamator Hub and for the Scrin, Reaper 17 and 
Traveler 59 this is the Warp Chasm. This structure can only 
be built after you have a Tech Lab constructed, costs $3000 
and cannot be built from a crane. The structure doubles as a 
War Factory, meaning you can build other vehicles available 
to your army from it and also repair damaged vehicles by 
keeping them within it's perimeter.

The Epic Unit itself costs $5000, takes 50 seconds to build, 
announces it's presence to every player on the battlefield
when completed and you can only build one at a time. Epic 
Units cannot be crushed by other vehicles, can crush any 
other unit or vehicle in it's path and cannot be blown up by 
C4 charges from Commandos or mind controlled by Masterminds, 
Cultists or Prodigies. Finally, all Epic Units come equipped 
with a single powerful weapon (which varies with each Epic 
Unit) which cannot be used on air units, and a variety of 
infantry can be permenantly garrisoned (as in, you can't 
remove them once they're in there) inside an Epic Unit to 
give it furthur upgrades in firepower or other bonuses. 
These final points are explained in more detail in the 
chapters that follow.


If you're playing as Nod, the Black Hand or the Marked of 
Kane, your Epic Unit will be the gigantic quadruple walker 
known as the Redeemer. It is similarly designed to the 
Avatar although it's twice as big and supports itself on 
four legs rather than two (like the Cyborg Reaper from 
Firestorm). It's primary weapon is a tri-laser fired from 
it's right arm that does devastating damage to vehicles 
and decent damage to structures, but is poor against even 
basic infantry. The Redeemer also has a slight problem when 
targeting groups of infantry and fast moving vehicles - it 
tends to stutter for a moment when it raises it's arm to 
fire and it's target moves at the same time, which can cause 
issues. If you manage to get your Redeemer to Heroic status 
(veteran level 3, achieved when you destroy $15000 worth of 
stuff with your Redeemer), the tri-laser turns bright blue 
in color and fires twice as quickly, while the Redeemer
becomes much more durable.

Compared to the other Epic Units, the Redeemer is the fastest
(but almost any non-Epic Unit in the game will outpace it) 
and also the weakest. In a straight up fight against a 
MARV or an Eradicator, the Redeemer will always lose. Not 
only that, but the Redeemer has only two points available to 
garrison infantry in compared to the MARV's four and 
Eradicator's three. However, it has one unique ability that 
the other Epics lack - the Rage Generator.

The Rage Generator is activated by selecting the Redeemer and 
then clicking on the icon (helpfully titled "Rage Generator") 
that is displayed on it's stats in the lower right corner of 
the screen. Once activated, it takes a second to charge and 
then a huge red ripple of energy bursts out of the Redeemer 
and travels for approximately one screen length in all 
directions. Any infantry or vehicles (even other Epic Units) 
in the vicinity of this blast will act as if they've just 
been hit with a hallucenogenic grenade and will attack anyone 
else (or even each other if they're grouped infantry) in their 
range. As a bonus, your units or units under an ally's control 
are unaffected by the blast. Note that any target locked units 
(that is, units already shooting at a target) will not be 
affected until they stop firing at their current target. In 
other words, if the enemy is already firing on your Redeemer 
when you activate the Rage Generator, they'll continue to
attack it. The effects of the Rage Generator wear off after 
a short time, and the ability takes 130 seconds (2 minutes, 
10 seconds) to recharge. So more often than not, you only get 
one shot.
Provided you can get the first shot in, the Rage Generator is 
brilliant at single-handedly annihilating an enemy army (as
a certain Raj Joshi demonstrated on Episode 9 of Battlecast 
Primetime :D) or overpowering a base defense that relies on 
unit defense. Just remember that the Rage Generator is also 
ineffective against structures (although structures will
target friendly units affected by the Rage Generator), so 
you'll have to take down those Sonic Emitters yourself.

Now it's time to talk about those garrison points. As I wrote 
earlier, the Redeemer only has two of these (one on each
shoulder) and you cannot eject the infantry once they've 
garrisoned themselves in the Redeemer, so you'll have to 
chose which unit you put in them wisely.

GUN TURRET = By putting in either a Militia Squad (for Nod),
Confessor Cabal (Black Hand) or Awakened unit (Marked of 
Kane) in a Redeemer, one of it's shoulders will upgrade to 
this strictly infantry shooter. I'll cut right to the chase; 
this weapon is poor. Although the range is better than other 
anti-infantry options available to the Nod factions, there's 
next to no stopping power on vehicles and structures, air 
units just fly by and when faced with en-masse infantry this 
turret even struggles against them. Don't waste a shoulder 
with this.

ROCKET TURRET = All three Nod factions have access to Rocket
Militia, and dropping one of them inside a Redeemer gives
it a turret that is effective against both vehicles and air 
units. Even better, if you've researched the Tiberium Core 
Missiles upgrade at your Tech Lab, your Redeemer's rocket 
turret also benefits from the extra damage done by the 
tib-rockets. While this upgrade is your best (and only)
defense against air units, Firehawks and Vertigos will fly 
by and bomb your Redeemer before you can get a shot off, 
and the Scrin's heavy hitting aircraft will often shrug off 
the rockets while pumelling you into dust. Keeping Stealth 
Tanks or Mantises around your Redeemer will do a better job 
of warding off air attacks (especially so as these units get 
the tib-rocket bonus too) and the Redeemer's main weapon can 
take care of any vehicles stupid enough to cross your path. 
Use only if you can't afford vehicles around your Redeemer.

REPAIR TURRET = Can't get that Saboteur into the enemy base?
No Tiberium Spikes to swipe? Then drop him in a Redeemer
to ensure that _he_ can ensure your Epic Unit heals itself
when it's not being shot at. In fact, make it a priority to
fill up a shoulder shot on your Redeemer with this ability, 
because it will save you a ton of cash in the long run.
Because Nod units cannot repair themselves when isolated from
the War Factories back at base, ensuring your Redeemer 
survives the trek across the map to the enemy base becomes a 
huge issue. With a repair turret on it's shoulder, that issue
is greatly lessened. One thing to note though; it's unwise
to fill _both_ shoulders with repair turrets. Your Redeemer
may heal twice as fast outside of battle, but it doesn't help
when you're facing a swarm of elite infantry such as Zone 
Raiders or Shock Troopers, who will tear the Redeemer's health 
down faster than it can regenerate. And in a situation like 
that, you're going to regret not having a weapon turret in 
that spot. So always make sure it's just one shoulder that 
has this great ability stuck on it.

FLAME TURRET = Behold the power of the flame! Available only
to Nod and the Black Hand, garrisoning a squad of those 
relatively useless Black Hand infantry into a Redeemer turns
one of it's shoulder turrets into one mother of a 
flamethrower that's capable of burning even the most power
armoured infantry into piles of ash within seconds. Yes, the
range may be short but this is hands down your number one 
choice for not only ensuring enemy infantry swarms will die 
before your Redeemer, but those annoying enough to garrison
themselves inside buildings will be burned out without issue.
As another bonus, this weapon is also effective against
structures, making it your choice of weapon when assaulting
enemy bases. The only real con is the Purifying Flame upgrade
available to the Black Hand does not carry over to your
Redeemer's weapon. But that's nothing a good patch from EA
can't fix, is it, hint hint? :D

TIBERIUM TURRET = Like all those numerous sequels that are
inferior to the original film, the Marked of Kane's unique 
Redeemer upgrade, available when a Tiberium Trooper is placed
inside the Epic Unit, pales in comparison to the power of the 
flame. While still strong against infantry and garrisons, the
liquid tiberium spray fails to do as much damage as it's
incendiary counterpart when it faces off against structures.
But even so, this is still the best choice you have as MoK
when it comes to buffering your Redeemer with a weapon, as it
still ensures swarms of the most elite infantry die at your 

For more information on strategies to use with the Redeemer,
please view Section 4.


As is the case with GDI and it's subfactions ZOCOM and the 
Steel Talons, bigger is always better. To that extent, their
Epic Unit has the single biggest name out there - the Mammoth
Armed Reconnaissance Vehicle, or MARV for short.  
As it's full name might suggest, the MARV is of a similar 
design to the Mammoth Tank but is twice as large (see a 
running theme here?) and it's duel cannons are replaced 
with one, single tri-barrel. This shoots out it's primary 
weapon - a sonic blast that, upon impact, spreads out across 
the immediate area doing damage to anyone not directly 
caught in it's blast. The MARV fires in bursts of three, then 
takes slightly longer to fire again. It's weapon is most 
effective against vehicles and groups of weaker vehicles, 
slightly less so against structures, and much less so against 
infantry, while aircraft simply laugh from overhead. A 
Heroic MARV shoots a red tinted version of it's sonic blast 
with the firing rate sped up by double, while the MARV itself
gains even more durability.

The MARV is the strongest out of all the Epic Units, and will 
almost always prevail in a straight up shoot out against
an Eradicator or a Redeemer. However, it's primary weakness
is it is the slowest of the Epic Units as well, leaving it
especially vulnerable to swarms of faster units or aircraft.
You must be able to counter these threats effectively or
face the prospect of forking out another $5000.

The MARV's unique ability is the Tiberium processer on it's 
underside. What this does is allows any MARV that tramples 
over a Tiberium field to instantly scoop up a crystal patch 
and convert it into cash on the spot (maximum $350 per patch 
for green Tiberium and $700 for blue), wiping out the patch 
in the process. While you'll ultimately get more money from 
your Harvesters at the same field, running a MARV over 
an enemy patch on the way to their base is a great way to 
scoop up more money for your coffers quickly while denying 
precious resources for them.

As well as being the strongest of all the Epic Units, the 
MARV also allows the most customization when it comes to
infantry garrisons, thanks to a whopping four slots being 
available for usage. Note that the front two corners on your
MARV are filled out first by your infantry squads (left
one first, to be more precise), followed by the rears. I say
this because you may wish to have certain turrets covering
certain areas of your MARV. Here's all the turret options 
available to you:

GUN TURRET = All GDI factions have access to machine gun 
infantry and garrisoning a squad inside the MARV nets you 
this turret for use. I'm just gonna repeat what I said for
the Redeemer's gun turret - this sucks. GDI and ZOCOM have
a much better infantry killer I'm going to describe below and
even the Steel Talons have more powerful anti-infantry 
options available to them. Even with the upgrade to 
machine gun firepower, the damage done is negligable to 
vehicles and structures. Don't even bother with this.

ROCKET TURRET = Again, almost identical to the Redeemer's 
version in that rocket infantry are available to all GDI
factions and slotting one in your MARV nets you this. And
just like the Redeemer, all the GDI factions have vehicles
that can defend better against aircraft than this can 
(namely, the Slingshot). If you insist on taking your MARV 
to crush the enemy base by itself, you may want to consider 
applying this in symmetrical corners to ward off aircraft. 
Otherwise, just back it up with anti-air vehicles.

REPAIR TURRET = The MARV may be tough, but it's not 
indestructible. Keeping an Engineer or two garrisoned inside 
it make it considerably closer to that mark though. Again,
if you want your MARV to survive out on the field, you've got 
a helluva lot more of a chance with it healing itself over 
time. Just remember not to become over-reliant on the healing
factor - even with the MARV's four garrisonable slots, swarms 
of infantry and aircraft will get the better of it, and the 
MARV needs the extra slots to take care of those problems.
One or two repair turrets is fine, and try and put them on
last if you can - you'll probably want the front turrets
free for other weapons.

GRENADE TURRET = As one might expect, stocking a bunch of 
those rarely used Grenadier squads inside a MARV gives it a
turret that launches grenades at it's foes. These are 
effective against infantry, clean out garrisoned buildings
with ease but are less effective against structures and 
vehicles. GDI and ZOCOM Commanders might want to pass on 
this, but for the Steel Talons this is going to be your main
infantry killer, so learn to work with it. Still, even if
you are GDI or ZOCOM this is a good option for dealing with
swarms of infantry.

SNIPER TURRET = A turret option available to GDI and ZOCOM
only, the sniper turret works by - you guessed it - sticking 
a sniper team inside your MARV. The result is a turret that
kills an infantryman for every shot fired and has a killer
range to boot. "Sounds great!" you say. Well, it certainly is 
for Commandos and elite infantry. Against groups of infantry, 
you're in for a bit of a challenge, thanks to the snipers 
being able to kill only one man at a time. This means you
face the danger of being swarmed, so it might be an idea
to either back this up with a grenade turret or a second
sniper turret, or simply back up your MARV with Hammerheads 
and put a different squad in your Epic. Pick and choose.

RAILGUN TURRET = Unique to GDI, plonking a squadron of Zone
Troopers inside your MARV will net you this powerful and
accurate turret. It deals heavy damage to vehicles and
structures and can kill infantry almost as well as sniper
rounds (albeit with less range). Any C&C3 player knows
Zone Troopers are awesome, and their primary weakness
(killed easily by infantry) is removed when they're hunkered 
up in a MARV. Just remember you can't blast aircraft out of 
the sky with these guys, so have some backup in that regard.

SONIC GRENADE TURRET = Unique to ZOCOM, bunking up a Zone
Raider squad inside the MARV nets you this powerful turret.
Like the railgun turret, it specialises in dealing damage
to vehicles and structures, except with a bigger area 
effect. As any ZOCOM Commander will tell you, Zone Raiders 
are awesome, and they're even more awesome when you're in 
a huge supertank that only a nuclear warhead can take down 
in one hit. Unfortunately, you don't get the anti-air 
rockets that Zone Raiders have on your shiny new turret, 
and their sonic grenades aren't as effective as normal 
grenades on swarms of infantry. But if you've got 
sufficient anti-infantry and anti-air vehicles flanking
your MARV, then this turret helps you cut through other
threats like a flaming knife through melting butter.

For more information on strategies to use with the MARV,
please view Section 4.


What's scarier than aliens? Large aliens. And if your
enemy has already seen these? Alien warships. But what if 
they've dealt with them? Then unleash the Eradicator
Hexapod and watch them soil themselves. Unlike other Epic
Units, the Eradicator doesn't appear to resemble any other
Scrin units; instead, it looks like a giant friggin'
six-legged insect. It's primary weapon shoots out plasma
discs that look similar to those fired from Devestator
Warships, only they're green and twice as large. While the 
rate of fire is more consistant than that of the weapons
for the other Epic Units and is great against swarms of 
vehicles or congested structures, the weapon lacks accuracy 
on single units and the overall damage done by each
disc is weak compared to the MARV and Redeemer's weapons.
And of course, it can't hit units flying overhead. At Heroic 
level, the discs explode in red, the rate of fire is pretty
much constant and the Hexapod itself becomes even stronger.

In comparison with the other Epic Units, the Eradicator sits
squarely in the middle. It's faster than the MARV, but not
as fast as the Redeemer, it can garrison 3 infantry units
within itself and while stronger than a Reedemer, will come
up short in a shootout with a MARV.

The Eradicator's special ability comes in the form of it's
Lifeform Recycling System. Essentially, any enemy unit or 
structure that you destroy with the Eradicator that's within
it's range (denoted as a circled area around the Eradicator
when you select it) will give you a fraction of it's 
original cost when it dies. The amount given and the ratio
for the fraction vary with the unit or structure destroyed;
rifle infantry typically give up to 4 credits per person
(so 30 credits for one squad) while a Construction Yard
usually gives out 525 credits. If you're Scrin, you should
have little trouble collecting resources, which makes this
bonus pretty much useless compared to the other Epics.

Now onto the extra weapons available for your Hexapod when
you upgrade it with infantry. Like the MARV, the front
legs will be filled first, so make sure your hardest hitting
weapons go in before the backup:

LASER TURRET = Dropping a squad of Disintegrators into your
Eradicator nets you their weapon, a 100% accurate laser
that does the most damage against vehicles and structures,
but less so against infantry. Now, you may think I'm gonna
say this is as useless as GDI and Nod's gun turret, but it
ain't. It's accuracy makes it great when dealing with
fast, lightly armoured vehicles and for doing extra damage
against powerful foes and structures as well. Plus, although
the weapon isn't great on infantry, it at least manages to
hit them and soften them up for your primary weapon. The
range may not be great, but you could do far worse when
facing swarms.

REPAIR TURRET = You should know the drill by now. Drop an
Assimilator in your Hexapod, BAM! Health Regeneration
ability gained. And yes, it's as essential as it is with
the other Epic Units if you want it to survive in those
big, bad bases you'll be taking down. But as with the
other Epics, adding more than one may leave a gaping hole
in your Hexapod arsenal that may be better suited
for an anti-infantry weapon. Never leave home without it,
but make sure it's just the one.

DISC TURRET = What's that? Doesn't the Eradicator already
fire discs? Ah, but sticking in those fancy Shock Troopers
in your Eradicator provides you with anti-air discs to take
down those aircraft that previously laughed at you and 
bombed away, which also do damage to ground forces as a 
bonus. Unfortunately, while the range is better than the 
standard Eradicator discs, this upgrade sucks. Compared to 
other anti-air attacks, the discs do poor damage and don't 
fire quickly enough to compensate. Besides, all the Scrin 
factions have a much better choice for taking down aircraft 
I'm gonna talk about below. Don't bother with this at all.

SHARD TURRET = It's all about the Ichor with the Scrin, and
none demonstrate it better than the new Ravager unit.
Garrisoning one of these units inside your Eradicator will
upgrade it with a weapon that shoots out highly accurate
Tiberium shards that are effective against enemy infantry, 
lightly armoured vehicles and aircraft, but far less so 
against heavy vehicles and structures. If you insist on 
taking your Hexapod to destroy the enemy base on it's own, 
you'll want a shard turret lodged in it to ward off aircraft 
and infantry. It's range, while not as far as the standard 
disc weapon, far outreaches the laser turret. A fine choice.

TELEPORT TURRET = And finally, the single greatest reason
to use the Eradicator is here. Available only to the Scrin 
and Traveler 59 factions, depositing a Mastermind or Prodigy
inside your Eradicator gives it the ability to teleport
itself across the map. You can do so by selecting your
Eradicator and then clicking on the icon titled "Teleport
Eradicator" that is greyed out until your psychic unit
enters the Hexapod. Once highlighed, the mouse cursor
turns into a blue targeting icon and by left-clicking
your destination, the Eradicator will face the direction
you click and after a few moments, teleport to that exact 
spot in the blink of an eye. The recharge time for the 
teleport is 30 seconds, which means you can teleport this 
baby around 4 times while the Redeemer is still waiting to 
recharge it's Rage Generator.
Ok, that's the good stuff out of the way. Now it's time
for the heartbreaker - teleportation is limited to the
Eradicator's line of sight. That's right - no teleporting
it direct from your base next to your enemies Construction
Yard (that's what wormholes are for). You'll only be able
to teleport approximately one screen length away from
your Eradicators current position. But still, that's 
normally enough once in range of your enemy's base to nip 
from in front of his defenses to the back of his power 
plants in one teleport.
This is also great for getting away from swarms, 
particularly because the Eradicator out-ranges nearly all 
infantry on the map. Because the charge up time for the 
teleport is relatively short, you can zip from one point 
to another before getting shot up too badly, all the while 
damaging units from flanking positions (remember that all 
vehicles have weaker armour on their rears). Use it wisely 
and your teleporting Eradicator can reek havoc and be gone 
before anyone realises what went on.

For more information on strategies to use with the 
Eradicator, please view Section 4.

(4)                  STRATEGY


Coming in the next update.


First thing to note - whenever you can, take on an Epic 
Unit with an Epic Unit of your own. Even if it's a
Redeemer versus a MARV, that Redeemer is one hell of a 
meat shield while you either get some backup or build
some defenses. And yes, if you're facing a Heroic Epic
that can heal itself and has some air defenses, 
you are SCREWED. :D

NOD - Nod's Vertigo Bombers are one of the best anti-Epic
Unit units in the game. They're fast, stealthed until
they attack and their bombs are fast enough to do full
damage to any of the slow moving Epics. Unfortunately,
they're expensive, and you'll need about 20 to destroy an 
Epic in one go - not practical. Therefore, your strategy 
should be one of gradual bombardment.
Make researching EMPs for your Raider Buggies a priority -
this doubles as a last resort if the Epic gets too close
to base and also helps for immobilising an Epic for a 
bombing run. When you spot an Epic, charge in with both
buggies and Vertigos. Use the EMP attack to disable the
Epic and any escorts it may have, then bomb away. Throw
in some Venoms with the laser upgrade if you want some
extra harrassment between bombing runs, but be wary of 
anti-air units around. Note this when facing Steel Talons
though; their Adaptive Armour upgrade won't work with a
MARV, but it will for their escorts. It may be wise to
bomb the EMP-protected (and slower moving) escort tanks
around a Steel Talon MARV before you take out the big
bad itself.
And another thing: Nod's Mine Drop Power isn't just for 
deterring minor threats to your base. If you can keep an
Epic Unit stationary long enough to drop a shower of mines 
around it, the instant it moves, KA-BLOOEY! All the mines 
will detonate at once, dealing either devestating damage 
or outright killing it if you're lucky. 

BLACK HAND - Because of the idiotic Brother Marcon deciding
to abandon not just Nod's single greatest asset (stealth) but
also it's greatest anti-Epic counter (air units), the Black
Hand have their work cut out for them when it comes to
dealing with these bad boys. But don't fret! It is possible
to beat them - you'll just need to be cunning and diversive
with your units.
Get a Tech Centre up as soon as you can and research EMPs 
for your Raider Buggies and Tiberium Core Missiles in that 
order. Next, pump out Raider Buggies, Attack Cycles, Rocket 
Militia and Purifiers if you have the cash. When you see the
Epic, charge your Buggies in and let loose their EMP attack.
Try to distance them out so they're not all affected by
the blast, as you'll need at least one to follow up with
another blast shortly. With the Epic disabled, send in the 
Attack Cycles, Rocket Troops and Purifiers. The cycles will
get there first and do light damage, but not enough to kill
the Epic. When the EMP wears off, retreat the cycles and have 
the Buggies you have still active use their EMP. Go back
in with the cycles, and the other units if they're there yet.
This strategy also works well against vehicle and air escorts
provided you can out-swarm your opponent. But note this,
you'll have an especially hard time against the Steel Talons,
because their Adaptive Armored escorts are the perfect
counter to your EMP buggies. Target vehicle escorts first 
with your anti-vehicle units, then finish off the MARV.
And if the enemy tries to outsmart you with infantry escorts, 
throw in a Black Disciple upgrade to your Rocket Militia 
alongside Purifying Flame and watch them burn.

MARKED OF KANE - It's a good thing Kane made sure his chosen
children were equipped with EMP attacks as a secondary 
weapon, because you can use even basic infantry to take down 
Epic Units with the MoK. Essentially, you're using the same 
tactics as Vanilla Nod when it comes to dealing with Epics,
except you have the option to use the Awakened, the 
Enlightened or EMPed up Raider Buggies for disabling Epics,
then finishing them with the Vertigos. Don't forget to
throw in some Venoms with the Particle Beam upgrade for
additional damage between airstrikes as well. Oh, and yes, 
you will still have trouble with Steel Talon Adaptive 
Armoured escorts. Target them on your first bombing run.
And don't forget about your Magnetic Mine power. If you
can keep an Epic Unit still long enough to drop mines
directly on it, that sucker's gonna be in a REAL world of
hurt once he moves an inch.

GDI - GDI rule the ground when it comes to fighting with
vehicles, but against an Epic Unit you're going to be
hitting it with everything you have. First and
foremost, research EMP Grenades for your Grenadiers and
stick them in APCs. Send a pack of them in first to 
confront and disable the Epic and it's escorts. Follow
through with a few Mammoths to act as meat shields, but
have your main attack be Hammerheads loaded with Zone 
Troopers and Firehawks. The Firehawks are less effective 
than Vertigo Bombers but can still do good damage to an 
Epic if it's motionless. Nonetheless, your Hammerheads 
will be dealing the most damage and are your main 
anti-teleporting Eradicator defense. Try to avoid using 
too many vehicles as decoys - one Rage Generator will be 
all it takes for them to turn on each other.

STEEL TALONS - The guys who refuse to move on from
Tiberian Sun only make it harder on themselves by lacking
Zone Troopers to stick in their Hammerheads and EMP
Grenades for their Grenadiers. Fortunately, they have 
tougher vehicles to make up for it. Make sure you've 
researched Adaptive Armour and Railgun upgrades. Build up 
a squadron of Mammoths and Titans and back them up with 
Repair APCs. Put some Rocket Troops in your Hammerheads, 
and maybe a Behemoth or two if you have the cash spare 
(again, put Rocket Troops in them). Charge the Epic Unit 
with your ground vehicles (especially if it's a Redeemer, 
as you'll need to target lock it before it sets off it's 
Rage Generator) and slap on Adaptive Armour once you get in 
range. Follow up with the Railgun Accelerator power and 
move in with your air units to finish the job. This'll 
take out anything bar teleporting Eradicators - that's a 
job for your aircraft and base defenses.

ZOCOM - What ZOCOM lacks in railguns, they make up
for with sonic grenades. You're gonna be using a 
deriviation of the GDI tactic to take out Epics, simply
substituting Zone Troopers in your Hammerheads for 
Zone Raiders. Because ZOCOM has the Ceramic Armour
upgrade for their aircraft, it might be an idea to let
the Firehawks swoop in around the same time as your
Grenadiers throw their EMP Grenades, which may provide
a timely distraction and some decent damage against the
Epic right off the bat. Again, Mammoths will be the meat
shields while your helicoptoring Zone Raiders dish out
the damage.

SCRIN - The Scrin rule the air, and an Epic Unit's bane 
is aircraft, so simple logic dictates your main attack
strategy should revolve around Devestator Warships and
Planetary Assault Carriers. Yes, they're slow, but
Epics are slower and your fancy ground units often can't 
hold a candle to them. Unfortunately, the new anti-air
units introduced in Kane's Wrath make the "Victory Fleet"
as it were much less effective, so you'll have to get a
bit creative.
Keep some Devestators, Mechapedes and Tripods on
the ground as escort destroyers. As soon as you sight an 
Epic, take out all the anti-air units you can around it
with your ground troops while bombarding the crap out of 
the Epic itself with your Devestators. Keep them in the 
proximity of the PACs and use their Ion Storm ability to 
keep everyone healthy. If you've researched shields, 
charge in the PACs to kill them all the faster. 
One main problem is teleporting Eradicators, but remember
they can only teleport one screen away and take 30 seconds
to do it again. The answer - keep your aircraft spread
out, and at least one of them will be in range of it
when it teleports. Or even better, wait for it to
teleport, then trap it in a Stasis Field and surround
it with your aircraft. Then sit back and watch the

REAPER 17 - Oh Cult of the Reaper, your brutality on the 
ground is only matched by your foolishness in scrapping
the Scrin's air units. But you do have some neat Tripod
upgrades which are the main way you'll ever take down
Epics. Research Conversion Reserves and get some Tripods
built up. Suck up the nearest Tiberium field you can find
and get some Shock Troopers and Devestators on the 
battlefield as well. Throw in some Mechapedes and 
upgrade them with lasers if you've got the cash.
When an Epic comes in range, charge in with the Troopers
and Tripods. While they absorb and dish out some damage,
send in the Mechapedes and Devestators up close and 
personal to really dish out the dirt. Don't forget your
Shard Walkers either - with the Blue Shard and Shield
upgrades, these guys can do a surprising amount of
damage. Just don't try using them as meat shields.

TRAVELER 59 - The Scrin on steroids is only a good
thing when it comes to taking down Epics, although your
ground forces will suffer if you apply the basic Scrin
strategy due to lacking health in general. Therefore,
use a variation; in addition to the Scrin strategy above, 
research Traveler Engines and when you spot an Epic and 
it's escorts, trap them with the Temporal Wormhole power.
With the anti-air escorts slowed, target them with your
air units and let them assist the ground units in taking
them out. Then follow up on the Epic.

Finally, if worse comes to worse, you can always use a
superweapon on the damn thing and try for a one hit kill.
This strategy isn't recommended if the Epic Unit is already
in proximity of your base, or capable of teleporting.


So, you wanna take over the world, huh? Well, your Epic Units
will help immensely in this regard. Some quick pointers to

When putting Epic Units in a squad, don't forget your
anti-air units! Nothing is more humiliating than having a
Heroic Epic single-handedly destroy an enemy base, but you
having to surrender the match because a single Hammerhead /
Venom / Stormrider continues to attack you and you have
no way to kill it.

Like all members of a squadron, Epic Units will retain
any veterancy upgrades they gain in a battle. But in addition,
Epic Units also retain all the abilities of the units that 
they have been garrisoned with, but (and here's the really 
awesome news) the slots they have are reopened with every new 

What that means is, in Battle #1, you can stick four engineers 
in a MARV and make sure it survives, then in Battle #2 your 
MARV will retain it's super-healing capacity while allowing 
more infantry to enter. As far as I can tell, this strategy 
can be repeated an infinite number of times, although slotting 
in more infantry with the same weapons in the same slots won't 
make your Epic Unit any stronger.

The strategy you should employ, therefore, is obvious:
Create a custom squadron using whatever subfaction has the
strongest choice of infantry (in other words, Nod, Black Hand,
GDI, ZOCOM, Scrin or Traveler 59) and put in this squad an Epic 
Unit and all the various infantry you can stick in it (make 
sure you create multiple squads of each in case you get 
bombed before battle). Make sure your first battle is against 
a weaker squadron, and when it's battle time, go into Real 
Time and stick your selection of infantry into the Epic. Win 
the battle, then move onto another battle with another 
squadron, and stick the infantry you didn't put in the first 
time round into your Epic. Keep repeat this strategy and 
you'll soon have a Heroic Epic Unit with all the firepower it 
can't muster in a normal game, and you can then Auto Resolve 
any battle it gets into and be guarenteed victory each time.*

* = I don't actually mean that. The Tactical AI can even 
screw up with Heroic Epics. Don't leave anything to chance.


Coming whenever people ask me some questions. :p

(6)               THE FINAL WORD

Well, I know writing guides usually takes some time, but
for such a specialised subject I didn't quite realise
how much there was to write! And I haven't even finished
this guide yet! :D

Feedback is welcome provided you can write in good English. 
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your time and my time, so please just don't do it.

Thanks go out to the following people:

Me (no one reads this bit, so why not) for taking what spare
time I have in this world to constantly update this guide /
Walkthrough. :)

Electronic Arts for producing this great game (but boo hiss
for disbanding Westwood).

The guys at Commandandconquer.com for their awesome website,
and more specifically the guys behind the Tacitus Thursday
section for some great information on the Epic Units.

Raj Joshi for showing the world the awesomeness of a Rage 
Generator blast. :D

GameFAQs for allowing me to put the initial version of this 
guide on their site.

And finally I give thanks to YOU, the adoring C&C fan 
who decided to read all the way through this guide of mine.
I hope that in reading this guide, you will learn how to use 
the Epics strengths and powers to completely annihilate your
C&C opponents, rather than wasting $5000 credits on a slowly
moving Epic Fail.

So then, all that's left to say is "Ciao for now."

Daniel James Gallagher
AKA Minty Fresh Death