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When should I do the long Underdome tournaments?

I've tried at level 15 when they're first available, and couldn't even get to Round 4. I tried with a level 65 character and only barely made it to Round 8. Is there a sweet spot where your character is strong enough to take a hit, but the enemies aren't so high-level that they massacre you anyway?

As a secondary question, which class do you think is best for the job?

Accepted Answer

Amokhunter answered:

Enemies in Moxxi always scale to your level, starting with a minimum lv of 12. So from lv12 onwards Enemies will always be up to par. Best way is to do this in multiplayer, preferably having someone with a low(er) lv host the Game, as enemies will scale to the hosts lv.
If your doing this solo its probably best to find a save spot where there are few/no enemies, knock some out and make for your save spot to recharge shields/health. Going to higher ground and snipe is also a good idea.
Try to bring elemental weapons, incendiary to take care of everything unshielded, corrosive for the lance soldiers, shock to take care of shields. Shock will be very useful in Angelic Ruins, as you will encounter Guardians there.
If your on PC you can write me a PM, I'd like to do Moxxi in PT1 with my Hunter (mid twenties) and would appreciate the help :D
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