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Is there any way to get a suit without a hat in the game?

Is there any way to get a suit without a hat in the game?

is there a certain point in the game where you can get a suit without a hat? it's just i really wish you could take it off

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Do you know the location of these stores? if you do that would be appreciated

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Which part of the map is manhattan supposed to be?


VoidEternal answered:

There's a few suits in certain clothing store you might want to check out. As well as the DLC "Made Man" clothing. Which doesn't put a hat on you.
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SimpleFacts answered:

if you enter a clothing shop, you can buy:
- leather jacket (your default outfit)
- suits with raincoat and HAT (3 random colors)
- casual suits with HAT (3 random colors)

in later game (i guess with chapter 7) you can buy in addition:
- shirt with trousers and NO HAT (yea) (3 random colors)
- a fashionable suite with NO HAT (similar to the one henry wears)

Made Man DLC gives you a nice suit with glasses and no hat (my favorite!)
also you get a tuxedo without hat and two really nice cars
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kougajin answered:

All suits can be used without hats by using scripts.
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derian_n_jade answered:

Check manhatton. Or the equiv of it. There is a store there.
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